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  1. I have Harrier 809 from the library just now. Reveals some of the skullduggery behind the scenes politically and the likes of assistance from Chile , the USA and France to the British. Also covers a bit ot the Argentinian story too. Recommended.
  2. Just to expand on that, the esc (speed controller) will cut power to the motor when in use to prevent damage to the lipo by over discharge. They can then either be left at storage charge if leaving for a while , or charged fully ready for use ( but not for an extended length of time as this can cause deterioration) . Important I feel if expensive lipos , not so much if small capacity cheap ones
  3. Use sign shop self adhesive vinyl to cover the depron, make ribs and a depron spar , use one sheet for top and bottom with the top wider to allow for the top curve, Cover in one piece flat, groove the fold point then fold with a batten to support the depron. There is a tutorial on U tube by Graeme Dorschel. the result is an extremely strong ding proof wing ideal for your purpose. Not sure if vinyl is fuel proof though.
  4. not a guru----Inteesting link quoting 3 to 4 year old Evs at one third of new price. Also comment re lots of cars coming to end of lease, so could be a realistic buy for a private owner On the theme of tax on EVs, government must be thinking about road pricing given satellite tech. Just wonder how easy it would be to evade although lots fo cars seem to be not taxed on the present system.
  5. slave channel 7 to elevator channel 3 should fix it
  6. Began flying with a rudder and elevator Junior 60 and was then given an old Mannock biplane . First flight was a huge shock as left aileron made it smartly turn right and never having used the left stick up to then, was lucky to get it back on the field. CAR was the only answer at that stage in my flying career
  7. Woman in my local sign shop only laughed when I asked for offcuts. Their vinyl is reasonably priced I find although I haven't been in for a while so like every thing else probably in for a shock when I do.
  8. Well done! Similar planform as my YF22 and similar roll rate too. Enjoy.
  9. Tuning needle valves is perhaps more dangerous, too near the spinning prop, that is why many engines began appearing with remote valves. Speaking from experience ---needed a hospital visit years ago after touching a prop when reaching for the needle . I fly solely electric now and I am very careful and try to follow a safe routine,
  10. Heard somewhere a while ago that drivers who wear name tags on a lanyard , in a crash the tag flies out forward to be met by the air bag , then severely impacts the wearers face , edge on too, ouch!
  11. Just fitted up an ARROWS VECTOR gyro unit to my BAE Hawk, seems identical to the above. Printed sheet provided is rubbish however, no similarity to the actual plug positions. Onto You Tube and carefully followed a tutorial successfully so all ready for the next session at the patch. This is my second Hawk, first one had one too many frantic searches for the sticks on self launch so this should calm things down. Weather for tomorrow looks dire so might have to wait for the weekend.
  12. found the refresh function, but how can i get the default rather than the dark theme? ( Windows 10)
  13. Had a gallon of glow fuel self siphon into the boot of my car once, one more reason to use lipos
  14. Farm where I used to shoot had all electric fences powered on the mains, gave a shock many times worse than battery power. I got belted twice and it REALLY hurt. Any dog affected was useless for the rest of the day.
  15. are the planes included in the price?
  16. Middle of Lidl has a selection of velcro at the moment suitable for battery straps
  17. My 2017 Xtrail refused to start a few weeks ago, changed the battery ( £150) , no issues, stop start began working much more so this could be used as an indicator of battery health if only you knew? Mind you my old much lamented SAAB had a voltmeter which left no doubt.
  18. Reinforced sticky tape. cut into 30mm lengths two lengths stuck together to make 50 mm long ( with one reversed( ,made into figure of 8 hinges ( four hinges per surface). Easy version of sewn hinge !
  19. Four cell lipos which have a duff cell cell are near enough to 12 volts so can be discharged with a bulb. I use such old lipos as a power source for LED day running lights on my old Triumph then dispose when flat. Nearly all vehicles now have these LEDs so I feel more comfortable that I can be seen by car drivers, always a worry on a bike. I once put a lipo in a bucket of water then pierced it . It boiled away for a while under water, showing how difficult to extinguish they are. Just the once!
  20. If I see a disposable Vape on the pavement I pick it up and dispose of it properly by separating the battery,Following the possible re-use with interest,
  21. They control the vortices from the tips which cause drag
  22. Or the bad news , we have amputated the wrong foot, -------- the good news is the man in the next bed wants to buy your slippers.
  23. Not flying demo for obvious reasons!
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