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  1. Shame for the human loss. Although it the plane pictured is not a B17, more likely a Lockheed A12.
  2. If you have not got one how do you know the Chinese versions are more sturdy? With care and the right blade in my experience the Proxon will cut 8mm birch ply. Looking at some of the reviews for the Chinese ones on Amazon they seem to be poor and do not cut accurately (and seem distinctly unsafe) and also not 240V powered - which the Proxon is - most are only 20V from a power pack. When it comes to power tools you tend (with a few exceptions) to get what you pay for!
  3. I have have used the Proxxon KS 230 Saw with the 28020 Fine Precision 50 mm Blade for many years and have used it to cut my balsa strip wood as well as lots of other cutting jobs, and it is very good and would recommend it. It also handles birch ply as well as light ply up to 8mm thick. I think Chronos Engineering are doing this for £132.00 inc. VAT & delivery supplied with the 58mm standard blade and the Fine Precision 50mm 28020 blade that I use. I have no connection with Chronos apart from being a happy customer. You might find it cheaper elsewhere.
  4. I have a print and digital subscription and I see no option to renew my subscription (due in August) and get the book offer, I assume that as you are posting in this forum you are appealing mainly to those who already subscribe to the magazine? If so, why not allow us with active subscriptions renew in advance and get the book? It seems that once again customer loyalty is taken for granted.
  5. Every time I move to a new page (on both MS Edge and Chrome) I get the pop-up titled We value your privacy asking to Customize, Reject All and Accept All cookies. This is incredibly irritating and should not happen once I made my choice - please fix!!
  6. Actually there are more than 28000 BMFA members - you missed an 0 off!
  7. From the accounts presented to this years AGM Balance at 31 March 2023 £218,830 From what I remember the money used was from BMFA funds that had been built up over the years from donations etc to provide for a National Centre.
  8. Not true, anyone who is a member can go if they wish, and going by the fact that most weekends during the good flying months are booked out months in advance would also seem that a lot of members are making use of the facility. Strange that you seem to be willing to travel all over the country to attend the LMA shows but can't make it to Buckminster to take part in anything!
  9. Not true, the subs in 2017 (7 years ago, or 8 if you count in 2024) were £33.00 for an adult. If they had doubled they would now be £66.00. In fact they have risen slightly less than 45% over 8 years at the new £47.00 adult rate.
  10. The figures you extracted from Actual and Budget forecast include depreciation, which as I wrote earlier is an 'accounting paper loss' (not actual money) to take into account the reducing resale value of the lease (amongst other items) and as the treasurer at the meeting pointed out are 'worst case' scenarios. -22/23 the depreciation is £33,103 -23/24 the depreciation estimated is £28,900 -24/25-the depreciation estimated is £28,900 But if you look at the other AGM documents - specifically - SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2023 Page 7, The total show before depreciation and tax show a small loss of £853 and even with the tax payable being added on of £1,125 amounts again to a small total loss of £1978. And as the BMFA office services will now operate out Buckminster that is quite a small cost. When looking at these figures you have to look at all of them, especially the supplementary information.
  11. If you watched the AGM and looked at the accounts, then you would have seen that the 2022-2023 reporting year Buckminster National Centre only lost £853 in real money (before depreciation is applied - which is a 'paper' amount for accounting purposes) - and they have moved the BMFA office to Buckminster having sold Chacksfield House. The fees increases are nothing to do with the running of Buckminster (Not sure where or what Buckminister is but the BMFA don't own or rent it!). More it has to do with rebuilding the reserves to a safe level after an accounting issue.
  12. Wrong, try www.Belairdigital.co.uk (Belairdigital.com is a domain that is for sale!)
  13. Rapid RC have 1s 150mAh lipos in stock - but they have a lead and plug unlike the E-flight types. Esky LiPo 1S 150mAh 3 7V 40C Battery UMX for Scale F150 (rapidrcmodels.com)
  14. Contact Vintage Model Company [email protected] who have the licence to produce the West Wings range.
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