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  1. This looks like another source here GDB
  2. Yes, I noticed the flux too. My tin is almost empty, do you know if it's still available? With apologies for thread hijacking, GDB
  3. Paul, timing the engine is explained in the RCV manual attached. GDBRCV 58CD manual.pdf
  4. Andrew, I would have used T nuts at build tie, but once it's finished and covered it's too late ?
  5. Hi Maurice, I built a Panic last year. powered by an old SC61. I too used a hardwood pushrod for the elevator. I made a hatch for the rx battery (1450mAh Life battery + 5A UBEC) from the lightening piece on the top of the fuselage. Just unplug the battery to 'switch-off', saves having to take the wing off. I used the supplied snap fasteners to hold the wing end plates in place but found them quite difficult to use, especially getting them apart without damaging the wing and endplate. Also there are difficult to adhere. Using epoxy they stick well to the balsa, but tended to come off, taking the surface of the balsa with them. I have now screwed threaded insets into the wing ends with 4mm nylon screws to hold the wing end plates in place - much easier. It's a very agile flier, and certainly far more capable than I'll ever be! GDB
  6. We challenged the Council Tax banding of our house some years ago. No need for consultants, surveyors or anyone else, just contact the council, fill in the relevant forms and await the council's decision. We were successful and the reduction was back-dated for 6 years - very nice! GDB
  7. Steve, pm me your email address and I'll send them today. GDB
  8. Caveman

    Galaxy Wizard

    The build instructions can be downloaded here: Galaxy Models Wizard (pegasusmodels.co.uk) GDB
  9. I have used HK film exclusively, but, as it's been difficult to get (different suppliers may have stock but not necessarily the colour needed) I looked for some white, light blue and darker blue. I found the MacGregor film at RCWorld in Wales. As far as I can tell it's exactly the same as the HK/RapidRC/RC Life covering. This is my nearly finished Galaxy Hornet Twin. The darker blue is called Sapphire and is a metallic finish. The white and light blue are solid colours. I'm very pleased with the outcome. The maiden will be later in the year when the weather improves! GDB
  10. I've just finished covering a Galaxy Twin Hornet. Due to the difficulties getting HK covering film from HK, which I've used exclusively up to now, I used McGregor film from RCWorld in Newport. As far as I can tell it's the same film as sold by HK and Rapid RC. Buying from Rapid RC or RCWorld is much simpler and quicker than buying from HK with the delays in supply, and the risk of additional duty, VAT etc. GDB
  11. Marc, I'm building a Twin Hornet at the moment, powered by two OS 26 FS. The build has gone quite well so far. I made an error when it came to fitting the nose cone. I missed that there were some pieces to fit to the firewall to which the cone should be screwed. I sanded down the front of the fuselage instead so that it slipped over the fuselage - no great disaster ? The worst aspect is the foam wings. I fitted the leading and trailing edges and the pieces to support the motor mount. Only when I came to join the wings together did I find that the profiles did not match. When the leading and trailing edges are placed together, the top of the right hand wing is 1/16 inch higher than the left at the top and a corresponding 1/16th inch higher at the bottom, i.e. the thickness is the same but the wing is a slightly different profile. I decided to carry on despite this discrepancy and the finished wing is nice and straight. I don't think it will be a major issue, so onward and upward. I've fitted a steering nose wheel to mine as I like to taxi easily. I thought that with the two four strokes and the nose wheel I would be adding weight to the tail to balance the model, but when I fitting everything together the CoG was almost spot on. It remains to be seen if that's still the case when it's covered and all the parts are finally fitted. Here's a mock-up from a few days ago. I can't use the pre-moulded cowls for the engines as the OS four strokes are too long, but I'm happy to leave it like this and, possibly, make a pair from balsa later. GDB
  12. PETG available here 0.5mm Clear Thin PETG Plastic Sheet 7 Sizes to Choose Model Making Dolls House Windows (420mm x 297mm / A3) : Amazon.co.uk in sizes up to 2500 x 1250mm. GDB
  13. Plus one for the SLEC Funfly. Well made kit and just as important good instructions. GDB Yes, and good flier too!
  14. William, I have pdfs of Graham Dorschell's plans dating from 2009, together with the build instructions. It's described as 'A 45” span jet designed by Graham Dorcshell for 300w-1000w electric power'. I downloaded them as I thought it looked like an exciting project, but, at that time it was way beyond my flying abilities, and I never got round to building one. If you would like copies, PM me your email address and I'll send them to you. GDB
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