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  1. The forward fuselage and wing root sections are white PLA, and the rest of the fus, and wing and tail sections are ColorFabb natural colour LW-PLA. The wheels are 3D printed from black TPU. It’s painted with Kobra spray acrylic, which required a LOT of masking tape!
  2. Hours and hours. What I saved in balsa costs I spent on electricity!
  3. Here’s my latest effort. A 3D printed Notos F3A from Planeprint. Maiden +1 flight so far…
  4. So is an EC135 (at nearly 3 tons MTOW) when it falls out of the sky. Just ask the people involved in The Clutha pub incident in Glasgow in 2013.
  5. When I was looking for acrylic spray paint to paint a 3D printed rc model recently, I discovered Kobra spray paints. You can order directly from the manufacturer’s website, and they work out considerably cheaper than the likes of Humbrol, Vallejo etc..
  6. Sitting down in a garden chair can help with this I find. I’ve heard people say that flying with a screen rather than goggles on your own is OK because they can look up and see the drone LOS, which is still a bit naughty because you’re still not maintaining constant LOS.
  7. So that’s what people mean when they say I’ll run that car into the ground before I sell it!
  8. How about boring through with a bit of sharpened brass (or similar) tube of a slightly larger diameter than the pushrod. Obviously you can’t drill it because it’ll just crumble.
  9. We always used to notice the pong when we drove past Bridgwater on the M5. I think the cellophane factory has now closed though. Maybe not so good for employment in Bridgwater, but at least the pong has gone.
  10. I don’t know, but as far as I recall he was in between 1959 and 1981. I know he went to Guam for two years unaccompanied posting, and also worked as Hercules ground crew, ending up as a sergeant I believe. He also used to tell the story of how in Guam the C-130 crews used to take delight in flying along the beach waterlines at about 30ft and watching the locals dive for cover. Until one day when some of their own were on the beach for some R&R, and one of their fellow crews unknowingly did the same to them. The order to desist went around after it was realised that being on the receiving end of a Hercules at 30ft is somewhat terrifying! As to the veracity of this and his other stories, most were told to me over 30 years ago, and I can neither confirm nor deny the amount of ‘embroidery’ there may have been in his tales.
  11. Could be worse, an old work colleague (now deceased) once told me of the time when he was in the RAF, he fell asleep in the mess room and someone emptied an ashtray into his mouth 😑.
  12. Via another source, I have established that there is a second page involved in assigning Ch7 to the left elevator. It seems that in the Channel Input Config menu I should have gone to the next ‘Rx Port Assignments’ page, and also selected ‘L Elevator’ for Ch7. I have done this now, and the rate switch works on both elevators as it should. And there was me blaming my original problem on a bug! Mix cancelled.
  13. Sorted with a simple ELE > AX2 mix instead. Left elevator now responds to rate switch as it should. I’m still convinced that what I described in my OP is a software bug.
  14. Hmm I’d wondered about doing that, but it seems odd that you should have to. I’ll give it a try…
  15. Here’s one to tax the brains of all you Spektrum experts. I’m building an F3A type model with split elevators (each half of the elevator has its own servo). This being the case, I’m using an 8-channel Spektrum AR8020T receiver and have selected Tail: ‘Dual Elev’ in the Aircraft Type menu on my NX10, and in the Channel Assign menu have allocated Ch7 Aux2 to ‘Ele’ (Elevator). This gives me control of the left elevator on Ch7, and right elevator on Ch3 as usual - much in the way you would with flaperons on Channels 6 & 2 (L & R). This all works as expected, but with one exception. The left elevator on Ch7 ignores the rate switch, and is effectively stuck at whatever movement I set up in the Servo Setup > Travel menu. Servo travel, sub trim and reversing all work OK with the channel. And the right elevator works with the rate switch (switch C in my case) as usual. Am I doing something wrong or have I discovered a bug in the NX10 software? Any ideas please?
  16. ‘Too many models’. Nope, sorry don’t understand the phrase 😀!
  17. Put it this way. If I were to describe the details of our security arrangements online, and members of our club committee or executive were to read it and recognise it, I’m sure they would not be amused.
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