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  1. The local camera club came to our field on their club night. All that gear does make a difference!
  2. Definately a Phil Ramsey Gladiator although with a few non kit specified mods, like to stringers on the o/s of the fus. Flew mine with a Zenoah 20 and no ballast. Rigging / de rigging is a pain unless you have a car that takes it one piece
  3. The OP says LiFe batteries, not LiPo. I'd say thay have been charged on a NiMh or NiCad setting
  4. Sorry can't understand any decision to stop i/c powered flying. I have seen video of turbines bursting into flames on impact but never a glow/ petrol/ diesel powered model. Since Lipos entered onto the scene they are by far the most common cause of unintended fires. I particularly worry when a lekky powered model is lost in a cornfield. If it were to be ingested into a combine and then start to burn then the consequences and potential final bill could easily exceed £250K for the combined harvester alone. If you are going to ban anything at this time of year then Turbines and Lipo powered models are the obvious places to start. As for extinguishing fires, on moorlands it is not uncomon to see fails provided to beat out fires. Probably of more use than a conventional fire extinguisher on crop fires??
  5. Same as JD8 above for me. I would never use a restraint that held onto the tailplane. Its a for too delicate part of the airframe to be subject to such stress - not withstanding that tailplane restraints are by for the most common method used
  6. From an original by Roger Bale, circa 1998, to this:- # I wonder what happened?? To this 121 " span, zenoah 80 power and 38lbs! Strictly non aerobatic, it 'preambulates with purpose' The flag can be raised in flight and the Nav raises his hand to the onlooker In terms of storage and transport, its a bit of a monster!
  7. A very sleek looking model Richard, nice design work
  8. Hi All, In December 1995 the first issue of a new (now defunct) mag appeared with a free plan of Diamond 4 by Peter Hale Diamond 4 Plan40 (flyingscalemodels.com) I was quite taken by the design and have carefully stored the mag and free plan for 27 years! I thought that I might bring it to the top of the list and build it, however, on careful inspection of the plan - there is no centre of gravity position shown. 'Oh shame', said I on making this unwelcome discovery. I was also mentioned in this earlier thread on this forum but the links contained in the thread are no longer active. My best guess would be somewhere near to the apex of the outboard wings but came anyone help with a more definitive answer?? regards and thanks stu k
  9. Hello Ray, I came across your builds years ago and have followed your builds on your own site and the various forums with interest. I have admired your construction methods and how you have carved your own path in the design and build of fine looking models which fly well. Although I haven't yet followed in my own builds I have found them very interesting and they go to show that there are many ways to construct good looking scale models without a huge bank balance. Sorry to hear that you are moving on but you can be assured that you have left your mark on aeromodelling. All the best for the future Stu K
  10. well.... yes, but why would you want to??
  11. Its pretty easy and cost effective to cut your own
  12. I was having a look at this model at Cosford last Sunday. Congratulations, it's a beauty!
  13. Derek Scott, the guy in the UK Model Plans link that John has listed above is a first rate guy, has a massive range of plans available and is highly skilled at enatging and reducing pans to yoru chosen size. If have no connection with his business beyond having used him several times and always been highly delighted with the results
  14. Most motor factors can mix paint to a satin finish which is still quite glossy, too shiny for a warbird type but a fair representation of a scaled down gloss finish. Too be fair it does look much like the lower section of your test piece. Its perhaps a better place to start than with full gloss paint?
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