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  1. I agree, Every single year at this time we have this self flagellation and the same old arguments going round and round. Agree to differ and move on?
  2. Apologies, I've looked more closelyand seen your light bowl plug. Very clever! The CG on yours looks to be in a reasonably conventional position. I seem to remember Chris Golds publishing his plan and in the write up it was much much further back than would have been thought safe. No arguing with how yours flies though. It looks really good.
  3. Well done on the L/light bowls. I take it that you moulded your own? I have tried a 3D printed version of the same but it was a bit thick walled. Great build by the way, You should be very proud of the achievement. Stu K PS A sliding canopy would look good 🙂
  4. My first thought was to either neck down both or block off one outlet. On a zenoah 26 I would normally use a 17 x10 or 18x 8
  5. Definately name your price. Personally cant be doing with the 'Offers' idea, I would always scroll on by
  6. Its not a bad idea to move the tailplane to ontop of the fus rather than underslung. The lower position gets a battering from grass
  7. I don't think that you wil get a Zenoah 23/26 in there without most of it hanging out in the breeze. I had a 90 two stroke in mine many years ago. I would be looking for a 120 of some kind or perhaps one of the 20cc dle petrol which are much smaller than the zenoahs
  8. Touch of Cloth? Simon Lawson from the Isle of Axholme neaar Doncaster. A great guy all round
  9. Roy, Those cockpit dashboard panels look outstanding!. Dash panels are something that I like to do and have had quite good results using a Craft robo cutter to cut the holes in card. I've never been able to make a job of the dial rims. How have you done yours?? Nice compass' too
  10. Hang on! twin legs have less rotational stress than a single leg. The joiner will need a flat or a dimple but it should be fine.
  11. Thinking about it since my last post, I think that I left quite a bit of wood out of that kit. It was a bit over engineered
  12. Hrllo Geoff, I bult one of those, probably from the same source. I could never get mine to take off, or ROG in parlance of the day but it flew well from a hand launch. Mine flew quite a bit in the first year but hasn't been out for a long time. Think of the dust as a sort of patina
  13. For larger (70" plus) 50 gsm cloth would be the norm. I have glassed foam cores with 80 gsm cloth over a brown paper/pva covered foam core and no veneer. It worked on a simple wing without wheel wells and would have doubed up as a cricket bat on days when it was too windy to fly. You don't have to cover the whole wing in the same cloth. Perhaps 50 gsm overal with heavier or doubled up over the centre section and wheel wells. I have also experimented with a carbon tow laid under the glass, top and bottom in lieu of spars and that seemed to work very well for no weight at all
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