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  1. The Modelair weekend at Old Warden is this weekend 18th & 19th May. Seems entry to model flying is free but you pay for the museum.
  2. Knowing where you fly - postcode and exact address- might be just as important in case of accident. My club has this on the club board in the pits so we know where to ask the ambulance etc to come to if required. Having a plan to send someone to the road to direct emergency services right into the field might be worthwhile. I also tell my wife what the address is just in case I fail to return home after a flying session! I would say it is a also a good idea to take your wife to the field sometime so she knows whereabouts on the farm etc the flying strip is situated.
  3. Keith B did you see the reviews that said that paper smells a lot ? Somebody said like kippers! Maybe your wife would not let in the house! See you at the flying field over the weekend I hope.
  4. By using Franz 's Tx you have swopped to Tx that might not have the same settings for Expo etc or have some mix that does not occur when using the instructor Tx and buddy lead. Somebody might have put expo or a mix in that is not so obvious to you. Get a Mode 1 pilot to check.......
  5. All the comments so far seem applicable but my first thought was finger trouble -- as you get old then fingers become stiff sometimes and that could have been the cause of inputs which were too coarse. Mode 1 of course uses both hands for control so having the left thumb ( or left fingers ) go stiff for a moment would give excessive elevator movements while ailerons/rudder is unaffected. A right handed person does not use the left hand so much in normal life (elevator hand for Mode 1 ) so perhaps stiffness can occur. Using a buddy lead would be better for a while as you cannot grab the Tx in emergency due to wrong Mode. David - your comments on language is interesting. Most of the world now speaks English it seems!
  6. kc

    Upgrading to Windows11

    Thanks for the replies - as always this forum has people with knowledge on many things as well as RC models. Very helpful. It seems that PDB hit the nail on the head - my computer lacks TPM -Trusted Platform Module - That link to Microsoft showed how to check and well it isnt there. In a way i am happy to use old technology that still works, however the worry is that if any bank or credit card problem arises then the bank might not refund me and say it's my fault because i use software that is not updated! It's the old ' Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying IBM ' thing - one tends to play safe and the computer companies rely on this to make sales. ( youngsters ask your grandad what IBM was if you don't know!) I might decide to switch to Linux in due course or I might buy another refurbished Windows 11 desktop from Stone Refurb. This current one came from Stone and was very cheap quite a few years ago and I recommend them to others. Look for Seniors or Student discounts and check the upgrades to large disc or SSD, DVD writer or whatever you need. Stock and prices seem to vary from day to day and a phone call to agree what items i needed adding had the package arrive next day. Easy!
  7. Windows 10 will soon be unsupported. My old computers spec seems enough on paper to run Windows 11 but Microsoft says it's not OK....... Any ideas why not? Its a Dell Optiplex 745 with Intel 6400 2 core 2.13 Ghz, 4Gb Ram and 250 Gb SATA so what is lacking? My guess is that this old computer which was updated to Win 7 or 8 by a Microsoft licensed reseller and then to Win 10 so now MS don't want it upgrade further! I am unwilling to chuck out a perfectly working Windows 10 computer ..........
  8. I don't think you should dispose of it that quickly - there are people who collect and modify old Tx stuff. if it is unusal then collectors might be interested. The proprietor of Als Hobbies is known to have a collection of old radios etc - worth a phone call perhaps?
  9. Basil, Traplet have now evolved into Sarik Hobbies who sell plans from RCME, RC Modelworld and the old Radio Modeller, Scale Aircraft Quarterly etc. plans. Based in England. Bill Kits in Royston cut foam wings to your templates.
  10. kc


    If it is a windscreen made from sheet then leaving a couple of tabs to go into slots in the balsa works well.
  11. Interestingly another firm produced a very similar looking engine to the Laser called the Flyte 150 back in 1998. Reviewed in AMI March 1998. I wonder whatever happened to that?
  12. My view - as an outsider - is that you should now treat this just like one would any business. If you have a defective product then ask the supplier to rectify or replace, and also claim against your credit card company if a credit card was used. ( even just the deposit for any item costing over £100 ) Also if a debit card was used but not all debit cards take responsibility. I would suggest that if any company holds an item for servicing, modification etc and seems likely to cease trading one should take every step to get back actual possession of the item. Maybe state a deadlne for return or a solicitors letter. Do all this as soon as possible as once any company ceases trading it may become much more difficult. Just my comments that would apply to any supplier that has sold items that are " not of merchantable quality " or become faulty.
  13. I did state "motor leads" ....... but Peter is right to clarify anything that could be confusing and damamging.
  14. It just shows the depth of knowledge available on this forum - multiple members knew the answer! Worth pointing out to a new to electric person that if the motor does not go round the correct way then just swop any two of the motor leads.
  15. Auction for the Bossanova has now ended with no buyers, but seller has relisted at £35
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