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  1. Can't remember where but years ago I read or was told that on 2.4 they weren't needed so have taken them all off off after that, having said that I can't remember the last time I actually removed one as many now don't seem to fit them anyway. I don't think Jeti, Dualsky or YGE fit them on their controllers anymore (I stand to be corrected on that though). Now these would all be opto controllers with no BEC's though.
  2. Also /or have it spread out very thinly to avoid the exothermic reaction producing the heat.
  3. Exactly, and when you do shop on global that message strangely disapears.
  4. If the seller has collected UK VAT then it should be on the invoice/recipt/order confirmation which is how you can prove that you have paid the VAT, and it certainly is, very clearly, with Ali Express E bay Amazon etc. Never seen VAT itemmised on any HK Invoice. However, you might just get lucky.
  5. What is important though is to check that you are putting roughly the same mah back into each pack, if you haven't had any trouble then the chances are that you are but if one pack needs considerably more mah put back in than the other (which is what will be happening here) then something is wrong. IR is very hard to get any meaningfull figures on and depends on so many variables, best used as an indication (i.e. when new it was X now it is Y) rather than an absolute measure. If a new model also it could also be worth checking the solder joints for a high resistance joint.
  6. Totally agree with the theory bit but the practical will be different, C rating (the true one not the label) and IR go hand in hand, a higher C rated pack MUST by definition have a lower IR value. I'm sure you will see a diffenece between the packs when you measure them. Used individually they will likely be fine but one will have more "punch" that the other, used together looks like a no go or very short flight time and you will kill the better battery first if you overun.
  7. Looks likely that they have different IR per pack and the lower IR pack is being discharged first because having lower IR it is able to offer up the current needed by the ESC easier. That's why you always MUST use the same C rated packs in a series connected power pack or the higher C rated pack with lower IR gets ued first. Effectively it is likely that you are using different C rated packs, albeit inadvertently.
  8. Home makeover, "we want to turn this spare room into a garage", producer, "no problem just give me thirty seconds"
  9. Paid at time of ordering as part of the purchase, clearly stated that it was VAT of 20% that was being paid and added to the non VAT price at checkout stage, the impression I get is that Bangood, Ali Express and E Bay are big enough to have sorted this out properly and want to continue to do business with the UK, unlike HK who appear to not have a clue. For anyone that says "you should support your LMS" (not that I have one) this is for items not available in the UK.
  10. Not Bangood but Ali Express, under £135.00, VAT was paid on order and delivered no problem with no additional fees to pay.
  11. Simon is spot on correct, apart from obvious question of what use would that be think of the cabling required, even a small 1500 mah LiPo would be putting 300 amps down the wires! Now think how thick the average jump leads for a car are. Manufactures C ratings for LiPo's are a complete joke.
  12. Yes you can reduce the throttle end point back to limit the current draw, I do this on all my planes because they simply have too much power at full throttle,also don't forget the current draw will be less in the air than during a static ground test as the props will unload a bit in the air, you'll also likely get slightly higher RPM as well.
  13. I'm most certainly with you on that one but maybe not quite to the same extent, I leave my phone back with RC Gear TX case etc, that's at least 25 meters away, even if it's a minuscule chance why would you not? After all while I'm flying I'm not going to be answering a call, reading a text or browsing the net so why would I want it on me anyway?
  14. Just observations but back in the early days of telemetry the the display was via Bluetooth to the phone screen which was often clipped on to a holder at the top of the TX, I don't recall suggestion about turning anything off. Phones also aren't requested to be turned off at displays such as at Barkston, yes they are further away but there also a lot of them as well.
  15. Sorry, but I think that is in very bad taste, not in the least bit funny. Suggest you reconsider and retract that. Phil
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