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  1. Put it this way. If I were to describe the details of our security arrangements online, and members of our club committee or executive were to read it and recognise it, I’m sure they would not be amused.
  2. It amuses me that people are openly discussing the details of their security arrangements on a public forum. Our club has more than sufficient means of keeping the mowers safe, but I’m not going to give any details of what they are!
  3. Anything will fly if you can make it go fast enough!
  4. The Chinese at it again? Only spying on Wales instead of America this time 🕵️.
  5. You can put them and the surrounding area out with a powder extinguisher, once they’ve more or less burned themselves out. Don’t ask me how I know!
  6. I bought an Aerobtec Altis GPS2 miniature GPS tracker/altimeter recently. When installed on a pc the associated Altis Flight Manager software includes a demonstration file called 'demo_altis_gps.afr'. Using the Flight Manager software I successfully exported a .KML file, which when imported into Google Earth, showed a track with what I believe is called a trajectory or height wall (see first pic below). However all subsequent attempts, either with this file or .KML files generated from my own rc flights, fail to show the trajectory wall, with the track shown at ground level (see second pic below). The Altis Flight Manager software includes a facility which supposedly allows you to set the zero altitude of the graph generated from the device's data. Not only is this very poorly explained in the instructions for the software (quote: "Each flight recording begins in the reference altitude, which is always 0m. However, user might know the altitude the aircraft starts in. This altitude can be set in the graph by the Set Zero Altitude tool, which is also available in Tools menu and the toolbar."), but I can't make it do anything sensible. It seems to me that it might be important to set the actual height of the ground the aircraft starts from in order for GE to create the trajectory wall, because without this information in the .KML file it doesn't know how far to set the track above the terrain. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, either with the AFM software or Google Earth? Altis Demo File with trajectory/height wall: Subsequent KML import to Google Earth don't show wall: Example Altis Flight Manager graph (relates to the above flight track pics):
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