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  1. Looking good Thomas, does the canopy fit ok?
  2. Are you sure there is a battery installed Ken? 🤪 On another note SARIK hobbies are now supplying laser cut wood packs for the SHIFTY variants along with the plan and article for those that missed it. Here is the link: SHIFTY WOOD PACKS ETC As I made the canopy mould from balsa it is now showing wear from the bottle shrinking, I will make another from some harder stuff which means I wont be able to get anymore done for a few weeks.
  3. Iv'e just checked the data file and mine weighs a whopping 550g so you have built a light weight Ken. All examples to date have had ballast weight added to the nose, there's plenty of room in that front compartment though. Waiting in anticipation on the maiden.....
  4. Chris, I'm unsure but I do know that Ian has spent a lot of time perfecting them so they match the originals blades pretty much exactly. He's just perfecting them in the Cura slicing programme as he uses something different. How do you get on with the printed stuff in all that heat?
  5. If it flies as well as it looks Ken its going to go well 😎 You can extend the motor wires whilst you await for the ESC arrival.
  6. David, Maybe it's worth getting him doing some touch and goes and fly bys to get him more confident with ground handling etc? on the buddy to start with of course.
  7. Hi Thomas, Yes, I will be posting some out this Friday so can get a couple to you if I've got the bottles. £5 covers p&p PM me Rich
  8. Coming along nicely Thomas. Ken, Cracking colour scheme mate
  9. Bas, I have found it to be just in front of the main 'rear' wing though it is dependent on the distance between the two flying surfaces and a few other factors. There is a free online calculator which is pretty accurate if your plan form uses straight edges, I used this for Shifty but as it doesn't have a straight edge I had to estimate some of the dimensions required (it was a little out). I also made a full scale chuck glider test bed which was bang on in the end. Here is the link to the CG tool: ON LINE CALCULATOR Ken, The red will finish it off nicely.
  10. Very snazzy Ken, is the dark covering navy blue or black? its hard to tell
  11. I agree Thomas, very therapeutic. You will find it hard to find a straight line on Shifty..
  12. Well done Ken, You will more than likely need to add some lead up front, cant remember if I added an 'insertion' hole in the lower part of the front former but that is the compartment in needs to be in. Coming along nicely. Thomas, You cant beat a quick build model in my eyes, nice build btw
  13. I was thinking more Pablo Escobar with a little more hair and a thicker marker pen for his tosh  I trim mine with the covering, applied with a lower temp setting on the iron. Of late I have been using the 4max offering, my trim has held on through many Shifty flights........so far.... Alternatively recently trimmed a gyro using adhesive backed vinyl bought off ebay. It's a bit thicker and can be a bit awkward to apply but there are loads of colours available.
  14. Neat work Stephen, are you aiming for a 3s 2200mah lipo?
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