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  1. I think Neddy lives down under so won't be taking a BMFA test....
  2. Even bigger load of old cobblers
  3. What a load of old cobblers
  4. Keep on going Geoff it's going to be a great model. My flying just about stops in the winter but I sail my boats all the year round. My DF65 yacht will sail in the strongest of winds and come back for more. I can wear gloves for sailing but not flying so I can stay reasonably warm. No problems with flooded fields either 😂 I agree about the Model boat forum it's now just about dead in the water. The Model Boat Mayhem forum is quite lively though Hopefully you will get your barge finished soon, it looks great.
  5. Nice little boat Torsten. I too build and sail boats as well as aeroplanes I find boats much more relaxing than aeroplanes but I will continue to enjoy both Have you tried a yacht? Don't leave your boat on the bookcase for too long, take it back to the pond!
  6. Basil, how are you going to connect your DX8e to another Tx non-wireless if it doesn't have a jack plug socket?
  7. Fantastic news that you are back home Matty, may your rehabilitation continue 👍
  8. As Don says not enough chip fat. You could dig up more rainforest to plant more stuff to make chip fat though 😅 Not very green after you've burnt it to run your ic engine though.
  9. The receiver doesn't care what the the model is powered by
  10. I ordered an ESC from Ali express on Tuesday, it arrived via our local friendly and ever reliable Evri driver on Sunday. I think it's down to the local Evri driver that makes the difference. His predecessor was a miserable git and often didn't turn up for arranged collections.
  11. I had a personal message from "Shelly" 9 hours ago wishing me a nice day....
  12. They are too high to tell if they sound different when they pass over my way. I can't see the shape of the props as they are going round! But a quick look at flight radar tells me who it belongs to.
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