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  1. Captainandrex, Welcome to the forum. The link to outerzone gets the plan to download and instructions also 'printwood' image. These can be downloaded to a memory stick and taken to a print shop to print, or you could print on an A4 printer as a ' tiled ' print at 100 percent and stick them together with sellotape.
  2. I can see the point about short people but my wife is short and has the seat right forward but she still can reach the manual handbrake. Of course we checked she could fit the car before we bought. ( we rejected the Prius as the steering column bulge wouldn't allow my wife to drive as it hit her knees with the seat right forward ) A handbrake cable would surely be checked at an MOT so shouldn't fail, but can the MOT tester check the electronics and be sure they will last the year? Must be safer to have a cable brake that is completely separate from hydraulics and electronics. As for running back on a hill my Toyota Auris Hybrid Auto with manual handbrake doesn't roll back without using handbrake on most hills. I would have paid MORE money to NOT have a keyless ignition on my Auris! Same with electronic handbrake if I bought another car - it's worth more without especially when it gets a few years old!
  3. Nobody seems to have explained why they like electronic handbrakes rather than the good old fashioned handbrake lever! Surely a handbrake lever that does not need electric power must be a safety feature? With the extra advantage that the manual handbrake can be applied gently or fully according to circumstances.
  4. Tim, Good luck with building the new Maricardo and lets have some info on the forum when it's finished. If you have the original article you may still find the 2004 article of use as it's a modernised/ simplified version. You may hate the changes of course! There was some info somewhere that the name Maricardo was derived from the designers name and his childrens names- can you verify that?
  5. Futaba seem very reliable - the problem being compatibilty of Rx with their Tx. The old FAAST Rx once available with their cheap 6EX Tx are now only compatible with their very expensive (£1000 )Tx nowadays, so if my 6EX Tx goes wrong then it's either a £1000 for a new Tx or scrap the Rx. Same with the more modern Rx and TX - the cheaper Tx are not compatible with many Rx. See a chart online which shows which Tx is compatible with which Rx. Not many cheap Tx are compatible with many Rx and none are compatible with the old FAAST system. So that Futaba is fine if you buy all the Rx that you may need ( it seems everybody has at least 6 Rx nowadays- some need a dozen or more ) and look after the Tx. If the Tx gets damaged or fails then you may need to buy a much more expensive Tx to use your collection of Rx.
  6. One aspect to consider is the cost of extra Rx. Nowadays many people have a dozen models all with Rx - often tiny foam models. Futaba may be much more expensive if you need many Rx. Futaba compatible Rx are not as common as Spektrum compatible Rx. Otherwise that Futaba set looks a great buy, especially if you get a few Rx to match. The Maricardo plan is available on Outerzone, but there is a newer version which was published in RCME as free plan April 2004 with updates to simplify and use modern aileron servos in wing etc. I think just the info from the article is all you need with the old plan. The April 2004 RME is on sale for £4.25 at Magazine Exchange
  7. Could you explain why you like them? On the hired Astra ( very new and an automatic ) last week I found I had to keep my foot on the brake all the time during a long stoppage for roadwork traffic lights on a steep hill or else it rolled forward. Same on the way back uphill it tried to roll back. Very tedious. Old fashioned handbrake would be better in my view.
  8. A hired Opel Astra had very useful sound effect when exceeding speed limit or a change of limit - worked on every village sign in Germany & Austria I encountered, not just speed limit sign. But had a useless and dangerous electronic handbrake which didnt stop rolling back on hillstarts!
  9. If you look at the 'Which?' website it gives the definitive guide to faulty goods and refunds. You don't need to subscribe to see that part of their information.
  10. Maybe it was this website. In the old days before we allowed women to dominate things model magazines sold in great numbers possibly due to the covers which attracted young men to buy the mag and then take up aeromodelling. See these typical examples. Respectable but eyecatching. Look at that website for many, many more aeromodelling magazines full of lots of technical stuff too.
