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  1. A weird sort of thing where I have my thumb on top of the stick and my finger in a pinch position. No strap or tray. I think it came from my instructor giving me a clout if he heard the sticks "spring" to neutral 😅 Excuse my mucky hands, I'd just been mulching the roses.
  2. Was Solarspan polypropylene? I always rather liked using that. A bit thicker and less fragile in use I feel
  3. A rearward cg can improve the glide but that's mainly a free flight trimming thing to flatten the glide and make the model more sensitive to lift. In your case, you have an elevator so it's not such an issue, your flight pattern isn't likely to be climb/glide in the same way as ff. Better to have a stable, straight glide than worry too much about minimum sink etc. You can trim/shim to fine tune later as you dial it in.
  4. It creeps up on one. Lately I have developed an audible "oof" when I get up from a chair. I have messaged you my address. Thankyou so much
  5. Hi Peter, I'm sorry to hear that you are not very well, I hope it's nothing serious and you recover quickly. I try to use a rudder whenever I can, especially now that servos are so small and inexpensive. I'll find someone to print it, or, frankly, I might just order a copy from Sarik. Take care of yourself and get well soon, Matt
  6. Hi Peter, I'm in Norfolk. I thought about an enlargement but I have an existing motor/esc/lipo that gives me about 190W, so the smaller size appeals. Cheers Matt
  7. I thought about that. Just need to find somewhere out here in the sticks 😉
  8. Hello all, Lacking the ability to print plans myself, I wondered if anyone has a copy of PM's "Tequila Sunrise" that they'd be willing to part with? If this is the wrong place, please move it. Thankyou
  9. Very sad news. One of those names absolutely synonymous with Scale for many years. A "go to" designer for any aspiring scale modeller.
  10. Hello all, Quick question. Has anyone here built Roy Garner's 60" Extra 230? Extra 230 - Sarik Hobbies Contemplating building one for electric but "back in the day" we did tend to overbuild a touch, so wondering what the build is like. No indication for weight, but I'd guess around 7lb or so. I guess 850W or so as I don't want 3D performance, more "scale aerobatics"
  11. Quick question. In general, in the UK, copyright for written works etc is around 70 years: Copyright Length (.gov.uk website) Is there, does anyone know, a statutory length of copyright on published rc model designs, and who owns that copyright? For example, if a designer sells a design to a magazine to be a "free plan", does the copyright then belong to the designer or the publisher? The reason I ask is that I have often thought it would be nice to kit some of the older, "free plans" from the mags. Not that I am in any position to do so. But in the spirit of idle curiosity, I just wondered how such things are treated from a legal perspective.
  12. In a legal sense, you are possibly correct. I'm not a lawyer so I'm happy to be corrected. However, isn't it the same ballpark as "bull in field", "beware of the dog" or "caution, fragile roof" ? If I drive down a road clearly marked "unsuitable for motors" and damage my car, who is liable? Ergo, a sign saying "site protected by klaxon, may cause discomfort" then who is liable? The principle being not to cause harm but to make the place uncomfortable to stay in long enough to go through with the robbery. But, a legal expert, I am definitely not. So, by all means elucidate
  13. What about marking everything up with a DNA trace and slapping stencils all over? I'm not sure how much of a deterrent to a particularly keen thief it would be as they're normally stealing to order, but perhaps enough to deter an opportunist. Select DNA An alternative, I suppose, would be some very bright lights and sirens which would go off if the doors were forced. Klaxon Master! I have a friend who has a car garage and he has installed some smoke systems, which fill the space with thick smoke. Coupled with a strobe and a siren, I can imagine it's quite effective at stopping people wanting to hang around. Providing you put up a notice warning thieves of the potential hazard of course. That puts the risk firmly on their shoulders should they choose to go ahead.
  14. Cut a groove all the way round with a triangular needle file. Go round a couple of times and you'll find that you can just "snap" the tube along that line.
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