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  1. Thanks Shaun I already thought it was due to a random string theory. Interesting read though. Now the clever part is to invent head set leads that don't entangle.
  2. Would your free item prevent two headphone cables stored in a draw from entangling? Always thought it would be a good research topic for a post graduate student as to why it happens. Do cables attract each other or is there another theory?
  3. Sorry Brian I didn't turn up for your funeral as I miss understood when your wife said you had died on your feet at the last comedy show.
  4. Possible the small transactions on the accounts are just to see if it works. Once they detect the payment goes through then the scammer will increase the amount deducted from each of your accounts. Personally I would be contacting the bank to block any further attempts.
  5. Noticed at 1:39 into the video there is a clip of several seconds of a FPV model trailing just behind what appears to be a full size microlight! Formatting on a manned aircraft is highly dubious to say the least.
  6. Duncan, did you fit or use a BMS for your home built battery packs to monitor the pack during charging? Looking at some of your pictures I can see there is a voltage monitor connection against each string of interconnected cells but I fail to see how this would protect against one of the cells breaking down and demanding more current resulting in the other parallel connected cells receiving an over charge and hence possibly getting hot or catching fire.
  7. Out of interest what type of charger is used to charge the main battery packs. Also what electrical configuration is given to a BMS to avoid issues whilst charging the main pack. Only ask as one continues to see many household fires started by people charging large packs for e-bikes etc.
  8. Thanks FlyinFlynn, that appeared to work so will now need to connect up the GPS which arrived yesterday to get the device working.
  9. Got a little further in compiling the original French code but now stuck in the TinyGPSPlusPlus code which throws an error in line 89 that 'D1' was not declared in this scope. One thing I did note is that the TinyGPSPlusPlus library uses TinyGPSPlus.h. Is that correct or have I a further issue as to what library I should be calling in the main code?
  10. Dear Aero modeller fiend, I send you this private mail so please do NOT circulate as I wish to close down any further miss truths on this forum. Having worked for the Post Office Software Team for the last 30 years there is absolutely NO truth in the fact that I have now taken up a new role in an off shore software hosting service providing a service to multiple forums including this one. The issue was that I had to hurriedly leave the UK last week with only the clothes on my back as a TV company was going to release miss information on some software I wrote for the Post Office. How was I to know £1k out equated to £1 in in the line of code I wrote for the summary invoice for each of our branches. Still I landed on my feet here on an isolated island having found a room in a run down mansion owned I understand by a middle aged women whose boyfriend died unexpectantly and has she has now fallen on hard times. So she rents out most of the rooms mainly to aspiring models who seem to spend most of their day lounging around the pool. On the recommendation of a large portly gentlemen (who I am sure I recognise from a past political life) recommended the complementary spa service. This I tried yesterday and I must say the young lady provided a very good service and my back is feeling much better now along with me finding the alexia of eternal youth. The young lady was quite romantic saying she very much liked older men. Unfortunately I may have gone a bit over board with the promise of meeting UK royal household members and supplying large diamonds. Unfortunately I must cut short this mail as my boss in the software hosting service has had several complaints about a patch I wrote the other day for this forum which had a hidden link in a Privacy Pop Up which allowed the UK Government to count those people complaining about some regulations on the control of lower airspace in the UK. Can you believe anyone would be so stupid to click on links without first checking! So as I say please erase this message once you have read it as I don't want any further come backs in 20 years time when this issue of Pop Ups is raised in the press or parliament.
  11. Tried today to compile the French ESP32 code for the RID sender but got stuck at an early point to include the TinyGPS++.h file which came back with the error no such file. Having included the TinyGPSPlusPlus library onto the IDE and included it in the compile the IDE still throws an error stating no such file. Tried renaming the French code at line 63 to include TinyGPSPlusPlus.h rather than TinyGPS++.h but that threw up the same error. Anyone got an idea as to what I am doing wrong.
  12. My Arduino IDE is ver 2.2.1, so will see what happens when I connect the ESP32. Had an issue with a Mega board recently which proved temperamental initially not communicating and then all of a sudden it worked when I upgraded to Ver 2.2.1. Don't think 2.2.1 IDE is the latest but will keep it for the moment until I receive the ESP32 from ebay. Finally managed to get AliExpress working and purchased a GPS chip. Think the issue was that I expected paypal to provide my address. Download the code for the ESP32 but couldn't quite work out what needed to be changed to insert my flyer ID. Will have to get an interrogator working first to see what is actually being transmitted.
  13. ESP32-C3 SuperMini WiFi Bluetooth Development Board 32-bit RISC-V UART I2C SPI Also tried ordering a second item from AliExpress for the project but must not be hitting the correct buttons to purchase as after selecting Paypal and authorising that, nothing seems to happen.
  14. Well just tried to order the L80 from AliExpress for around £5 but not sure what went wrong as the PayPal payment process did not seem to work which is all a bit annoying. Will try to purchase a ESP32 from ebay just so that I can verify that I can download the French source code.
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