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  1. We've obviously not met then. 😁 I failed my first attempt because I had all of the manoeuvres nailed "individually" but hadn't practiced putting them together in a complete schedule. 🙄
  2. The X10 Express is supported according to https://edgetx.org/supportedradios/
  3. Been experimenting and have now got nice smooth rolls but it still doesn't feel accurate so going to give a tray ago. Also have a harness to try.
  4. Spot on, not much fun to fly in a breeze. 👍 One method is to add a mix on the elevator channel using the rudder as a source to give an amount of elevator when the rudder is used, I've worked out on the ground how to do it but need to tweak it in the air next session. The plan is to leave it permanently in place and as is the way with Open/EdgeTX there are a few ways of accomplishing any task, curves being another. 👍
  5. Fantastic evening, finally calm conditions to perform more trimming on the AcroMaster and made a lot of progress. I replaced the factory foam spinner which kept deforming due to rubbish landings and nosing over however the replacement is heavier. Armed with weights I got to a point where 5g made the difference between a Neutral and Stable ( @Peter Jenkins 👍)model inverted. This has made flairing on landing a lot easier, smoothed out rolls and made inverted flight a lot less stressful. More mechanical adjustments to the point S&L flight is now spot on at 60% throttle. Knife edge is pulling towards the undercarriage so the next job is to sort a mix out on OpenTX to correct this.
  6. The stand @Ron Gray made for me to initially to fit my Acrowot also fits my AcroMaster very well too.👍
  7. There's always the Panic, much loved by those who fly them at my club. https://www.jperkins.com/products/JPDAA1001
  8. When doing my A test which was conducted by our ACE he asked me to explain the process of performing a range test as one of the supplementary questions. It was a great question, he was happy with my explanation however he picked me up on a few points when performing a range test I was previously unaware of so I came away with a better knowledge of what to do.
  9. The question of whether a range test is required or not is asked to Duncan McLure in the video linked below, the link goes straight to the question and answer. https://youtu.be/JWJWwLn-s_k?si=S1ShYhoFeCQcdWoM&t=409
  10. PDB


    As explained at https://rcc.bmfa.uk/article-16 "The Operator I.D. number must be clearly displayed on the aircraft or within a compartment that can be easily accessed without the use of a tool."
  11. No idea as I don't watch what others are doing and just concentrate on what I am doing. In my case before I the sloppiness crept in I was performing "SWEETS", "Pre Flying Session model checks", "SMART" and the "Checks after each flight" as detailed in the BMFA Handbook, not onerous only taking a few minutes and a habit I'll be getting straight back into.
  12. Since passing my A test last year some sloppiness has crept into my flying, in particular preflight checks not being as tight as they should be and my flying loosing structure and discipline. Our club examiner who is a very experienced pilot while watching me fly recently commented my flying had me not far off a B and suggested I think about it. I've been through the guidance notes and a couple of BMFA videos which have been excellent in laying out what is required. I'm going to focus on practicing for my B now, not just the in-air bit but the pre and postflight too, which should get me back on track.👍
  13. After a long wait I've finally found an Acrowot with a 55AX which I've been over with a fine tooth coomb and it's looking good. Here it is having final tweaks on a stand supplied by @Ron Gray which I couldn't be happier with. Ron kindly altered the dimensions for me and got it delivered within a couple of days. Maiden as soon as the weather here plays ball and onwards towards my B test.
  14. As explained in my post, I can no longer do that as the vent pipe connection is enclosed in the cowl.
  15. Thank you Peter. 👍 Yes the outlet is pointing down so that makes sense, I was just concerned about filling the silencer up.
  16. It's attached to the silencer.
  17. My first IC model had an exposed engine and the plumbing above so when fueling I removed the vent line from the silencer then filled up until fuel came out of the vent line as an indication the tank had filled up. I've now got an Acrowot with the same plumbing as above and the engine behind a cowl so that's not practical anymore. It has a fuel dot in the cowl for filling/draining but how would I know when the tank is full?
  18. Had a good session with the Arrows Hawk yesterday evening. 👍 😂
  19. Yes I do fly thumbs and it appears this isn't working very well for me. I've been mindful for quite a while now of the advice from yourself and in your book regarding finger and thumb on the sticks for more precision, now's a good time to try that. Thank you 👍
  20. I had a session yesterday and over 7 batteries practiced nothing but rolls managing eventually to perform them well in both directions. The problem was me moving the stick off centre without realising it. I've only flown high wing models to date and this is my first mid wing so I've been a bit tense flying it, when relaxed I was moving the right stick left and right without any vertical movement.
  21. Third session with my first edf and it finally clicked, four great flights. It was quite breezy however the model cuts through the wind, flies very smooth and glides in predictably for landing. Very happy with it. 👍
  22. It is the Pro RR new out of the box, I have checked the channel monitor and mixes on the TX and all looks fine. My first thought was I must be doing something to cause the issue but I'm fine with other models. I've a long way to go yet with trimming so will be sticking at it. It's possible however the corkscrewing is very pronounced and I'll give that a go. I've an very experienced pilot who I fly with but isn't around at the moment so I will also get him to have a look on his return to see if he spots anything. I'll keep you updated on how I get on.
  23. I've only had a couple of sessions with a new Multiplex AcroMaster so still trimming and getting to know it however I'm finding rolls in one direction a problem. If viewed from the rear the model performs axial rolls anti-clockwise with only small inputs nicely but if I try clockwise the model corkscrews around badly. I've checked the TX model settings and the channel monitor to ensure the throws are equal and there's no odd mix going on and I cannot see any warps in the airframe. Any guidance on troubleshooting this appreciated. 👍
  24. No chance for a mid week flight?
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