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  1. I was disappointed to read that someone had found the spar slots to be 1/32" too wide in their laser cut ribs. I have a set of laser cut ribs which were produced from the same files as Sarik used and the spars are a comfortable fit in the slots. It would be interesting to know the exact size of the spar in question. Balsa sizes are rarely exact owing to the nature of the beast (shrinkage etc) and the thickness can vary slightly from side to side and also along the length of a sheet or strip. With this in mind I cut my own strip-wood for spars etc using a Proxxon KS 230 table saw (highly recommendable) which enables me to regulate the size accordingly. I have just measured 4 sheets each of 1/4" and 3/16" balsa and the results in mm were: 6.6-6.8-6.6-6.5 and 4.8-5.0-4.7-4.9. My stock of 1/16" sheet varies between 1.62 and 1.80mm. I don't regard this as a problem.
  2. The wing on EP version has a slightly thinner section but will work well on the original CB - just needs a slight modification of the wing seat.
  3. Sets of decals for the new Chilli Breeze EP are available from Tribal Signs which comprises 1 x wing + 2 fuselage Chilli Breeze EP. Take a look on their website for available colours etc and the set will cost £18.35 + £2.99 post. Should you need any lettering done for other models there is a very useful "lettering design function" available on the the website: TriblaSigns.co.uk tel: 01884 824084
  4. Nice work Modelman - you've done a great job and good to hear that you are pleased with the results.
  5. The publication is planned for the January and February issues of RCM&E - before the Yuletide celebrations begin!
  6. The lettering is available from Tribal Signs.co.uk. On their website there is a lettering designer. Font: Brush Script MT - size: outerbox 300mm for the fuz and 400 for the wing - colour of your choice - high quality vinyl. They are helpful and friendly with a quick turn around.
  7. The tailplane failures mentioned sound very much like victims of the dreaded elevator flutter. The Chilli Breeze has been popular over the years and people have sent me photos of their models fitted with ic engines ranging from a Magnum GP 25 up to an Irvine 40 (even a piped 40) and they have not reported this issue. It would appear that one of the main causes of elevator flutter is that the connection between the control surface and the servo isn't slop free. The the servo must be securely mounted in the fuz - metal gears are preferred to plastic - make sure there is no play at all in the connection between the servo output arm and the pushrod end and the other pushrod end to the control horn - the push rod should be a straight run with no bends at all along its length. Choose a firm medium grade sheet of balsa for the stab and forget about weight saving as you will most likely have to add weight to the tail if you choose a light grade balsa and you will also be building in a potential problem. I used a built-up tail for the prototype of the new EP version and that had surprisingly good torsional rigidity - you will see on the attached photo that I have avoided all end grain joints around the centre in an attempt to build in max strength and so far so good.....
  8. There wasn't a set of ribs printed on the 1994 plan because, in those far off days, the sandwich method was commonly used. Things have moved forward since those days and programmes such as Dev Wing (highly recommended!!) are available. The new design features a slightly thinner wing section and a full set of ribs will be included on the plan. A full set of laser cut ribs should also be readily available from several sources but bear in mind that these ribs are designed to match the rib spacing shown on the new plan - an important consideration. The new version could be in the magazine as soon as the January issue. The new plan will feature a few added updates to the original so it might be worth waiting a couple of months. It will also be suitable for ic conversion just by changing the thickness of F1 and omitting the battery hatch. If you need a set of rib patterns + plus spacing details I could supply one.
  9. In answer to the question re source of undercarriage: : I purchased the carbon fibre undercarriage from Hobby King. Unfortunately they have not had any in stock for a while which is a pity because it ideal for a small model like this and it was very good value.
  10. The plan is going to be published in near future - possibly the December issue .
  11. I am pleased to report that I finally got the Chilli Breeze EP project over the finish line and the results are very pleasing. The power train is: 4-Max 3541 kv1070 motor turning an 11"x5.5"APCe running on 3700 4s which gives 7minutes flying time comfortably. I visited the F3a Triple Crown event at the weekend and during a lull in the action Keith Jackson put the model through its paces and and it performed very well - as you would expect with Keith on the sticks! The 2m jobs are really something else and the size of the manoeuvres flown was breath taking. Here are a few pics of the new model rubbing shoulders with the big boys............
  12. The Chilli Breeze EP plan is going to be published in the RCM&E. The prototype is now finished and the motor is a 4-Max PO-3541-1270 turning an 11"x7"prop on 3s/ 10"x6" on 4s. The model came out a bit lighter than expected - the ready-to-fly weight is 48oz which includes a 260g lipo. The photos show an alternative angular nose job but the original one could also be used. There will be a few tweeks still to do - more info soon.
  13. It is my intention to also update the Chilli Wind for an electric/ic version. There were in fact two versions of the Chilli Wind. The original published version was followed by a "stretched" version (+3" on the tail and +1 1/2" on the nose) which was not published. and this is the one I would use for the ep/ic conversion. As can be seen in the photos this was powered by a YS 45 rear exhaust two stroke and this required inverting the model for starting etc which I did not find a problem. I mention this because I have chosen to place the battery access hatch on the underside of the fuz on the epic Breeze as this frees up more space for the battery/esc/wires etc, simplifies hatch arrangement and avoids vandalising the top of the fuz.
  14. The updated Chilli Breeze shares most of the details of its predecessor but now has a 13% modified NACA wing section and the fuz has been widened slightly to help with battery access, There are a few other minor changes but the moments etc remain as per the original. Although the new model is designed around an electric set-up I intend to show an ic mod on the plan.
  15. The answer to your question is yes - it will be a pull out plan.
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