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  1. Mike Can I ask if the electric version has the same wing profile as the original, or is the electric a bit thinner ? Thanks Steve
  2. Thanks for the input, I have had a weigh of the wings, and did a rough calculation of the weight against area of the material removed. My sums came to 1.25 ounces per wing, so I’m now clear that this would not really be worth the extra effort. May I ask Richard, when you made the aileron surfaces bigger, did you follow the option instructions of taking 1/2 inch off the back of the wing then adding the same to aileron? Or did you just make the surface bigger, I’ve looked at the wing and either would seem to work, but the latter would be a lot easier. thanks steve
  3. I’ll take this as nobody has tried the mods then. thanks for looking all the best Steve
  4. Hi there Has anybody built the above Chris Foss kit, but built it with the wing options. I’m interested in thoughts on lightening the foam wing as per the option drawings, did it make a difference? And also the larger ailerons for “ sparkling roll rate” which involves cutting 1/2 inch off the rear of the wings trailing edge and then sticking a piece of 1/2 inch balsa to the aileron stock to make the ailerons larger. This seems a lot of work, but does it make a lot of difference to the roll rate etc, or is the roll rate ok without it? just looking for opinions before I start hacking into a perfectly good wing thanks steve
  5. Well done that looks brilliant, Can’t wait to see it in the mags. Hope the maiden goes well Steve
  6. Is this model available to buy as a kit or a plan, looks superb, do you have any details as to the electric power plant required to fly it ? Keep up the good work it’s appreciated Steve
  7. You could use epoxy, open the crack as you have it in the picture. Either syringe in some thin epoxy, or get some in with a lolly stick. Let the crack close onto the glue. Allow to go off then put a couple of slits across the repair and glue in either carbon strip, 1/6th ply, or indeed a couple of lolly sticks side ways on across the split for reinforcement. note: this can also be done with aliphatic resin or pva, but give it at least 24 hrs to dry if you use these.
  8. Ron Made a couple of these, and they are great. It has saved at least 2 ripped nails and sore fingers already. Thanks for the upload steve
  9. I don’t see why not. Bear in mind what you are repairing and it’s effect on integral strength, and use reinforcement in highly stressed areas. good luck with the repairs
  10. Delks Thanks keep us informed, these 2 models were on my list years ago, but I never got round to building either. I am going to try an electric version and I really fancy the chilli wind as it looks a good candidate for an electric conversion. Fabulous pictures from yesteryears, it looks like you had a great time Steve
  11. After the Breeze has been tested, is it possible that the information gained could be used to convert the Chilli wind as well? Both these models seem very interesting and a nice build. thanks
  12. I used hobbyking pla that was on the printer at the time, I used a 50% infill, and it seems strong enough, did you guys use more infill than that? Or did you use a harder material. Thanks steve
  13. Ron Thanks for the STL file, just printed a set and they work fine. Hopefully it may save a nail or 2 in the future Steve
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