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  1. coming along really well Colin , Re the guns only the barrel will be visible in the trough all the rest is in the cockpit unless you propose to drill through the cockpit which may not be easy now you have fitted the panel . My gun barrels are different to yours quite a few experiments were tried the first in use used the vickers machine gun with the water jacket still in place but the plugs remove then the barrels were lightened until your version with modified barrel jacket.
  2. good grief that is fantastic
  3. A cracking build Colin a credit to your tenacity , did you solve the strut retaining ?
  4. Well 1 nacelle is sort of done its been a real pain to get the main retract to sit right then carefully measured for gear doors it took numerous times to get them to sit right and hinge open so fitted gear back in only to find the the door over the wheel would not close so take doors off cut away part of the nacelle sides trim and refit doors its now as near as its going to get. No wonder there are so few builds for the cat having checked the only build log surviving on RCSB by Wingspar and reading the comments without exception they all have same problem. Lets hope nacelle 2 goes better . I've been struggling with this one for over a month obviously not non stop . Still plenty to do .I WILL NOT GIVE UP !
  5. Some info re pla glue I have used PVC pipe weld to good effect although not tried on wing panels yet , it successfully dissolves a pla layer and gets stronger as it cures . Ok if you suffer from CA fumes and skin reactions.
  6. Great for grandchildren projects to
  7. Thanks Ron it is PLA
  8. well after what seems forever I have printed and built the Humvee so no more procrastination its back to the Cat this weekend. Pic of Humvee in 3d print forum
  9. got a bit stuck on my Tigercat so decided to printed and build a Humvee using stl files from 3dlab I didn't notice how big it was going to be anyway after about 300hrs printing buying additional parts like tyres, dogbones ,ali bar, servo ,suspension units and goodness how many nuts and bolts also waterproof ESC and 540 motor I used 3kg of filament and have no real idea of the completed cost. it is over 630mm long with led headlights. At least I learnt about shear strength of different filaments for example silk finish filament looks very nice but the torque on the drive units just snap then so easily. I found matt filament an improvement but the best for shear strength is standard filament from Sunlu it has properties not unlike Nylon. all drive parts have been reprinted with Sunlu . pics
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