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  1. Please keep going. It's refreshing to see some real skills, albeit on a learning curve.
  2. Don’t forget Weston UK are still advertising the Magnum 120 and 180 four strokes, although I don’t know what their supply situation is.
  3. Yes, that site is also playing up.I tried four times today before I finally got the correct page.
  4. Yes, Slec have always given me good service and importantly are always courteous and helpful.
  5. Yes, it happened yesterday and also this morning.
  6. Prosynth for me every time. I too have used nothing else for many years without problems. In fact Weston have now doubled their guarantee on their range of racing engines provided only Prosynth is used. I would ignore anyone calling the fuel inferior, the overwhelming evidence proves them wrong.
  7. Sorry to point out the obvious, but because of bad virus activity the Laser site has now been down for over three weeks. Three weeks?
  8. Weston uk sell diesel fuel by the litre.
  9. Weston UK do a range of 4 stroke plugs, I’ve used them for years.
  10. Beware of the Tufcote. My experience over the years tells me that this too will eventually lift the finish, especially with hot exhaust deposits. Clear KlassKote is the only product I’ve found to completely work.
  11. One of the negative aspects of the now predominant ARTF movement is the gradual decline of the performance of the UK team in international scale competitions. I can remember when we consistently were placed in the top positions on the European and World model stage, with superb models which were designed and built by the competitors themselves. The modelling magazines have a lot to answer for here, for years now any newcomer to the hobby has been steered towards an ARTF model using electric power, the reasoning being that it’s better to have them flying than not. The result is that there are very few, if any, young scale modellers available for international flying. Look at the results in the last few world comps. Also look at the dismal magazine coverage compared with the in-depth analysis we used to see years ago.
  12. I have an 81 alpha, it was unused for the winter and when started up ran very erratically in the air. The carb was dismantled and looked OK. On the advice of the late Brian Winch I fitted a breather nipple to the backplate and it runs perfectly. His explanation was that any oil present in the internal vent passage, which is very small, can dry and form an occlusion.
  13. Why use metal? Last time I had to do this I used a cut-down hub from a damaged beech prop. Paxolin is also OK as long as you roughen both sides to provide some grip.
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