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    I've got canopy glue clear drying. The reason I asked before or after covering , not sure if the oratex covering I will be using will stick to the windscreen edge overlapping about 3mm. Or after glueing on top of the oratex. I have sprayed the cabin balsa with matt paint and not sure whether the oratex will stick to the paint, does it have to be untreated balsa.
  2. Jonathan


    Thank you, its only 3/16 sq balsa so glueing,
  3. Jonathan


    What's the general consensus regarding windscreen fitting, should it be glued on before covering or after.
  4. Thanks for the replies really appreciated. My flying style has always been nice and slow pottering around the sky, my reaction time even when I was young has been slow 😄 The plane I'm building now ben buckle diamond demon I built and flew back in 1993, nice and gentle flying with the mills .75 engine about 3 minutes flight time with the standard tank just enough for me. I've purchased a spare battery so will hopefully be able to have a couple of flights per session.
  5. Evening Lipo Man, thank you for the heads up on the battery capacity checker , got one , brilliant, once I start flying I will use it most definitely.
  6. Could anyone suggest the type of battery tester I would need to get please
  7. Sorry, 9 x 4.5 suggested by the model shop
  8. Thank you so very much for the reply, I'll be using the supply from the esc. So after every flight unplug. Thanks
  9. Hi I will be flying my 48" ben buckle diamond demon weight around 1.5 lbs using a overlander 2826/18 1000kv v3 motor, a 1300mAh 2s 7.4v lipo battery pack, 2 mini servos. I probably will fly for around 4 minutes at a time, how much battery life/duration should I expected, is there a rule of thumb guide for electric flying. Cheers in advance.
  10. Hi first time going all electric power for my model airplane, do I need to wire in a on/off switch between battery and receiver like I did with my last conventional engine rc model. I was told by the chap in the model shop no just unplug each time not flying. Sorry if humpty question
  11. Hi I've been told that sometimes model airplanes are flown on common land not far from me, I am interested in flying there, what's the law requirements. Unfortunately there are no flying clubs anywhere near me, previously all my flying has been solo and in a field on the farm where I live.
  12. Morning, I've just purchased a cumbrian model The Answer a small 44" which will be ideal for me flying in the field next to me, I live on a farm.
  13. Thank you, numpty question for sure but just wanted to check.
  14. Evening, just joined the forum, have returned to the hobby after 25 years. I'm going to use an electric motor to power my airplane, can I ask when I come to position the motor in the fuselage do I need to position it with down and side thrust same as I did with my fuel engines.
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