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  1. A few photos I took yesterday at our meet in Peterborough, couldn't of asked for better weather. One of the local modellers turned up on his bike with his gyro suitably mounted on the back. Rich
  2. Edward, That motor will be fine with a 10-11" prop. Rich
  3. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. A few snaps of my gyri kite for Hammonds TV programme It took many attempts and variations to get a working kite. I tried two lines first with a self correcting rotor with a pendulum weight, this didn't work. Second attempt I tried two lines again with rudder control, this was ok but uncontrollable as it rolled over. Third attempt I added a small wing, this was stable but wasnt what they wanted. Forth attempt I attached the line to a 3 point harness which worked but tended to roll from one side to the other. For the fifth attempt I moved the line attachment high and increased the vertical area and length of fuselage rearwards, this worked well but only in a steady breeze. To get the Robinson Crusoe look I made it from 10mm dowel, each joint was wrapped in thick cord. A few photos, the final version has the wheels fitted.
  4. Edward, We look forward to seeing you progress with your Gyroo, fire away with any questions you may have . Rich
  5. Looks interesting Paul, your OD?
  6. We will be having an Autogyro Fly In next Saturday the 6th August at a club in Peterborough, all are welcome. If you intend on flying then BMFA insurance is a must. Directions for Peterborough (parcs) new field. The nearest postcode is PE6 9AG From the village of Peakirk, take the road to Deeping Gate Called Peakirk road. This goes over a bridge which is over a river/stream, Then past the 1st turning on left (Church Street). Continue on another 800 yds or so and the field will be on the right, with a dirt track down the side. Park on the dirt track. We can fly from 10am until dusk. Rich
  7. NA, Interesting reading that you have had several Auto Kites, not the easiest flying machine to master. I was recently approached by Richard Hammond to design something for an Amazon programme, they had seen the Panther thread on this very forum and liked the model. They wanted me to construct one that looked like it had been built on a desert island from ship wrecked parts and be be able to tow it down a beach, after much debate I persuaded them a Gyro Kite would be the easiest route as some form of Radio gear would be needed (and a competent pilot). It took a while to perfect, if your interested I can post photos of the finished model? despite my comprehensive ' how to launch and fly the kite' they clearly took no notice and it lasted all of a few seconds. Here is the trailer to the programme, basically they are trying to get off the island and make several different contraptions in their attempt: As for a ringed rotor system, as Trevor suggests I don't think it would be any good a single bladed rotor as they need to flap up and down. I am sure it would possibly work for a double rotor like the DB autogyro or the Twirl, there is only one way to find out for sure though. As for metal blades, I think that would be a no no purely from a safety aspect. As long as the rigid type rotors are used in even numbers multiples should work, have you seen Al Foots quadratwirl? flies exceptionally well. Rich
  8. I took a couple of photos of others Gyroo's a few weeks a go, these guys have added little mods as you can see like the extra wires on the UC etc, all fly extremely well. The Gyroo with the modified tail has 900w of power and climbs vertical, it does a great rolling climb! to deal with the extra power the head, boom and mast are aluminium. This version also features an elevator which is coupled to the pitch of the rotor, it does the tightest of loops very much like a fun fly type model. Anyone else up and going with theirs?
  9. It's hard to know what to say, he was only posting videos last week testing power boats out in the Med and relaxing on his boat. I was lucky enough to meet Alex on numerous occasions through the years and he was always full of enthusiasm, his un biased interest in all forms of aeromodelling/engineering stood him out from the rest. I will miss him, RIP Alex
  10. Nice flight Steve, perfect weather for it. Thanks for sharing
  11. Keith, Cutting your own Gyroo parts is the most cost effective way of construction, the kit suits those who prefer not to go down this route and the price reflects all that goes into producing these for us. I would recommend using the available Coolwind parts as these have been used on all of the prototypes so are test proven and save a lot of time and effort, I know others will agree with me here that their service and quality are second to none. Of course, there is absolutely no reason why you could'nt make your own plates and a head unit, though once you add up all the material costs I doubt there is much to save. If you do be sure to post your work on here, Im sure others would like to see. Rich
  12. Cheers Gents ? Mike, I am flying twin thumbs, mixing rudder and roll in the same direction can cause issues (well for me), in some circumstances opposite roll is needed to flatten a specific turn (very much like a correctly flown WW1 bipe type model). Look forward to seeing your reworked Loubo, please post picture when you do? Rich
  13. As promised a short flight video of the Twister taken today. as you can see it is now stable in yaw and rudder authority is now more than adequate. Next job is to switch to 2 blades
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