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  1. Had a good session with the Arrows Hawk yesterday evening. 👍 😂
  2. Yes I do fly thumbs and it appears this isn't working very well for me. I've been mindful for quite a while now of the advice from yourself and in your book regarding finger and thumb on the sticks for more precision, now's a good time to try that. Thank you 👍
  3. I had a session yesterday and over 7 batteries practiced nothing but rolls managing eventually to perform them well in both directions. The problem was me moving the stick off centre without realising it. I've only flown high wing models to date and this is my first mid wing so I've been a bit tense flying it, when relaxed I was moving the right stick left and right without any vertical movement.
  4. Third session with my first edf and it finally clicked, four great flights. It was quite breezy however the model cuts through the wind, flies very smooth and glides in predictably for landing. Very happy with it. 👍
  5. It is the Pro RR new out of the box, I have checked the channel monitor and mixes on the TX and all looks fine. My first thought was I must be doing something to cause the issue but I'm fine with other models. I've a long way to go yet with trimming so will be sticking at it. It's possible however the corkscrewing is very pronounced and I'll give that a go. I've an very experienced pilot who I fly with but isn't around at the moment so I will also get him to have a look on his return to see if he spots anything. I'll keep you updated on how I get on.
  6. I've only had a couple of sessions with a new Multiplex AcroMaster so still trimming and getting to know it however I'm finding rolls in one direction a problem. If viewed from the rear the model performs axial rolls anti-clockwise with only small inputs nicely but if I try clockwise the model corkscrews around badly. I've checked the TX model settings and the channel monitor to ensure the throws are equal and there's no odd mix going on and I cannot see any warps in the airframe. Any guidance on troubleshooting this appreciated. 👍
  7. No chance for a mid week flight?
  8. You haven't got a helicopter and slope soarer yet 👍😁
  9. Been looking for a short notice, short session grab and go model that'll also fit in the car rigged. Settled on a Multiplex AcroMaster Pro which out of the box needed minimal trimming and is very nice to fly. One niggle is the 45 degree battery compartment hence no longitudinal movement of the battery is possible to set the CG. Tested a few lipos and found a HRB 3s 3300mah fitted perfectly and set the CG without any additional weight. The 50mm wheels are too small for our grass strip so these will be replaced with 75mm wheels.
  10. For £3 a month on DD that's excellent, subscription incoming. May I suggest that is made clearer as it is a major benefit I wasn't aware of, there has to be a goldmine of reading in 15 years of back issues.
  11. Welcome, which club do you fly at? 😁
  12. With a digital subscription do you get access to all previous magazines?
  13. For a 40 sized IC trainer I found the Avistar 40 in RealFlight was the closest however I don't know if that model is included with the Evolution version.
  14. I've been using a Pocket for 6 months now which has been problem free and the build quality is OK. It's a great little TX for slope soaring being able to be thrown in a backpack and the batteries last for ages. I wouldn't use mine for more regular use though as the gimbals IMO don't feel great and the switches are not very nice. How technically competent are you and what support do you have around you? I did use Spektrum gear and found it very simple to setup models, with EdgeTX it was a steep learning curve.
  15. Toto gives some great advice and as like myself being a recent newbie we've both experienced similar issues you may also face. Finding your local club and not buying anything until you've visited it will make your learning easier and cheaper. 👍
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