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  1. Electric models are more likely to bite. I/C models have an audible alarm that tells you when they're dangerous.
  2. Unfortunately that type of flying isn't worth getting out of bed for. The building is lovely, but I can't do more than one flight like that anymore.
  3. Afternoon All, I'm keeping half an eye on a potential quick project for next winter (between my long refurb list) and I'd really like to build another Old Timer. My first build back in to RC at the start of Covid was a Junior 60 from Ben Buckle. I LOVE the build style of Old Timers - all stick fuselages, beautiful wing shapes, and I'll always opt for fabric covering because I enjoy it. The only problem is, as much as I can appreciate the joy of nudging it around the sky, backing of the throttle until it sits in the wind nicely and watching it potter about gracefully, after a while it is incredibly boring. Are there any Old Timers that lend themselves to a more "sport flying" set up - 4ch conversion, fairly adventurous wind ranges, and mild to moderate aerobating (pretty much B Cert schedule stuff)? Depending on which engine will be spare at the end of the season, I'm thinking of either an Elf biplane or a Falcon but i'm wondering if there's anything else - maybe Bristol M1c from Balsa USA might scratch the traditional build itch, but be more fun in the sky.
  4. Couldn't tell you. It was set up two or three years ago, and hasn't flown in over a year - drone flying is massively boring on a flat field.
  5. I drive a fiesta. Are you saying that I'm effectively priced out of toy aeroplanes until I can afford an armoured wagon?
  6. That's entirely false. I've dabled with the below example, it fly's perfectly fine with the gyro switched off and there's very little input required for a stable hover. In "auto level mode" it sits perfectly still on its own.
  7. Evening All, I am a reasonably competent flyer (B Cert in the bag for the last couple of years, and aiming for my examiner cert this year), and I've been trying to teach my eldest. He's 10, 11 in a couple of months, and I'm struggling. We started off using my Junior 60 as it was all we had that was suitable, and he got as far as a few aggressive take offs, and some general flying around. Last year we bought him a second hand, thoroughly expendable, Bixler with the aim of me taking my hands off the buddy-box more and really letting him do his thing. We also have an Acrowot Fomie, in a similar condition - second hand, thoroughly expendable, for use as soon as the Bixler is killed to death. Some days, I am stood there like a spare tyre, holding the buddy-box whilst he fly's round, with the occasional piece of advice, and potentially flicking switch and taking over if he says he's lost orientation. Other days, he starts the session by saying, "I can't do it, I can't see it properly, I don't know what to do." There's usually lots of mumbling, some tears, and he gives up. On these days, I feel like I need to get my hands on his controller, put my thumbs over his and show him what to do - but I can't do that whilst I'm on the lead controller and actively flying. Does anyone have any advice for coaching youngsters? I'm desperately trying to stay away from being the overbearing parent that makes him do something he's not interested in, but I'm running out of ideas beyond, "I know you can do this!" We have trainee aircraft in the club, but I don't think we have any actual instructors.
  8. I started off with FlySky, and still have two for buddy boxing with my kids. The only problem I've ever had with them, is the AA batteries - do not take off if it's showing half on the "battery-o-meter" on the main screen. I was lucky the one time I got caught out, and I was flying a free flight/RC conversion that happily landed itself not too far away. Range is fantastic, reception is fantastic, the voltage sensors for your electric planes are brilliant. If it does everything you need it to, you've definitely got nothing to worry about. 👍
  9. That's mental that they just stopped you flying - the FlySky stuff is CE marked (I had to look it up to be allowed to fly at Shuttleworth on a model weekend).
  10. I've just been fiddling around with a kit built Acrowot I used to practice some of the techniques that went in to this Hurricane - it weighs in at a thoroughly hefty 4.1kgs/9lbs dry, hauled around by an Evolution 15cc - which on the back of a similar fag packet, comes out at 35 Oz/sqft. I know that definitely flys! And I know it's best landings were long, fast greasers using all the runway. I also know what happens when I tried to slow it down for a cross wind landing from my least favourite direction (which is why it's been waiting for the build table to clear up since November). Comparing those numbers, I'm happy with the Hurricane, I just need the right weather and a properly dry runway.
  11. Very quiet up the field today. One member on site when my lad and I arrived, another one came whilst we were there. It was cold and blustery, but pretty much straight down the main the runway. I've started prophanging the winter hack Acrowot XL, the little VMC Balsa Basics Hurricane had its first couple of flights after the radio upgrade, and the big Hurricane had more engine run time, and some more taxiing. Unfortunately the boy was having an off day, so burnt off three batteries in his Bixler to save faffing with discharging. It'll really shift with the gyro on and throttle through the stops. 😂
  12. @Martin Harris - Moderator how are your U/C doors mounted? I've just taken mine off whilst fiddling with the forward rake. And I'm wondering if I could do it better/easier than I've what got.
  13. Good news: both Rxs used the same code from T9, and are now bound and unlocked. I can carry on with winter maintenance now. Although I still think that at £50 a pop, Rxs should just "work" when you open the packet. PXL_20240426_183932256_TS.mp4
  14. With the exception of the pilot, the only things I could take out at this point are forward of the CoG, so they'd just get replaced with lead anyway.
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