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  1. A fellow modeller who has not flown for some time due health issues, wishes to responsibly dispose of old, no longer viable, glow fuel. This is a relatively small quantity, approx 2 plastic containers worth. Local Domestic Refuse Centres vary in their acceptance terms and may levy disproportionate charges if the do accept fuel/oils etc. What do i/c flyers do in this situation?
  2. For info, the July issue of 'RCM&E' is now available to 'Readily' readers.
  3. Have look at the Whistling (Foam?) Toy Rocket/Footballs on ebay & Amazon. They feature the surface mount whistle. There are a few cheap ones among the eye watering expensive ones being offered! When permitted, I have dropped these from a model and they really do whistle quite audibly. Not sure they match a jet sound though????
  4. +1 for Radiomaster - So flexible
  5. There have been many in depth science based articles on this subject down the years. (Search the net and you should turn up a few). As Allan says, what ever paint used should be tested first though water based acrylic will probably be the right choice. As for colours: Ask yourself why are many military aircraft camouflaged? So those colours and schemes are best avoided and ruled out straight away! Large width alternating black & white stripes on the underside of wings, (see typical WW2 Invasion schemes), can work well. Chequered squares, whilst perhaps looking good close up, do not work at any distance. Fluorescent colours such as displayed on RAF training aircraft of the 70s, can help if applied in relatively small areas on wing & tail tips. The only issue is these colours can be prone to fade with time. Dark, solid colour leading edges are also suggested. The backdrop you fly and operate against should also be considered i.e. trees, hillsides especially when landing and the plane can 'disappear' as it goes below the blue/grey sky line! High contrast, large areas of colour can work. Use an artists colour wheel to find extreme contrasting colours or pick up a few paint charts from your local DIY store and play with the swatches to see ones that work and of course you like. If you're a full-size plane spotter, look up at the high altitude trails and see which tail fin colours work (well) against the blue sky. The solid red fins of many really show up. Just some ideas to consider.
  6. There was no hard copy in our well stocked local newsagent either .... might take up trains .... there's rows and rows of their mags ... full & model size!
  7. Agreeing that the free-full-size plans are a major asset; do you remember 'Hobbies' magazine? (I'm not sure if it is still published?) That used to have 'grease-proof' type paper patterns for all types of wood and similar projects. Has that faired well in these digital/online times? I note railways seem as popular as ever and there are whole areas in the likes of W.H.Smith, even Tesco/Sainsbury stores, full of such titles for model as well as full-size.
  8. Prefacing my comment with the note I read AND subscribe to RCM&E, I make the following observations: As a member of 4 clubs, with a range of members, flying all types of model, I have often asked members 'Seen the XYZ article/review in the latest RCM&E?' Almost without exception, the replies received are 'No, don't bother with that, get all the info I want off the net' or 'Used to get it but it's just full of advertorial by same old writers', and very similar sometimes less polite comment! OK, my straw poll is by no means scientific or a controlled sample, merely an indication of what some grass roots flyers, of all ages think of the magazine nowadays. Yes, I can hear the masses on this forum screaming I think it's a great magazine, I love my printed copy etc. etc. I would respectfully suggest we are a minority of a minority interest. I think Cuban8 has summed it up that unless magazines (in general not just our specific hobby), can offer something that online cannot e.g. the plans, detailed build articles and perhaps less reviews, they are a diminishing product. I appreciate advertisers have to be catered for, but reviews that appear months after the item release and dozens of folk, worldwide have by then already posted their reviews online, unboxings, flight demos anyway, why bother(?) And at £6 plus a copy, a purchase that really has to be worthwhile for the average reader.
  9. Unfortunately, closer examination shows the crazing in the colour itself, (think old masters paintings in art galleries - this is model mastery though!). Most of the paintwork is pretty good, given its likely age, history and old grime. I fear start work on the 'bad' bits and the whole model will then need a re-cover which would be a huge task and I still like to have time enjoy other models and flying! If I can make the model reasonable looking, given its age etc., I can at least fly it. Then, if it really excites me and I feel the major effort, time, not to mention considerable expense, in tackling 'acres' of new covering, paint etc. I'll go ahead with a major refurb.
  10. Just acquired a very nice complete Precedent Druine Turbulent, 1/3rd scale model. It was originally OS160 powered and very well finished in nylon including rib tapes, scale markings, the whole deal. The model has been a hanger/loft/workshop/ queen for many a year and the painted nylon covering is now crazed in places, with a good layer of congealed old fuel on top for good measure. The overall condition though is good, no tears or obvious damage. Question One: Folk that have tackled such a restoration, what do you recommend i.e. best cleaning solutions and methods? Until I fly the model, (which will be electric powered), I would prefer not to totally strip the nylon and recover. (Assuming that proves necessary or even viable). Question Two: Anyone have a copy of the original Precedent Turbulent kit instructions I can have a copy of? (Would cover any costs or else send me a pdf/scan). Question Three: Any current or former owners that can offer hints & tips on flying and handling e.g. control throws, c of g used etc. Thanks in advance.
  11. Having just received the latest BMFA Magazine, I read Duncan McClure's column. He mentions that a new style BMFA Examiner Log Book is available from BMFA HQ. Just rang Chacksfield House and to save anyone else the immediate effort, they are not yet available.
  12. Aldi regularly offer the Dymo Machine and tapes in clear, black, white, yellow and of course at Aldi typical reasonable prices!
  13. Yes, Super model and with modern electrics, LiPo etc. will be even better. Does it have a plan? (Can't recall, it was some years ago!). If so PM me to arrange a copy if I may. Designer/Manufacturer, Howard Metcalfe, is still active, though I understand it's free-flight these days.
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