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  1. I thought you did have to do them in the correct order.
  2. Not for me, and there getting worse every year, my next car purchase will be trying to find a car with as few as possible even if its 10+yrs old
  3. Although I could comment further. I answered Grumpys question and were getting further of topic. Don't want to get in trouble now we've more mods.😉
  4. It is more productive if there's nobody else at field . I can concentrate on areas that need improving with no interruptions to flying. Happy to chat and a bit of banter but do like to fly on my own and hog the airspace.
  5. Most tests I've seen they stand reasonably close, around arms length to your side, So shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Normally I'm a late morning flyer. But today I didn't get to field till just after 5.00pm to test some changes. Luckily no other members there. Took one plane, had six flights of the same manoeuvres lasting 7 1/2 mins each. A couple of setting changes and left at 6.12pm. Perfect.
  7. Loved my Acromaster, superb in calm conditions. Mine wasn't the pro,so was a bit weaker at the front end, especially after a few a minor mishaps. Can't remember what caused its demise, think the elevator horn pulled out.
  8. Thanks Martin a very interesting real world explanation if only everyone did the same.
  9. This may be classed as tit for tat but it has to be said My fiesta diesel does approx 60mpg. At £1.45 a litre/ £6.60 a gallon 30 days of 60 mile round trip would cost just under £200. If your friend is saving £200 a month she must be plugged into next doors electric.
  10. I can give you a link to a chap on classifieds but they're not cheap, maybe best to stick to spinners😘
  11. You seem to know it all. Strange I filled my car up last week at £1.39
  12. Lucky you, not everyone can charge at home.
  13. Charge place Scotland are supposedly charging up to £1.50 kwh, is that definitely cheaper than petrol. Oh sorry I forgot that were not allowed to play top trumps.
  14. You need to get yourself a foam wing stand, rather than resting it on old spinners.😉
  15. I do wonder what the outcome would be if it hit the wall at 200mph.
  16. Might as well throw in the mcmuirty fan car that blitzed the record at Goodwood Festival 2022. I'm happy to give credit to both sides of the coin.
  17. https://fortune.com/2024/07/08/nascar-unveils-electric-car/ 1.5 million dollars to be 2 tenths slower
  18. If your going to spout Figures like that at least spout accuracy rather than approximations My cars pre 72 and still powered by horses!
  19. Hi Jon, thanks for the update, could you send me 10 carbs,10 rocker covers and 10 mufflers please, before the panic buyers take them all. Also a link to the cheap valve springs would be appreciated. Kind regards panicking Pete. NB my mates "worried from Woking and "concerned from chobham" Would like the same please.
  20. New tariffs coming in for electric cars coming rlom China could see MG prices jump 37% in eu.
  21. Club mates got one, it's very nice but the rear seat doesn't fold flat unless you take the base out. Then you have to store it somewhere. Stupid design for a estate
  22. Why bother, supposedly they are good for 500000 miles and only cost 2p a mile. Why waste another 40k
  23. Just out of interest, if your travelling from home and back further than your range allows, what part of the journey would you generally top up. I'm terrible for passing petrol stations and saying I'll get it at the next, especially if I think next would be cheaper. Sometimes I end up with range anxiety even with fuel!
  24. When they don't suit you!
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