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  1. Out for 3 flights on my Acromaster! Cannot believe the grass is firm so soon after storm 3 weeks ago when it was a lake , visible in the lightning at 7pm. (Flying in shed ). Climate change eh ! Paraglider landed in an emergency!! Frozen and needed P 😂😂😂🥶🥶Lovely chap and a nice long chat !! Colin
  2. This screen comes up when u wish to enter the second menu. Perfectly normal. Just make sure model is not connected or switched on. Colin
  3. Been out 4 times this year. Only 2 frosts. Normally get out in frosts 3 times a week in Jan-Feb. Rain never stops. Still no end in sight. Field might be dry by May perhaps 🤞🤞🤞🤞Been in RC since 1969 and never known it so bad 😱😱Colin
  4. Yes - get a manual online. U Tube has masses of assistance. Agree with finding an experienced flyer to assist. It is possible to teach yourself but it will be expensive! I tought myself on Morley’s in the 80s but it was a long process! Colin
  5. Just picked up an NX8 from a club member giving up. Almost new. Own a DX9 and DX6. Cannot in all honesty see any real difference worth shouting about. I pinch the sticks and my fingers catch on the switches. Don’t on other two sets. Can’t see why tho ???? The 9 is an early Mk1 and the NX is just insurance really. Colin
  6. I’ve found paint wipes with a bit of spit cleans up well. But sometimes some foams just darken. One chap emulsioned his Acromaster and it looked very good !!Colin
  7. Sorry to hear that news. Wishing you a full recovery! I know too many folk that have had strokes of some form , some younger than you. Colin
  8. Got out this morning in deepest Somt. Fog ,fog and more fog ! Patch a quagmire! Teaching an old chap on buddy on his Riot . First time. Fog started to clear and sun up there. It kept moving!!😱😱How I got Riot down after it flew into a fog patch that suddenly appeared I just can’t think ?🤯🤯UMX Mossie still rubbish despite adding lead up front !Colin
  9. Had a few minutes on one of those Hughes this week , indoors. Impressed. ! Don’t like the tiny Tx tho. Shame u can’t bind to Spekkie like my Goosky. Colin
  10. Pull up the manual online. Drawings are there that show removal. Screwed. Colin
  11. Web search says inhibit ch 5.
  12. Thanks Leccy. I’ve got HK 300 lipo in there , not significantly different to original . Found I had to use rudder all the time ! Haven’t checked cg. Must do that. Long grass saved it on the tip stalls. 😂😂😂. Yes wings look about to clap !😂😂 The elevators and rudder are paper thin and bend easily. Ta again Colin
  13. Perfect morning for AS3X chuckies . Bright no wind. New 12 yrs old Parkzone Mossie UMX was a real handful. Tip stalling constantly. Got a new non flying members Riot up no problem. Tried quick flight with him but buddying will b necessary. No time for that today !🥺🥺Colin
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