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  1. The Windermere Model Waterplane Flyers gathered today at Kitridding Farm for our annual Christmas meal with a bit of flying thrown in before and after. Glorious weather (apart from the freezing temperatures) saw 8 flyers and an assortment of electric models at the lakeside. Rogues gallery: FMS Ranger and Kingfisher are perfect models for this site: All is calm at sunset:
  2. Have you tried DB Sport and Scale
  3. I'm right-handed. I stretch each band from the left-hand side of the fuselage (as I look at it) to the right. That means on one side the band is fitted front to back and opposite on the other side. I've never had a wing lift in flight but I watched one of our club members win our looping competition when he accidentally fitted only 2 bands to his Wot4 and the wing lifted on every loop, tightening the radius. He won by a country mile!
  4. Good to see you've thought this through Richard. I've got some of the Ripmax ARTF versions of the Balsacraft warbirds and the finger-holds on these are rearward of the cg. It's an absolute pain trying to launch them when, as you say, opening the throttle causes the model to pitch downwards at just the wrong time. I've resorted to trying to stretch my little finger forward for support but a good launch is a bit of a lottery.
  5. You mean like this, GG? I replaced the elevator pushrod on my Wot4 with a snake to help minimise water ingress when flying it with floats. As the pre-cut slot is well forward of the tailplane, I added a short balsa wedge in the angle to provide support to the snake outer.
  6. Take the photo on your phone and email it to yourself. Open the email on your desktop and download it. You can then use the methods outlined above to copy the photo into your thread.
  7. Nice to see you back on this Steve. I think you'll need some extra support around the ends of each servo to support the covering.
  8. Seagull make models which are rebadged and sold under other brand names, for example the Hangar 9 Carbon Cub. Carden Aircraft are an American company which cater to the large-scale aerobatic market over there.
  9. I noticed that the last issue came with an extra mag if bought at a newsagent but I didn't receive anything as a subscriber.
  10. That's it, all done, hope you enjoyed it. Anyone get 25/25? Feel free to use any of these for your own club quiz night - I'm sure you can think of plenty more to add if you do.
  11. Time for the answers to the picture round. How did you do? 21. Wot 4 22. Tomboy 23. Riot 24. Crescent Bullet 25. Panic
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