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  1. Mods Please. Here we go again! leonschwartz Read: 2 hours ago : 2 hours ago hello are you still interested in getting this?. you can contact Swift he has a Multiplex Royal EVO TX for sparesMultiplex Royal EVO TX for spares for sale........... PM him @ [email protected]
  2. I'm not sure that I would want to replicate poor joinery but I do like a heavily weathered finish. I also tend to make no attempt to blend in repairs like patches on open structures but rather make them afeature with simulated stitching and slightly different paint colour. Weathering is quite a personal thing, not everyone likes it but if you look at the full size, even in museums where they are kept well you do see uneven surfaces and ripplesin the finish.
  3. I think that with the variable width leading edge, a fairly sharp L/E is inevitable, especially mid span
  4. Lovely model. Doesn't appear to be much damage.
  5. Gibbon Seth was the contact who tried to initiate the scam which I mentioned a few posts ago. He needs removing from this forum - Well he or she needs much more but removal will probably have to suffice for now.
  6. When did it become someone else's responsibiity to ensure my safety? If a place that I happened to be has made available equipment and materials that would be helpful in the event of an accident,then I would be grateful for their forsight but personally I do not see that they have a duty to do so. If I pay to use and enjoy some facility at that place, I do not see that also means that I require them to ensure my safety beyond making sure that the facility that they offer is fit for purpose. It seems to be a factor in modern life that some people think that of there is an accident then blame and responsibility must lie elsewhere - and 'where there is blame there's a claim'. Such attitudes see volunteers withdrawing their services and clubs and societies disappearing.
  7. I think that that's a great job although perhaps I would have used a 9 gramme servo rather than a standard.
  8. I so admire your determination and resilience in making and flying this model. An object lesson to us all. Keep going Simon!
  9. Just want to highlight that this scam is still happening. I put up a wanted ad, got a PM suggesting contact this e-mail, he has one for sale. i did so and had a very plausible exchange with 'Dave Cotten' who eventually asked for a payment into his wife Paypal account [email protected] When I looked into the PM I realised it was a person with no forum history and on checking further saw John's banner about being aware of scammers. Lo and behold, exactly the same scenario. If you're reading this 'Dave' Hope that you get your just deserts one day
  10. Hi All I’m in need of the little LCD screen used on the Multiplex Royal Evo range of transmitters. Either just the screen or a redundant TX which has a working screen. Condition of the rest of the TX immaterial. Can be a 35 meg TX or an EVO 9 or 12 it doesn’t matter. Please get in touch if you have anything which may help. Thanks Stu Knowles
  11. Very clever! Wish that I hd your skills
  12. Me too, Growing up in the late 50's and 60's all the comics had war stories, Matt Braddock VC, 'Clicky Ba' and a regular dose of Commando comic books. Stir in Airfix and Roy Cross's wonderful artwork and hear we are 60 years on still building warbirds and with no wish to get it out of my system yet. It was a wonderful education.
  13. I couldn't turn up at the field with that model but each to their own 🙂 Not wishing to be a prophet of doom, with the wheels that far forward I think that its likely to be hard to keep straight on Take Off. Hope that it goes well,
  14. Personally, I think that we are a long was from seeing the end of Glow engines. I do have a couple of foamy 3 cell lipo models but the majority are larger petrol powered. Models between 48" and 80" are still glow powered as are floatplanes. I have no desire to move to larger electric power, I enjoy operating engines and getting the best out of them. I rarely suffer from unexpected engine stoppages. Perhaps oddly, I have never taken to four stroke glow motors, don't particularly like the sound although the absence of a silencer does make them attractive in scale models.
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