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  1. I had an Aurora with GF fuselage and foam wings. I fitted a tow line release to the nose and we did a bit of aero towing . It flew fine as a glider.
  2. How about a pair of large bent-nose circlip pliers. Insert the tips in two front housing bolt holes (but not too deeply so as to engage in the crankcase holes) and rotate the front housing. That should break the seal so you can pull the housing off. Just an idea. I've not got a laser 200 in-line so I've not tried it!
  3. Looking for a good Saito 45s. Must be the latest version with modified crankcase, locking prop nuts and later cast ali muffler. Should be stamped with the letter P ( or later letter Q, R etc) on top of the right mounting lug. I'm not interested in earlier versions. Thanks for looking.
  4. Time to keep the garden beautiful and well-stocked with vegetables as well as build top-notch models! Impressive work Nick.
  5. Yes, a great job that really does look the part. It will add enormously to the scale look of the front of your Pup. Impressive work.
  6. David Boddington designed very many models, He did a 1/5th scale plan for the Sopwith Pup. Maybe the new model you have is 1/5 rather than 1/4 scale?
  7. Model shops (with websites) here in France list 10mm Square balsa so it is available. Maybe mail order?
  8. For scale models with a sheet (ali or ply) covered wing then an "open" structure would look very wrong.
  9. Another vote for Toolstation CA. Cheap, works well and doesn't seem to go hard in the bottle like some others do.
  10. Still using my JR 10X tx with a 2.4 module. Utterly reluable and I wouldn't think of parting with it.
  11. Well I'm not going to accept all cookies just to view videos. So these new "updates" have just made the forum much less useful for me and much more frustrating. Hopefully the tech guys can sort this issue before users stop using the forum!
  12. There is still the issue of not being able to watch videos without accepting all the cookies. Can the techies sort that out too please.
  13. I have a saito 125 in a Seagull Chipmunk. It flys beautifully its not a warbird but was used by the military. No retracts but it does have flaps and landing lights
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