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  1. I think that everything you have said is actually what I have got out of actually modelling a specific airframe. There is the history and stories of where this aircraft flew and where it’s been on its travel. The owner told me he purchased the airframe from a gliding club in Cape Town, being used as spares to keep another Moth in the air.
  2. Thanks Brian. This now reads better and makes far more sense. This label is printed on an Avery type label and stuck to the fuselage side in both the fwd and aft cockpits on this particular aircraft. I have taken loads of photos but as always, the aircraft is in full sun and the cockpits are not. This airframe has an extra fuel tank located snuggly in the fwd cockpit! 😳
  3. Very many thank Brian. I have been amazed just how different every aircraft is. Each one is fitted with various adaptations and customisations dependant on the airframe, owner and country where flown. But that wording in paragraph 3 makes far more sense than what I have interpreted from the photos I have. Really appreciate your help.
  4. More cockpit signage. I am not convinced the wording is correct on the lower label, any thoughts?
  5. More distractions but this needed to be done. 1/4 scale Gipsy Engine signage for the rear cockpit. Once I have bought the decal paper I am going to have many hours of ‘fun’ getting all these to look just right.
  6. Another angle on the full size shows 2 things, 1/ the box isn’t flat 2/ the thing is held onto the windscreen with rubber ‘spit’ mounted suckers. I think this option is a detail to far! I couldn’t get my satnav to stick to my windscreen in my car so will use double sided tape or an M2 nut and bolt
  7. I guess moulded. I cut out the holes in the firewall and after annealing some really thin litho plate, rubbed the area with the handle of a paintbrush until I couldn’t get it any further into the cutout. Easier than I thought. Cutting the excess off proved to be the difficult bit as the plate was so soft.
  8. Also making an RAA-3 Remote Amplifying Antenna. I mention the model number as a photo online of an RAA-4 is easier to make…..typical 😩 Thats the little black box on the turtle deck. More white writing decals required. With regards the decal, I might try printing a black box with ‘white’ writing onto white decal paper. Hopefully this way the black prints the outline of the writing and leaves the white to show through as my printer doesn’t print white. Any thoughts?
  9. More distractions, why is it I can always find something else to fiddle with other than attach an issue that is giving me brain ache. They needed to be done and I guess that’s the answer to that but, I don’t know how to make the magneto switches….. Fwd cockpit hand holds, done.
  10. I made mine totally moveable. Just like the full scale, they are spring loaded to ‘pop out’ but then can be held back in the locked position when required. RichT slats Link to my log as to chat I have done.
  11. Very interested to see how you are going to do this part of the build. I struggled with my slats fitted to the 1/4 scale Tiger Moth I am building but patience, help from the full size and plenty of head scratching did it in the end. Fantastic detail you model has already, good job
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