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  1. I agree, but it maybe better in mm rather than metres😘
  2. It's worth taking as a spare to keep you flying, and with a few tweaks it'll be fine, Just don't expect it to fly the same.
  3. You had no option today, but this is why it's best to stick with one model when your learning. You'll find it hard, probably impossible to get the cub and beaver to fly exactly the same.
  4. I started using pinch and a neck strap and got to a reasonable standard. Then had trouble with my right thumb going numb while flying, so after trying all different lengths of adjustment I ditched the strap, that didn't help so tried thumbs which improved matters. I've been flying with thumbs on top/ no strap for years now and move transmitter around changing position if need be during flight, this now enables a 10 minute flight with no problems. Fellow flyers find it weird that sometimes I'm flying with arms straight down transmitter pointing to the floor.
  5. Spinners a bit shiny could do with a bit of weathering, I suppose ground crew had to fit a new one after last sortie.😉
  6. Just out of interest what vehicle do you have? 2 metre fuselage is a big model to transport
  7. Hope your shed is well insured!
  8. And there was me thinking its just a scruffy toy!😜
  9. Toto be careful you don't buy planes even your club members won't fly. There's not many in my Club that would test fly that for you!
  10. So the wear is more from people clambering on it, rather than in flight?
  11. This is how I thought they would end up before getting that really worn look!
  12. Whilst I appreciate the work involved, would a ww2 plane ever get to that stage of wear?
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