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  1. I may have discovered a possible cause ... As mentioned in my first post, I had ensured the latest software update had been installed onto this Spektrum receiver. (I use the Spektrum USB updater cable which plugs into the 'prog' programming socket on the Rx.) Wondering whether the latest update had actually downloaded perfectly, I rolled back to the previous versions availble. I did this several times back and forth, as will become apparent. Reading the release notes from Spektrum regarding the changes made in these updates, I read the following, quote in italics with my bold highlight and underline: Version 2.39.0 (September 7, 2021) ---------------------------------- - Fix rare intermittent issue on powerup in which output CH1 or CH5 would not send PWM pulses until power cycle or hold occurred (thanks funkyfreestyler) - Improve compatibility when used with multiple devices on multiple SRXL2 ports. - Add a Frame Rate menu, allowing users to customize Servo frame rate output settings. In my case, rolling back or forth to update the Rx to the latest software version has still not resolved the issue. Personally, I use other makes of Tx & Rx but require use and modest understanding of Spektrum as many of my student pilots I instruct operate Spektrum equipment. With their low time experience of Tx & Rx operation would they have even got this far I wonder(?) Return the Rx to Horizon perhaps (?) receipt long gone and the cost ... resigned to 'I learnt about Spektrum from this' ... not knocking, when it works as stated, it works 🤨 Still wish it worked TAER as all the other Spek Rx do ☹️
  2. Using a different Spektrum Transmitter (DX6 Gen3), created a fresh new model but bound it to the original, problematic Rx. Situation remains: Socket/Ch 1 = No ESC response whilst if the ESC is inserted into a reassigned to Throttle Socket/Ch6, it functions normally. Other aircraft models on both Spektrum Tx but using different Spektrum Receivers, function normally i.e. TAER socket/Ch order.
  3. No Frank, throttle not reversed - tried that among the first things I thought of. Summary: Socket 1 Servo works full range left & right but ESC doesn't or even 'beep, beep' like when out-of-range / Socket 6 - ESC and any Servo plugged into it work.
  4. I had already set and tried operating with the range greater and/or less than + & -100 whilst ESC plugged into Socket 1, just to entice the ESC to operate which it does, but only when plugged into Socket 6 of the Rx, when there is no requirement for any operating range change above or below +100/-100. 'Throttle Cut' was tried AND withdrawn/inhibited just as a further check to eliminate that from the set-up i.e. there is no throttle cut set on. Trim also run to both extremes, no result in Socket 1 and using Left Throttle Stick up and down (Mode 2). As mentioned. a conventional servo operates perfectly when placed in Socket 1 so signal output is being made in that socket. No ESC 'chirrup' or any 'tone' emitted either in 'Socket 1', which it does as soon as plugged into 'Socket 6' in the Rx.
  5. A 6Ch Spektrum AR6610T receiver, (Input socket pin order Spektrum traditional TAER), binds successfully in most respects to a Spektrum NX10 Tx i.e. all control surfaces function normally. However the Throttle/ESC when inserted into the receiver at the Rx Socket 1 position, does not operate. Before the ex-spurts chime in, Rx fully updated to the latest software, Channel operating over its full range +/- 100 as seen on Tx 'Monitor' screen. Attaching a servo to Socket 1 in place of the ESC and that operates perfectly over its entire range left and right. 'Throttle Cut' was set; the screen depicts the throttle lock on and then movement through full range when 'Throttle Cut' released. 'Throttle Cut' inhibited/deleted, no change, no ESC on socket 1 of the Rx. Swapped out the ESC and tried a different ESC brand, still nothing in Socket 1 for an ESC. (Both ESC work normally across their range when tested on a Watt Meter). However, re assigning the same ESC to a vacant Socket 6 on the Rx and that same ESC 'chirps' into life and works perfectly. What 'hidden' setting on Rx Socket 1 needs adjusting for a ESC to work when a servo works perfectly when inserted into it? (Have changed and extended the ESC travel above normal 100 too, still the ESC will not operate on socket 1). Puzzled🤔
  6. It's a fairly regular issue. I usually just re-configure and find this YouTube the simplest, most straightforward of the multitude, including Horizon Hobby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFf2mWJOsJk Horizon instructions in both Tx & Rx manuals leave much to be desired/explained or fathomed out for yourself 🤔
  7. Happy 'Electric' Days ... Editor of the little Yellow Mag & BEFA Founder Member No.2 😉
  8. A couple of useful video sites for ETHOS folk: https://www.youtube.com/@adam_mawz_maas And FrSky Ethos: Throttle Reverse (Updated) (youtube.com) And https://www.youtube.com/@MrD
  9. And just when you think you've got the hang of it ... along comes a(nother) update and it changes yet again 😉
  10. Self Check can be enabled by gently depressing the Rx button when all other items have been completed. It goes 'Blue' then flashes, controls dance, all done. Caution: do ensure model is at a flying attitude when doing this or 'panic' mode may result in for example up elevator. Lovely radio system though (FrSky X20S for me) and Rx but FrSky keep 'improving' and 'updating' things. Beware of videos on line, even after just a few months ago, they can sometimes be out-of-date following an update with latest methods. Also, always check Rx and Tx software are kept updated to ensure compatibility with latest operation. Items bought from dealers may not have the latest updates if they've been in stock on a shelf awhile! 😉
  11. I have a couple of Tool Kit devices - (Charger, LiPo Balancer) - You do have to calibrate them for best/accurate results though. No issues to date.
  12. At least one make of Tx which had/has(?) a touch screen on its front face for adjusting model menus etc. This was not sealed from the elements i.e. water, snow! This ingress of H2O, particularly in heavy downpours, corrupted the screen making subsequent operations difficult, if not impossible!
  13. Brilliant! Thanks GBG, 'ticking' self-check and waggling the sticks to all extremes did the 'blue' LED trick. Whilst I love the flexibility of Open/Edge & ETHOS OS, the various tick boxes on the umpteen different permutations of model & receiver, can catch you, (or at least me),out. Doesn't help when you haven't used or performed a specific set-up or task in a while ... soft memory fade occurs 😉 'Now how did I do that six-months ago?' Yes, templates are good for repeats but as in this case, I'd updated to the latest spec. which can change or add things that weren't there last time!
  14. Just updated a FrSky ARCHER SR6 Rx to latest V2.1.12. Using a fully updated X20S Tx, the Rx is registered and bound OK, (Solid Green LED with power On). No servo (AETRA set up) response EXCEPT Throttle on Ch3 which does operate thru full range. Any clues what 'tick box' or other item needs changing to get the rest of the controls working? The whole set-up worked perfectly before.
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