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  1. If using the doculam laminating film which one gloss or matt finish would be best.
  2. Congratulations J D 8 good choice by the other moderators.
  3. Jonathan


    Blumming hell didn't know the ID number was going to be that long 😳
  4. Jonathan


    I think I will arty farty sign write it on the one side near the tailplane.
  5. Jonathan


    Hi just been successful in gaining my BMFA Certificate of Competency and have paid the CAA fee, just waiting on the Operators ID number. Reading it says to display the ID on or in your model, is there a percific place to put it or any where will suffice .
  6. I purchased them back in the 80’s along with 4" diameter one's, going to use them on my junior 60, had them on my Quaker Flash and they looked great and did the job nicely
  7. I did my test glide in a field with long grass for silage, very cushioned landing 😄
  8. I live on a farm so fly in the field next to mine, Grass kept short by sheep, but its very rough ground the first set of wheels I put on where fairly firm rubber making landings a wee bit harsh, so replaced them with an old pair of bouncy blow up boots, it's raining here at present so no test flight, hopefully tomorrow.
  9. Thank you Outrunner, that's good to know, I think I will be going with the 3542/05 like you I'm a pootler hahaha
  10. Outrunner may I enquire what weight yours has come in at please
  11. Cheers Outrunner, that sounds good.
  12. Prop sizes have been suggested 3542/05 a 10x 6 4240/10 a 12" to a 14"
  13. Hi, really pleased with my first venture into electric powered flight. I'm already planning my next build, I have the plans for BBs Junior 60 and would like to convert to electric. I've had a couple of suggestions of motor size Tornado Thumper V3 3542/05 And the Tornado Thumper 4240/10 Not sure which to go for, My flying preferences are nice and slow relaxing flights, Could I please ask for your thoughts on these.
  14. Another successful flying evening, another 4 lovely enjoyable flights , getting the heart working fast a couple of times haha , overall really relaxing, fresh air lovely countryside and a bag of sheep poo to take home for the greenhouse.
  15. Ground prep VID-20240623-WA0001.mp4
  16. Well just got back from maiden flight, had 3 in total each 3.5 minutes duration. Adrenalin still flowing, so pleased with it performance. VID-20240623-WA0000.mp4
  17. Hi radio questions here, I'm using the spectrum dxs transmitter with the AR410 receiver, I've been successful with the binding of them and have managed to reverse the channels so all correct from throttle too rudder. However when I turn the transmitter off and then turned it on again it beebs and shows red lights flashing and will not operate the receiver, so l turned off then disconnected the battery from receiver and went through the binding process again, all good fully functional again. So does it mean every time I turn the transmitter off after a flight I have to repeat the binding procedure .
  18. Just done the test glide, it wants to fly for sure, in the field next to mine with long grass for cushioned landing, Gentle downward trajectory, next flight slight whirl of wind and up it when, reaching for the clouds. Really pleased with it and no church roof lead required 😀. Now waiting on contact from the club to arrange maiden flight.
  19. Totally sound advice from one and all thank you, unfortunately there isn't a local flying club to me, however I have just emailed the chairman of the nearest one. The Central Flying Club, which is in Shropshire, so I will have to get my passport renewed 😀 Going to hopefully arrange a meet at there flying field for it's maiden flight . Eagerness to fly again but common sense prevails.
  20. Thank you for all your input and support.
  21. I started building and flying back in the 60's single chanel click clunk haha , I've had a 25 year break from the hobby and getting older my confidence is a bit lacking after the break. That's why I started again with an old free flight design, very forgiving.
  22. When I said upright I was speaking figuratively
  23. Yep more bands will be used , just 2 for c/g checking
  24. Thank you, no its not a 60 its the 48" diamond demon. Original it was a free flight design so in built stability, I built and flew one 25 years ago, just needed to confirm things , lacking confidence
  25. Test glide off until tomorrow so just checking radio gear. I have a Spectrum DXS transmitter and receiver,I've managed to bind them together, now can I ask numpy question re elevator, when I pull the stick down/backwards should the elevator move to the upright position thus making the model climb, when the stick is pushed forward/up the elevator will be in the down position thus model dives. At the moment the control is the opposite so will I need to revese it. Sorry in advance for my numptyness
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