  11. That July 2024 Aeromodeller that John showed gives a phone number - so maybe a quick phone call would get the info on whether the plan and parts are still sold. Let us all know the answer!
  12. Actually it seems a 2 part article and the first is available here. The free plan in issue with 2nd article seems for a different design though.
  13. Some Flying Scale Model mags are available to download free from RC Bookcase - including one with a Beaufighter article & design. Many other magazines there too. The Beaufighter issue with plan seems to be available on Magazine Exchange for £3.50 or so for used or £3.60 new from ADH.
  14. I believe Doolittle or Aeromodeller should still sell all the old plans . You should be able to download a pdf catalogue and find the plan number.
  15. Andy's list covered most things but my first thought was that one of those connectors that have a screw to tighten down onto a wire or plastic rod might just be not tightened enough which might allow the wire to slip though and not convey the movement. Such a connector might be on the servo end or might be at the elevator end. My next thought was that the body of the servo might not be securely held - if it's loose in foam etc it might sound like it's working but the servo body is moving and not transmitting movement. It's common to have a servo arm screw come loose or not be fitted at all which can allow the arm to fail to grip the splines.
  16. Nice photo JD8. Phil. Exposure for sunsets should be set by allowing the camera or meter to see just the brightest sky but not the actual sun and partially push the shutter down to hold meter reading and the focus. Then swing the camera to include sun and if possible a strong silhouette in foreground. There are some who reckon the sun can burn the ( cloth) shutter on old SLR film cameras and of course ones eyes if pointed and focussed on the sun for long through an SLR. Might affect modern cameras in some way too. I found that a good way to predict the best sunsets is to see when high tide coincides with sunset - always worked for me. ( JD8 was that the case when you took your photo perhaps? )
  17. It looks so much like Brian Peckhams model in the article that one wonders if it might be Brians own model. Hand painted lettering of Meteor might be the giveaway.
  18. Welcome to the forum Stephen. I expect someone on the forum will have the instructions but if not there is an advert in the latest RCME which gives Chris Foss new phone number as 07883 739518 and he may help. Also his website gives a link to instructions for modifying to electric which might be worthwhile.
  19. Geoff is right - access to the battery and space to connect up without putting your fingers near the prop is the tricky part. I suggest you consider the way Chris Foss advises fitting the lipo for Wot4 electric conversion - shown here. Basically a ply tray with Lipo inserted underneath and secured with a wing bolt. The slightly differnt way Chris Foss uses for the UnoWot is also worth looking at. Might solve the battery access without cutting the cowl.
  20. RCLibrary has a book to download which gives info on the Frog Jackdaw, Super 60 and Galahad - might help your decision on what to build.
  21. I think a Leccy Lizzie would be popular as an RCME plan at about 52 inch span. Or maybe a crop sprayer version?
  22. The plan on Outerzone is the RCModeller ( USA ) version but the words are from Radio Modeller ( UK ) Same plan it seems but redrawn by a different publisher. Wasn't Miss Lizzie the enlarged Tequila? Peter, what about an inline engine version for electric instead of radial cowl?
  23. The latest RCME - delivered this morning - shows Wings & Wheels at Lutterworth on 29 &30 June! So beware as it seems it has been cancelled.
  24. As Andy says use the old,old trick of a backing piece of scrap wood. Also a guide piece of scrap wood with a pre drilled hole held firmly on top to run the drill through makes a clean hole. Decent quality drill bits don't wear out much when used on wood of any type unless they are run much too fast and overheat.
  25. kc

    Numpy question

    Of course- it looked a bit small for a Junior 60. Many models need very little movement for control and 2 different settings on the Elevator Rate switch is handy for the first flight. Use whatever movements suggested by Ben Buckle Kits for RC. An experienced test pilot is invaluable for a new model. It's rare if the test pilot doesn't find something the builder didn't get quite right on a new model. A free flight design even with RC could easily fly away very quickly........
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