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  1. Well, it was quite a few weeks but Smoke Trail has finally flown! The mods mentioned above have been incorporated and the calm weather forecasted for yesterday prompted me to pack the model and a can of diesel fuel along with my RC models for the regular Tuesday morning trip to the field. I was fortunate that scale free-flight guru Andy Hewitt was also there and he helped me greatly to re-trim Smoke Trail (more negative incidence on the tail) with some test glides over the long grass in the outfield. It must be 15 years since I last ran a diesel engine and it took me quite a while to get the Boddo Mills running sweetly but I got there in the end. With just a sniff of fuel in the clear tank, and the engine pop-popping away, Smoke Trail was launched into the lightest of winds and climbed up to around 20ft before the engine cut and it headed back to earth. Big cheer from the crowd in the pits and a big grin on my face! I had a couple of further flights with the same engine setting then leaned it out a bit for more power. This time the climb was more positive and, with a lot more fuel in the tank (too much!), Smoke Trail climbed to around 60ft or so and did several circuits before the engine cut and it drifted down just inside the field boundary. Phew, no tree climbing today. Overall I'm really happy with how Smoke Trail turned and I'm looking forward to the next outing. I've just got to get rid of the smell of diesel fuel from my clothes now!
  2. I saw one fly at the Cranfield show many years ago. One of the rotors was stuck and didn't rotate - made no difference whatsoever!
  3. This forum is the support group, Jon! I always felt that the RCV design was a solution looking for a problem...
  4. Apparently, removing the backing sheet works well
  5. For conversion of smaller models, have a look at those which cater for indoor models such as micronrc or Robotbirds. I've had good service from both of these suppliers but I'm sure there are others who could provide suitable components. All subject to stock availability of course! PS -welcome to the forum, you'll find it a great place to find information.
  6. Standard glow plugs have a 1/4-32 thread, ie, 1/4" outside diameter, 32 threads per inch.
  7. Don't get disheartened, Steve, we're all learning from the replies you're getting. Have you looked at the range of FlyFly models sold by Gliders at Newark? They are much cheaper than the Eastern European imports and consequently lower quality but might be a place to start without spending a fortune.
  8. Excellent model of a beautiful aircraft. Well done!
  9. Shame about that, Ron, I didn't think I saw the famous hat on the flightline when I visited on Saturday. I thought it was a good day out and enjoyed wandering around looking at the models and chatting with various people (good to see you, John). If the dates fall right then I think a weekend away in the caravan is in order next year.
  10. I asked Steve that very question on the Saturday afternoon as Cosford. He said it first flew in 1999 after a 3 year build.
  11. Sorry Eric, the drawing is incorrect. When the horn is on the underside of the control surface, more up than down is achieved by raking the horn back from the pivot point. If you think about it, that is the same as raking the servo arm forward.
  12. The "more" should include raking the horn backwards if you want more up than down...
  13. Just realised that I had one of these a few years ago. I picked it up at a swapmeet for £40 and it came complete with OS15, 3 servos but no receiver. It also had the TE packed up by a few mm to prevent excessive climb under power and was quite fun to fly, albeit somewhat limited in its capability. I sold it off after a year or so to free up some space and recouped my original outlay.
  14. Well done! Is that the "before" or "after" photo? ??
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