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  1. I have to say I'm surprised at the worries about inadvertent throttle movements, most transmitters these days have one or more of throttle hold, throttle kill, 'sticky' virtual switches, and programmable switches to make this almost an impossibility. Throttle stick is inert until you're fully ready to fly - tranny in tray/strapped on, glasses and hat in place etc.
  2. Had a few flights on the Timber and Hawk this morning. Had John M for company for a while - good chatting and flying. Then needed to leave early to create some Cannon-Fodder for Raisthorpe Fliers. Now home, mowed the grass, moved some garden furniture.................. probably going to make a start on my replacement Wot4............. or maybe have a beer and relax,
  3. Hooe you have/had a good day. On the way home, try and put heavy stuff in front of your models, preferably in footwells and/or restrained to avoid 'sudden deceleration damage'.....
  4. Sunny but breezy at our flying field..... various forecasts had 0 wind today..
  5. 4 or 5 hours to buddy a model? I hope 90% of that time is wondering what else needs doing on the models you have.........................or putting them in potential order of assembly...... or even just cataloguing them ! 🙂🙂🙂
  6. Thumb on top, finger on the stick itself. Always fly with a strap, didn't get on with a tray. I changed (successfully I think, others may disagree...) from Mode 1 to Mode 2, so I'd think a change of digits should be eminently achievable. It'll take a while to become second nature though......
  7. The op had added some text to your post, in the quotes bit..... bid retracted.
  8. Another lovely day on East Coast of Gods Own...... John chucked his Riot around in a very spirited manner - mine never went as well on its tired old LiPos.. Tony flew his Zoom, having 3d printed a motor/fuselage support. The airframe is getting a but floppy from too much use now though! I flew my Hawk, Timber and Double Trouble, and after 6 years have joined the illustrious group that have hit one of our surrounding trees..... I also gave Ben some more tuition on the club Apprentice - he did well in the strong (for an Apprentice) breeze.
  9. Nice models. I especially like the wing walker in piccy 1......... nice!
  10. There's a lot to be said for being close to your flying field..... you can see my house from mine! Good luck. Keep us posted. But remember, we don't get as much sun as you so we will get jealous..... 🙂
  11. AliExpress sell 'straight' remote glow leads for a couple of quid, if you don't mind waiting for delivery.... my latest purchases arrived in 8 days. Stoll more expensive than Rons solution!
  12. Despite, or maybe because of, the beautiful weather, thd Gremlins were out in force yesterday.... or maybe it was sunstroke/giddiness... anyway.. Pilot A - first flight: nice take off, nice flying. Landed off the runway in the debris of the 2-3' high grass that our farmer landlird had mowed. Undercarriage ripped off, spat damaged. Pilot B - second flight: nice take off, nice flying, shortened by a deadstick (why do they never occur in a goid position?). Landed out in neighbouring crop field. Broken wing. Same pilot then realised that fuel for helicopter had been left at home. Stayed, drank coffee and chatted - in a surorisinhly good mood. Pilot B brought a foamy recently converted to a tail dragger. Undercarriage looked a bit flimsy, but I agreed to try it Yes, too flimsy so taken home to reinforce.... Pilot C lobbed his ultra-reliable and crazily aerobatic epp model into the air (well, just let go of it really). Sounded very noisy.... landed to find a number of tears in the foam. Tried to reoait it unsuccessfully. Pilot D decided to see how strong a built up ARTF Wot4 is by driving over it. Surprsingly, not THAT strong, especially if when hearing a crunch, you then reverse back over it! Throughout this carnage, we managed to mow the runways. Pilot D flew some sprightly aeros with a foamy, and mid-size electric heli. Pilot E remaidened s big edf, and flew sone big smooth aeros with a largish carbon and wood aerobat. I flew my ic Doubke Trouble, my little Arrows Hawk, my SE5, my TimberX with its loony roll rate.... I didn't manage to fly my Wot4. Only picture I have is this..... RIP. New one arriving Saturday.
  13. Ni idea No idea why I called you Paul! I'll blame being out in the sun flying for hours.... sorry.
  14. We offer 'taster flights' to non members, then free tuition (once they join) until we think they are safe to fly solo. Sounds pretty similar........
  15. If we all did that, they'd be out of business..... I'm happy to pay what I see as a slightly inflated price to keep the magazine (and this forum) going. And I'm on a pension so like a bargain 🙂
  16. @Charlotte Buddwhat are you going to do with it once it's fixed?
  17. Recently, I have spent some time in my garage................. which is where I store models that I don't currently fly, but might - they may have been stripped of equipment, or be damaged, or replaced by something better, or I have become fed up of something - like the twist 'n' turn retracts of a Corsair. Typically, they just stay there. However, I spotted a Durafly Spitfire, and an FMS Typhoon, which were there for a reason I can't remember......... I got them out, checked/replaced dodgy kit and decided to fly them before a proper refurb. Long winded preamble.... This morning, I walked the dogs, then took the Durafly Spitfire to the field. I'd forgotten what a joy to fly it is! I deffo need some better 3S packs though as some gave less than sparkling performance. It's as heavily weathered as Ron's Tempest. All natural, where the Foam Armour, paint and decals have peeled off! I'd best get on with fixing the cosmetic issues.... and work out how to fix the foam headrest which seems to have split in two! I'll have to hack the canopy off, which is a shame as it's fitted beautifully. If you get offered a used Durafly Spitfire 24, snap it up, It's an excellent flier, even on cheap 3S 2200 packs.
  18. Very impressive! Just need a small club member to get inside and fly it..........
  19. Did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning Paul? I don't have any desire to join Facebook rants.... my experience is that not much posted on FB is positive, and reasoned debate typically lasts about 2 posts. No I am not a Laser worshipper - never had one, and unlikely to now 🙂 And no, I am not blinkered - not by any means. But.... this is a public forum, and if I want to post that I think anything on Facebook should be taken with a large dose of salts, I will do. Have a good day - probably be sunny there, and wet here.
  20. Facebook....... lol. If the internet is 90% rubbish, Facebook is 99.999999999% absolute tosh, mostly written by people who would start an argument in an empty room.
  21. Managed a good 3 hour session yesterday morning - forecasts said wet n windy - twas dry and calm..... Flew my Sea Fury, TimberX (now with switchable coupled flaps), Typhoon, Hawk, SE5 and Aerobat. Selected because they fit in the car in one piece - useful if rains some. Exhausted all my LiPos so came home just as the wind picked up; arriving home 7 minutes later, it started raining. Satisfied. Just me on my own so no pics - you've seen all my models on the ground before....
  22. I used to use a normal non-steam iron, and one of those travel irons. Then I eventually bought a proper covering iron...... just so much easier to use, and get into small spaces. I wouldn't be without one now. I still use a household heat gun though 🙂 a Bosch that must be 35 years old.
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