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  1. A VAT invoice should show the VAT number of the company charging VAT. If it does not have the VAT number it cannot be a proper VAT invoice. It's worth remembering that VAT started in UK in 1973 as a requirement of joining the European Economic Community. VAT was 10 percent then and replaced Purchase Tax which was only on luxury goods like cameras, cars and caravans etc. ( I think Purchase Tax on cameras was about 30 percent but varied at the Budget sometimes) Now Brexit should mean we don't need to have VAT if we don't want it!
  2. Old school and used when models didn't last long. Reliable radio now means models can last a long time so u/c often needs re-bending to proper position. So the advantage of using u/c blocks with u/c clamps like foam wings would be that the piano wire could be removed and straightened. ( of course rebending is due to softer piano wire nowadays and it's not a comment on your piloting skill!)
  3. Sorry John I omitted an s when typing! . No, I didnt attend - too far away. Actually I wasn't informed that there was some online poll until after it was already decided! Peter Jenkins - One of my clubs is in the London Area, the other is only a few miles away but is in East Anglia according to BMFA. Sending reps to AGM etc is expensive for small clubs & would only be democratic if the reps asked all his club members what they wanted him to vote for. But do they ask? Never in my experience. One man one vote and voting for or against any particular proposiition would at least be democratic. Well if it did cost 5 times as much it should still be worth more in future and maybe go up more than in the North! Better investment buying than renting.
  4. The point about VAT is important - it's surely what caused many local hobby shops to close. We could buy at Hobbyking price previously but a local shop could not buy from Hobbyking etc and sell for the same price ( even for no profit ) because they would have to add 20percent VAT without having a VAT invoice to offset the VAT. Sell in UK it would be 20 percent dearer at least. We should insist on getting a VAT invoice with a VAT number on it if we are buying from UK source.
  5. Learner - my reply was for John Stone who enquired if I attended the BMFA AGM. However I think it answered your question too. If the whole membership had been asked if they wanted to spend a lot on renting Buckminster or perhaps considered investing in something else instead like buying a field in every county then the outcome would have been democratic and one that suited the majority. But it wasn't! We now have a super field for those who live near but which is no use to many members ( the majority? ). However having spent money on renting and not even investing by buying land ( which was the original idea ) it's the whole membership that will need to subsidise Buckminster if it makes losses. Allowing all members to vote would tell the BMFA whether the majority want this or not. Not allowing all members to vote and say what they want might cause many to drop away from BMFA which could be a disaster. It's not a question of whether the BMFA suits me - it's whether the BMFA suits the majority of members. If it doesn't they may leave.
  6. My 2 clubs were, and still are, unable to send representatives to BMFA AGM due to the cost involved for small clubs. Always at expensive hotel venues too far for a day trip. Individual members cannot vote anyway it's club reps that vote. That's why I want BMFA to be a democratic club and give " one member-one vote " rather than allow local club reps who can attend easily to decide everything. There is no excuse nowadays for not having one member one vote.
  7. Sorry you have got it wrong by referring to BMFA bashing - I am sure that getting the BMFA to suit all it's members is the way it will survive. Needs to listen to ordinary members who are too far from Buckminster.
  8. "data were stored on C90 cassettes, then 7" floppies, 5.25" floppies and, finally 2.5" floppies. " If your photos were stored on floppies would you still have something able to open them now! Probably not It means you need to continually move them to something modern. Even DVD drives are not on many new computers.......... Cloud storage avoids that problem I suppose - at a cost eventually. Only safe way is to store the most important photos as paper copies - probably old fashioned bromide paper prints are more permanant than printer ink. Bromide paper prints are known to last over 100 years if done properly and stored away from light and can survive water damage too. ( sepia toned bromide prints are even longer lasting due to chemical change in toning ) Will anybody know how to view digital photos jpegs etc in 100 years time?
  9. Lucky Stuff Ltd is listed at Companies House as dormant. Hextronik was shown as a shareholder. Address is now deHavilland Close, Northolt. One of the directors who has now resigned had his correspondence address as Elmsett Airfield Suffolk.
  10. Is there actually a UK warehouse? Contact details don't reveal a UK address. Do you get a VAT invoice when purchasing? 51 Cargo website lists Drop Shipping as one of their services.......
  11. Nobody has said that this would be satisfactory, so maybe it isnt rigid enough or not hard enough to support the wing spars properly. It may not be worth taking a chance with an expensive kit - a warped wing is a disaster. Building board must be dead flat. Plasterboard is very cheap and works well - a piece just big enough to take a wing half is all you need. Several smaller pieces too for tailplane etc. Also if this is your first build for a long time perhaps consider a small model first to get the hang of things again. And of course it's important to build a model which suits ones flying skill.
  12. Whoever is providing this 'free' cloud space will eventually charge you for getting your own photos back! Imagine what you would do if some thief broke into your house and stole all your family photos - I think most people would pay money to retrieve their family photos.
  13. Too late - but in future look at Vortex Vacform for basic pilot mouldings. I think you have to paint them yourself but a cheaper option rather like the old Flair pilots. Also note that Vortex do many canopies and dummy engine mouldings etc,
  14. kc


    The registered features compared to un-registered is here. Seems to cost 25 Euros to register for those who don't make money from selling plans. 90 euros for clubs etc.
  15. kc


    When I opened Profili today after not using it for several years it said it is 2.30b but unregistered - and if not registered 2.3 acts like 1.2 with minor improvements. So you could update and not register yet continue using. ( perhaps I updated to 2.3 when I last used it ) not sure what the registered version gives but it was not too dear a few years ago but I didn't bother. Still works. Lots of airfoils everything you could think of - worth looking at Trainer 60 which was the nearest i could find to the Ugly Stik airfoil. I think Trainer 60 was an RCM ( USA magazine ) Trainer by Joe Bridi.
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