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  1. 🤣 A little update on the 3d printed version of the Gyroo II being done by Ian. The design has been updated so that it can be printed on machines with a lower Z axis height keeping the parts to a maximum of 200mm, well within the limits of the popular models. This has meant splitting the fuselage and blades into 3 parts and the horizontal stab into two, it still needs a few tweeks but matches the lines/weights of the traditionally built version and flies just as well. Out of interest the blade segments take 12 hours to print and the whole model is from PLA so no fancy plastics. If all goes to plan I will see if I can persuade the editor to maybe incorporate the files and print instructions somehow to accompany the plan and article when ever its released. A few photos from a get together yesterday.
  2. Ken, Looking good mate, maiden next week end at this rate? 🤣 Kevin, We can never have too many projects 😉 We had a visit yesterday from a fellow American modeller and avid RCM&E reader Lee, managed to get a few of the boys over to meet him and have a day flying in near perfect conditions. A good day was had by all and he left with a Shifty plan and canopy, he will update me on his progress on his return to Washington. Managed to get a snap of Rich E's canard, if you look closely his receiver is in the cockpit, doubling up as a dummy instrument panel, it fits in from underneath.
  3. OK Tim, We haver got a small get together this Saturday so I will take some photos. Rich
  4. Aeromaniac, I've not tried a 4s but would think it would be fine, it certainly wouldn't hurt to inset a carbon/hardwood spar into the flying surfaces if going down this route. The extra weight of the 4s lipo will benefit either Shifty as the beta test models had lead added to the nose. Nice twins by the way, please post your progress once you get going. 😎 Ken, I've flown several canards and Shifty is by far the best flier to date, goes where you point it, you will like it.🙂 Rich
  5. Glad it arrived safely. Looking forward to your build Ken, I can hazard a guess but which version are you opting for?
  6. Nice job Tim 😎 Regarding the head unit, I'm sure Malcolm slips in an assembly diagram with the Razor head ? If not I will take a couple of photos. Rich
  7. My old man sorted this six pence out which is pretty close, now we are on the same page These will be removed and I will inset some lead to match. Have you managed to get out with your yert Chri?, wheather here is still poor.
  8. Before I get going on the bullet proof Rev 2 Gyroo II I decided to knock up a 2 blade set up to test in readiness. Each blade is 600mm long and they are mounted to a 1mm thick fibre glass plate, I think it was one I used on an Atom many moons ago. These blades use no negative shim and seem to spin up well. After the first session I added 5ps to each tip and reduced the throws by half. It was a bit windy here yesterday and quite bumpy at low level but it coped well. Here are a few snippets of video I took.
  9. Keith, Yes, material list is for one model, there will be left overs from this but not enough to build a complete model. You will need to double up if your going for the pair. Don't forget to post your progress as you get going. Rich
  10. Easy fix Tim, Just weight up your lighter blade to match the other two, I use PVA applied with a sponge or you can insert a piece of lead. The trick is adding the extra mass needed in the correct place so that it closely matches the others. First balance all the blades to find there span wise CG and mark this. This will give you a good idea where to apply the PVA, aim to keep these balance points as close as possible by applying it to the outer or inner portion etc. What you must do is add it on and forward of the cordwise CG. It sounds quite a procedure but it is quite simple to do.
  11. Your more than welcome to pop round to my club and fly as guest to see what you think? We are situated in Kidderminster, pm me if your interested? we are always looking for new members.
  12. It was modified after you picked up the issues Chris but everyone else had built theirs by then. I've since revised the design by simply making the horizontal fuselage pieces insert into smaller slots rather than having a full length slot along the fuselage, they are also doubled up with a few other minor tweaks. When I get round to it I will build another to the revised drawing.
  13. Piers, As long as you can physically fit your battery within the confines of the bay I think the original size is fine, the fuselage has been widened to accommodate larger packs than what I'm using. Each beta built canard has had to have some form of nose ballast added in the shown area to achieve the CG. I think the others are using 1100mah packs, I'm sure they will confirm when they see this.
  14. Excellent, I've not seen the article in all its glory as yet. Which one do you fancy Thomas? Be sure to post your progress as you get going please. Rich
  15. Sorry to hear this Matty, hoping you make a speedy full recovery.
  16. Hi Steve, It would wrong for me not to share it as it flies so well, it's on the 'to do' list to write up for the mag when I get chance. I'm missing decent build shots so would have knock another up, I must get on with its intended 2 blade set up also. Rich
  17. I just re read the materials list, the birch ply is for the bulkhead only. On another note the yellow Shifty built by Rich E has had its maiden, only required a few clicks of right trim. He's really pleased with it and sent me a couple of photos from the field.
  18. Tim, Go with whatever suits you, I think mine is held in place with magnets at front and rear.
  19. Here we go, a materials list. All balsa is 915mm (36") lengths, sheet is 100mm (4") wide, straight grained and warp free. 4 off - 6.5mm (1/4") medium grade balsa sheet (flying surfaces, nose block and fuselage spines). 4 off - 3.2mm (1/8") medium grade balsa sheet (fuselage and vertical stabilisers). 2 off - 4.5mm (3/16") square medium grade balsa (fuselage lower longerons) 1 off - 3.2mm (1/8") 300mm x 300mm lite ply 1 off - 3.2mm (1/8") birch ply ( motor mount, front lower fuselage floor and hatch). It only needs to be 50mm square and could be made up of thinner laminations. The canopy is an optional extra as you can leave the fuselage side 'full' and simply paint or trim an outline. If you are going to go with a bottle type canopy you will need oddments of balsa sheet/ block to make a plug. Alternatively just pm me and I'm happy to make one using my plug, all I would want is the cost to cover P&P, this would be subject to empty bottles I can get my hands on. Any questions just ask. Looking forward to your creations. Rich
  20. Toto, I use my mobile phones video, this simply slides into a bracket that is attached to the back of my transmitter. I can video and fly at the same time by pointing my tramsmitter/ phone at the model. It takes a little practice but works for me, obviously the phone is set into flight mode. Rich
  21. 4max have now listed a power package for the upcoming Shifty here: Electric Setup For the Shifty by Richard Harris as featured in the April 2024 Edition of RCM&E Magazine (4-max.co.uk) Although I used a 3s 850mah pack in mine the second two beta models have a slightly wider fuselage to except larger packs, as all models have needed ballast it makes sense to benefit from the extra flight times. The 4max Lipos are the best I have used and come highly recommended. I also recommend the drone type motors for their durability and light weight, there are many to choose from out there similar to the 4max offering. They come with no mount but its easy to make one, I am quite happy to draw one and add the files somewhere for a 3d printed version if anyone is interested? I'm just finalising a materials list which I will post in the next few days, there is a little more wood in the delta than the canard. Rich
  22. I remember the old 10p and 5ps, think they must have been the decimal crossover coins as they were shilling and two shillings on them. I've got a few pre metric coins a chap at work gave me, don't think there's a Farthing though, will have a look later. Ian S maidened his 3d printed Gyroo II today and he's pretty pleased with it. Blades are a new design and are (I think) printed in two halves as his printers Z axis is quite high. The main components not printed are the UC legs, mast and boom. Here's a video of its second flight.
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