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  1. Welcome to Oz Kim. Also a plus for plasterboard, I obtain mine from Bunnings). To cover it try using 'Gladbake' kitchen baking paper. I have used this for over 20 years and nothing will stick to it. I even mix epoxy on left over scraps and just peel it off when cured. Chris
  2. Plenty of decent balsa available down under. During last years lock-down the Australian Govt. gave many of us $250 to stimulate the local economy so off went my order to Balsa Central and a week later a big box arrived full of lovely balsa of the exact cut and density that I asked for. I did ask the company about shortages and they confirmed that some PNG plantations had been purchased by Chinese companies but there was no chance of that happening to them. I was also told that they shipped to a major UK distributor but due to the pandemic and shipping container shortages, coupled with huge container rental price rises people overseas were going to see higher prices The plantation in PNG is Australian owned by Auszac and provide jobs for the local population. I hope that your traditional builders manage to obtain some decent wood soon. Chris
  3. Also, check that the prop is balanced and that the engine mount screws are tight. Vibration causes things to loosen so it could be a case of 'prevention is better than the cure'.
  4. I used to check my tacho by pointing it at the TV. 300 was a good number as it meant that the tacho was working and so was the TV. * chris *
  5. Just a linky to very cluey bloke and what he wrote about cooling of model engines Joe Supercool and principles of cooling large model engines chris
  6. What a nice result E.D. As for 'cracked parts', my own example of a Boddo Mills cost me a whole $25 Au because the propeller driver had split on the first attempt mount a propeller. A chunk of 2024 T4 alloy, a lathe and a knurling tool soon fixed that. I did add a shim steel washer behind the prop driver as it is running as a pusher engine.
  7. G'day E.D. You did a nice job machining the new crankcase from the solid, did you fit a bush or is the crankshaft running in the alloy? That crankshaft looks a real horror, it appears that CS only machined the running parts (saves money) but with your demonstrated talents I reckon that a new crankshaft would be within your capabilities. Regards - Chris
  8. Here is an interesting video of a well abused engine having a bit of fun. Lazy Bee Chis
  9. Regarding storing LiPo batteries, I have found that a balance discharge to storage voltage and then placing them in the workshop fridge at about 4 degrees Centigrade preserves them such that many months later the pack voltage loss is hardly measurable. This makes sense to me as chemical activity is usually slowed down at reduced temperatures. The downside is that packs require to be removed from the fridge at least 24 hr before re-charging and use. 6S 5000mAh packs. Chris
  10. I found this article quite useful for understanding cowlings and cooling. Cooling Large Model Engines I also fail to understand the 2-3 times intake area for an exit hole as heated air does not expand by 2 - 3 times. As Martin said above, a strategically positioned lip in a low pressure area is invaluable. Chris
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