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  1. As a private buyer, for some time I have bought at around two to three years old when the hump of depreciation has begun to level out. Looking ahead buying an EV at that age I would like to know the state of the battery as type of use,ac or dc charging, and being left at 100% charge is being reported as affecting life. Is a dealer going to report this? How would you find out to verify? It would greatly affect the value.
  2. Just googled Flying Legends to see that it is cancelled, no reason given. After the superb display last year I was committed to attending , must be some local problem. On the other hand Duxford is theming 80th anniversary of D day so might be worth the long trek.
  3. best watched on i player so you can fast forward the teddy bears, The Repair Shop is riddled with them as well.
  4. The strongest wings I have built were folded depron , depron spar and covered with vinyl from a sign shop, the strength is on the outer surface where it does the most good. Almost indistructable
  5. How far could the wing area be increased and still look scale? Did that with a TSR2 but still flew like a brick, also needs a lot of thrust. ,
  6. No one has mentioned football fields, plenty about and usually deserted, think that would be my definition of a PARK Mention of method of home heating pricked my ears up, although well off topic, a friends landlord has obtained a huge grant to convert all their cottages to air source heat pump. He is spending around £20 a day on electric , probably more than if pure electric heated.
  7. At about 8 minutes wonder if that was the hangar that they blew up without permission?
  8. Looking out my window 9 out of 10 dog walkers are engrossed in their phone, no idea what the dog is up to, yesterday had to clean the pavement at my gate , again.
  9. Another caution about using the sockets in the boot,I left a cooler plugged and flattened the battery ,also every time you open the doors it wakes up the computers , power hungry and multiple in modern cars!
  10. Exactly, look at all the zombies wandering about looking down , no idea of their surroundings
  11. Smart phones are not nearly as user friendly as a laptop for using the web, and laptop is free, no contract. Can't beat my 20 my year old Nokia as a pure phone, tiny compared to a smart phone. 3 pence a minute, £10 lasts for months. People are being sucked into subscribing for more and more things, it all adds up
  12. Similar antics to my old Goolie, my record I think is 23 turns, Watching the vid makes me think of taking it out for another blast
  13. Cut NACA type curvy triangular holes, don't know if they work but look the part and don't make drag, which I presume is the reason for them
  14. Hot glue can be used everywhere ,fast and strong , downside is can be heavy if used liberally and can melt depron. One useful trick is to tack weld while other glue is setting if rubber bands or clothes pegs cannot be used.
  15. Another vote for Brave browser, it seems to do things in a different manner but much better on You Tube , it blocks all the interrupting ads which seem to be getting more intrusive
  16. I have both a lighter fuel hand warmer and an Ocapoo lithium , the lighter fuel one has to be filled according to the time run and is not regulated, but the Ocapoo has three settings and of course can be switched off, very handy (pun intended)
  17. We had one incident at our old site, young lads flying when were not there, left a crashed and broken up foamy which I rescued the servos from so not too bad a result. However the present site is not so visible. Named on the club sites on the reply above however which seems quite comprehensive
  18. Just seen a suggestion that Christmas should be held every four years like the Olympics, hands up who agrees! Seasons greetings to all here anyway, John
  19. Yes ,I am sure that is why the last one disappeared over the horizon.
  20. Latest F82 Twin Mustang just completed ,previous two flown successfully so high hopes for number three. Mustang good but Twin twice as good
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