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  1. Yes, I hear you. Now how much is that assumption. How many bits of machinery are still at work, that old. I bet the designer of the servo or component, if still alive, did not even consider the unit would survive him/her. And it’s in an aeroplane, take off an option, landing……… I don’t have these anymore, but I think I might retire them if I did. I’ve got a bag of 3001 units, the 148 have all got bearing slop, and gone. I don’t know how old, and I will use in hacks, but increasingly, I’m getting more suspicious. I know they have been mostly collected from debris fields, and the problem is, how many such wreck sites. Back then, these things were expensive. Gallon of fuel each?
  2. Building trade, stud wall, block work etc.
  3. With back stops to MOD regulation?
  4. Curious, I used to have three 128 servos in a Junior sixty, which I sold in 2006 when I moved to France. They came with a 1980s Futaba set I bought second hand in about 1990. So how old are these things? As an ex plastics chemist I reckon the nylon will be ok, I think, not sure. Other plastic bits I’m not so sure about, they have plasticisers added when made, and some plasticiser migrate out over time, leaving a brittle component behind. Do electronic components also have a working shelf life, does a transistor remain as made?
  5. I THINK these are the same battery, nominal 3.7 per cell.
  6. I assume you mean, if you are IN France you need to pass a test, and register. The test and training videos are available in English. You need to pass every question. It’s not difficult, but you have to know them all. Fail, you do it again, after reference to the failed video. Which you have to watch again. The test is the same multi choice test, but in a different order. IE, the techi who wrote it efficiently delivered a brief, candidate can answer 20 questions accurately which is very annoying, given there is a boot full of questions about camera carrying machines, (France has very strict privacy laws). And my stuff has no cameras on board. Merely noting, camera carrying machine, more regulations, find out is not good enough. Wandering over a swimming pool, where young ladies gather is a NO NO, surprise, surprise. Waste of time, earlier this year I was mooring my boat. Tide coming in, fast current, on my own. So I put it on the bank, jumped off with a rope, and held the boat against the current. The bollards are further back than necessary. The boat is heavy. I have been burnt by ropes so often that you do not slide them over skin. And there is a drone hovering over the mooring bollard. I want to throw the rope over the bollard. It’s about 3 meters away. The drone crew, press written on their jackets, ignore the move away calls. Eventually, the boat is getting heavy, I throw the rope, to get it over the bollard. It catches the drone. 15mm ropes do no care about the touch, but the drone ceased to fly. I moor the boat. The crew are demanding I pay. I point out they can’t fly in a built up area. Within 50 meters of me or the boat. And they gave up only when I keyed the Gardarmerie number on the phone, and offered it, with an invitation to call them. But I would agree, French clubs are social groups, a by God, noisy groups when they get going.
  7. I would have used ordinary 70/30 Pb/Sn, and an acid flux. Bakers fluid. That said resin flux, and multi ore would do just fine.Not a high stress component, but you still need a 100 watt iron, or a soldering station. What often gets overlooked is it’s mechanically good if the brass is formed so the wire sits in a corner/channel so it’s supported better to reduce stress on the solder. Silver soldering is higher temperature soldering. Practice, practice. Because that torch will melt brass, let alone ruin everything with oxidation. Practice off the final workpiece until you work out how to get the right temperature.
  8. Futaba 3001 of course if you want a ball race. I have always had a slight preference for plain bearings. When they slop, they are worn out, and are replaced, also replacing all the other bits of the servo that had lived it’s service life in the rough and tumble life that they have. But bottom line, ye old 148/3001 weigh in at over 300 grams for a seven servo aircraft. A replacement with modern HV digitals saves over half the weight. That’s free weight loss. Not many aircraft don’t benefit from a diet.
  9. Paul, I love you. But caster oil was going out of fashion when the Model T Ford was hot technology. I can eat rubbish, but it might not do me any good. Fancy one to get up the Autoroute? T Ford, not my backside.
  10. Bottom line is Mike, sport and leisure activities are subsidized. I know that the 3rd party risk for my insurance is covered by the state. I think, note think, that the FFAM get grants to fund sports teams at National level. But your question is degree level. I get a nice field, no noise restrictions ( once, flying, the engine manifold cracked, and presented a horrendous noise. I came into a landing circuit. My president, alongside said, “why land, no one to worry”. I’m deaf, and I found it offensive.). Nice food, free booze, a meeting room in town, for about €60 a year, inc insurance. Taxes get paid to pay for this. Different way of life.
  11. Aaaaaaarrrrrr, but but happiness is 3 glowplugs and 4 washers, misery is 3 glow plugs and 2 washers. To paraphrase Dickens? And they are not a washer, they are a sealing gasket. BTW, this forum discussed silencer seals today. And castor oil. Rest my case M’Lud.
  12. My club, St John D’Angely, Charente Maritime, has a subscription of about €60. Non AFMA (BFMA equivalent), our insurance does not cover bigger aircraft. I don’t know what the upper power limit is, but all Lasers are covered. a group of clubs in the area sort it out. We are regarded as an organization providing a sport, technical training, with a coaching program. IE, a community resource. We are on a large site with the other noisy activities, the motocross and dog racing. The local council own it and maintain the grass to a rugby pitch standard. Rent is €0. Our patch is 6 to 8 benches (ours), to a runway which is an 80 by 30 meter hard core surface, think boules court. We maintain that, ie we bribe a vibrator roller man to bring the bosses machine home for the weekend, for a bottle. Here bottles can be expensive, unless you know the man making them or other bartering techniques. We have have about 500 acres of dead ground in front of the flight line. Approaches from the right, we cut the tops off the trees so you get the turning point. The trees are 150 meters out, with smooth grass if you land short. Approaches to the left is a small hedge 70 meters out from the landing area. Again smooth grass if short. You learn cross wind landings, it’s easier. We lose the odd weekend, big race meetings and we are the camping, car park. If we put on a meeting we could get even, but we don’t. I’ve done the odd day marshaling their meetings. You get a first class lunch, and booze. Again, the quality is the thing, we make the Cognac. It comes in a lemonade bottle. I couldn’t afford the contents, and I’m not poor. We make good wines, scrounge boxes with wonky labels. A Frenchman will say I work to live, not live to work. Now I realize that it raises hackles, but they are productive workers. And will fight for their rights. But I like it. My role in the club is respect for a good knowledge of Marmalades, Jams, and in particular chutney and pickles, I might criticize here, there is a blind spot in the cuisine for the last two condiments. My recipe for onion confit with coriander and saville orange, is served in at least 2 multi starred restaurants. The regard for sport in France is different to the UK, it’s a community facility. And not experienced, difficult to explain how it weaves through society. The concept of a gym membership that you pay big money for would be greeted with amazement, and contempt. PS, I comment on rural France. Big city France, I don’t know.
  13. I would say the majority of clubs round here are non FFAM.
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