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  1. Fling a 3D plane you most certainly don't want soft start or slow start enabled, those are settings mainly for heli's, whether you want any brake (to slow down lines) is up to you. Sounds fine to me.
  2. Also important to note that if you need to refuel (change batteries) then you allowed to do so.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice and more practice in Warwickshire this weekend, great weekend for it though.
  4. That is the voice of reason and a perfect summary of the situation.
  5. Agreed but when I bought the first three two years ago it was anything but, they took months to get here so credit where credit is due.
  6. How's this for exceptionally good service, I bought a new charger and although I always prefer to buy from UK retailers (yes I know that they are all made in China anyway but I'm old fashioned that way) this charger (that I already have three of) is only available direct from China (or Japan), order placed Friday night on Ali Express and in my hand lunchtime today with e mailed notifications every step of the way. Not only that but delivery by today was actually guaranteed (5 day guaranteed delivery, not sure if weekends count), with compensation paid if it wasn't. Eat your heart out Royal Mail (who took longer than that to deliver me an Allen Key first class postage from Model Fixings in the UK.
  7. I personally think that this is a very good thing, in any vaguely modern car now there will now be a first aid kit somewhere, normally pristine and unused.
  8. I totally agree but in the context of the planes I had mine in that was advantageous as the 50cc IC engines they were designed for weren't exactly light either so it actually helped.
  9. I've had a few of these motors including a 50cc Rotomax and that had way more power than any 50cc IC engine, it was ballistic in a 60cc plane, it's as if they equated watts to horsepower and believed the IC manufacturers claims. Never had any problems with any of them, good solid motors.
  10. Yes, it will still balance charge the LiPo but to the slightly lower voltage.
  11. Lovely day for some practice up at Hurley in Warwickshire, and a nice backdrop as well.
  12. These look like serious discounts, my question is why?
  13. Large bucket full of water to chuck an on fire lipo in is likely to be more use than an extinguisher which can't extinguish it anyway, it won't stop it burning but will prevent damage to anything else, or let them burn themselves out.
  14. Windows has bit defender built in, anyone who is paying for an Antivirus is simply (in my opinion) wasting their money, there are plenty of free antivirus programmes around, of which AVG and Avast are just two.
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