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  1. I am using a TBS unify pro 5g HV race and within a minute it gets too hot to hold. It is currently set to 200mw so I could set it at 25mw and have low range but how much difference does it make and is there any point? Do any vtxs run cooler?
  2. All my early forays into control line models and home made single channel setups might have been tricky under current regs.
  3. If constantly having to update firmware and understand changes of protocols (cf Access /Accst/D8/D16 or DSM/DsM2/Dsmx etc ) is simple then I agree.
  4. Oh for the old days when everything was simple and nothing worked. Now everything is complex and....nothing works! Do you need an operator ID and a flyer ID for a stick and tissue rubber powered keilkraft kit? I can't imagine how we ever as 9 year olds would have got into model flying. What about paper aeroplanes are they legal?
  5. I had exactly these problems with tx16s even with new FRsky receivers. I sold the tx and got a FRsky tandem x20 running Access . I still don't trust it as I get RSSI warnings all the time at close range. I'm now going over to ELRS using a tx module. Much more reliable.
  6. PS... The original poster's photo with request to ID in my estimation is a New Yamamoto with the undermounted tailplane.
  7. Interested in the above comments so I did a bit of research and according to people who have flown one, the Superfly with fg fuselage is heavy and "does not fly like a trainer" but is fast and aerobatic. Hence I don't see why the Superfly is thought by some to be a better bet than the NewYamamoto with fg and ailerons. Still it makes me more likely to get my Yamamoto out and put this to the test. Aerobatic training is more my level. For basic training I would recommend light electric foamies every time these days.
  8. I learned to fly on the original 3 channel Yamamoto . When it met it's end I got a 4 channel Yamamoto Deluxe with the fibreglass fuselage. Recently refurbished it with an OS Fx46 but it hasn't flown since.
  9. I need plastic about 20cm X 12 cm to cut the shape I need. I think a cylindrical 1 litre bottle would give me the size.
  10. I've found fibreglass to be brittle in landing shocks. Still looking at bottle plastics.
  11. Yes thanks for the replies and I was thinking glass fibre might do it.
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