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  1. David Ovenden

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    Very very nice model. Hope you find your engine OK
  2. Well here's a strange thing. I tried to order a King Twin 1700mm plane from the HK UK warehouse. It shows as in stock. I put it in my basket. But its impossible to buy as there is no shipping available to UK addresses. I pursued it via live chat and helpdesk. The answer. You can't buy it because no carrier is able to deliver it in the UK! So an "in stock" item on their website is impossible to buy. The wonderful world of Hobby King!
  3. Hi Pat, I can't speak about HoLEP as this wasn't offered to me. However I did have a TURP "rebore" 5 years ago. (In my case because I had serious aggressive prostate cancer causing the peeing problem) It has worked well, for me resulting in back to normal peeing . No leaking, no infection problems. However, reading up on HoLEP it looks even better than a TURP with less risk of negative side effects. Good luck in making your choice. I'm certainly very glad I had my op which so improved my quality of life.
  4. I can't answer your question Nigel. However, I have several Surpass Hobby motors that I have found excellent.
  5. I have a new pair I can sell you. Pm me if interested.
  6. Saito Mark their engines with a letter stamp underneath the mounting lug. This denotes the coutry/distributor/area where it was initially sold to. Does anyone know if there is a list of which letter refers to which area? For example a diamond with HH in it is Horizon Hobby in the USA. The letters on top of the mounting lug are batch codes showing when the engine was manufactured.
  7. Hi Matty, People are welcome to make an offer if they wish. You are right, things are only worth what people are prepared to pay. But equally, I'm not unhappy to keep the equipment to use with my 2.4G DMSS module.
  8. Due to moving house and my new model club having a relatively smll runway, I'm selling some of my fours stroke engines. Im in FRance but can bring engines with me to the UK on 8th September if there's interest. Selling: OS FT-120 Gemini mark 2 twin. Boxed and only had a couple of test runs on the bench. So like new (This is the mark 2 version with same crankshaft as the later 160. NOT the feeble MK1 version! £500 OS FT-160 Gemini twin. NO box but good condition and complete with instructions and decal sheet. £550 Saito FA-170R3. glow radial engine. With instruction. Good clean working condition. Complete with very desirable radial muffler. Lovely sound on tickover and slow fly-bys. £595 JR 9X II Tx with 35, 40 and 72 mhz tx modules and 3 x receivers. In alloy carry case £ 195 Contact me if you're interested and want more details
  9. Got my debonder from Tool Station I think
  10. Yes, that's what I have and it works brilliantly. The HP Proliant server PSU is what I have it's an easy mod and provides a top rate powersupply
  11. I had a T.U.R.P. keyhole op. That really worked for me. Pills didn't help.
  12. I'm in the process of moving. Once settled in I'm determined to build the Marutaka Cessna Bird Dog kit I've had for so long. Waiting it's turn. The model is 88" span and 1/5th scale. The plan shows an OS Gemini 120 twin, and the kit is designed around that engine. I have one (happily the later FT120 II version). So that's the obvious choice. Or is it? I also have an OS FT 160 Gemini twin. Same dimensions more grunt. Or a Saito 125 single. Or should I consider going electric? But I don't have a suitable motor or 6s/8s liposuction. What to do?
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