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  1. Yes. I was going to check my logbook for 1970/71 to see which Mk 5's I flew during training. Happy days
  2. Well flight 1..gust stab only my handlaunch Just descended into the grass. Flt 2 stab fully on, handlaunch went great flew quite fast tried the other stab positions not very good so left at full stab. Forgot with edf not to get slow round finals and just missed the ground at full up elevator. Tried the same thing but with more power much better. Two further flights using 3s 1500 cells all good. Lived to flight another day. Bill
  3. Hi John, I have , thanks to you, now sorted it out and using flap 3 position switch now ready for the maiden flight. Regards Bill
  4. I have a spektrum TX and rx...any idea which channel on the rc to be able to use a 3 position switch?
  5. Many thanks John. Managed to get it to work on both channels and isolate by a switch on the TX. Question is do I test fly with it on or off? Just seen your second post. Bill
  6. Hi, Just acquired, the supposed prototype, Mini Jet Provost at the BMFA swapmeet today. Stupidly, forgot to ask any questions Lovely Model but its fitted with a stabiliser. Never had one of these. I have bound the rec to my spektrum nx6 and all works fine. However having connected the battery and placed the Model level I switched on the stabiliser and after a short time all seems well. If I move the Model laterally the ailerons move to correct the Model ,if upside down it applies full aileron. Elevator also works in the correct sense. If I state the two position "a" switch I can stop the roll stab function but not the pitch function. So the question are .... .1. Am I arming the system correctly? 2. Should I try to allocate a 3 position switch to the isolate function? 3. What make/model is the stab system? Thanks...hope to maiden it this week Bill
  7. Seems to make sense. I was hoping someone had the strike plan
  8. Chris has gotten rid of all his modelling stuff and cannot remember. Bill
  9. Hi, Picked up a rc model designed by Chris Golds. Does anyone know where the C of G is please. Thanks Bill
  10. Hi, Only just brought it home. The video is great. The Model is the same but mine is " a bit untidy!!" Will post some pictures in the next few days. My ancestors were French so probably get away with it. Unable to contact Jan...replies switched off on you tube Many thanks for the prompt reply Bill
  11. Hi, Just picked up a old Bleriot .Any ideas on an electric conversion? Approx 60" span. Thanks Bill
  12. You only pay if you go into the museum, house or gardens....otherwise Free entry to the event. Don't know if there is a charge to fly?
  13. One of the nicest flying Models I ever had. I have been looking for a built one for years but no joy Bill
  14. Many thanks for your past assistance and good luck for the future Jon...you are a star. Hope to see you at some modelling do's
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