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  1. I fly pinch with a neckstrap/harness, I do a bit of instructing and advise my pupils to try both and go with what they are most comfortable with. Some thumb fliers find more expo is useful as they find fine control around the center easier.
  2. Practise a deadstick landing on the last flight of the day? 🤪
  3. As Shaun and GG have noted I've done this with a Dx6e as the master and an old DSM2 Dx6I as the buddy, note I had to update the firmware on the Dx6e to get it to work but then it was fine. Note that the receiver in the plane will need to be a DSMx to work with the Dx8e. What is the older tx?
  4. Bas, what's the master tx? Could you swap roles and make the Dx8e the master. I do a fair bit of instructing and must admit I much prefer wireless over wired.
  5. Clubmate has acquired a Southerner Major with an elderly OS70 FS, got to test fly it yet.
  6. Some do, some don't. I found it a bit weird when I first tried it, but quickly got used to it. I only very rarely fly FPV now though, and my old analogue equipment doesn't maintain a very good video link.
  7. So the throttle channel is actually working fine, but for some reason the ESC won't arm. There's no secret setting for the ESC it just needs the same position signal as a regular servo to work, which it does on channel 6 so the ESC is fine also. Which suggests it must be in the Tx set up, the throttle channel isn't reversed by any chance?
  8. I know some people don't like it, but Weston do a range of low oil radial fuels. 7% oil 5% nitro - £18.75p per gal.
  9. You've not got a throttle cut active maybe?
  10. Ideal rehab for your weak arm would be a model to build. It's what I did after my minor TIA.
  11. Could be a bug, have you tried flight modes and see if it does it in that.
  12. Insurance premiums isn't across the board but is related to some manufactures who don't have proper repair standards in place or good parts support, so cars are off the road for long periods waiting on parts and insurance companies are forking out for the hire cars. If you look at models from established manufacturers e.g. Mini, Vauxhall with ICE and EV versions of the same model then insurance premiums are essentially the same between equivalent models. Bit like saying all 4x4 insurance is expensive based on the easy to steal Range Rovers. It's dead easy to check just go on autotrader and pick the reg numbers of similar EV/ICE cars and put them in a comparison website and see the quotes, much too difficult for journalists I know. As for batteries I've watched youtube channels where repair shops have bought ICE cars scrapped because they drove through a flood and damaged the engine, too expensive for the insurance company to repair with a "new" engine, but repair shop uses a salvaged engine (or re-built), guess what replace batteries are available from salvage yards. As for depleted you can get a state of health report on a battery, can you get that for a turbo waste gate, EGR, cam belt etc etc. But so far, apart from early cars with a poor battery management system (Nissan Leaf) batteries are proving to be quite resilient, probably better than some ICE engines.
  13. Crikey over 4x a Deisel 308
  14. Don't get me started on incandescent light bulbs, asbestos brake pads, smoking in pubs, lead free petrol, catalytic converters, diesel DPFs, ABS etc etc But some typical estimates of climate damage costs https://www.rff.org/news/press-releases/social-cost-of-carbon-more-than-triple-the-current-federal-estimate-new-study-finds/#:~:text=A multi-year study of,estimate of %2451 per ton. https://environment.leeds.ac.uk/faculty/news/article/5651/global-north-owes-170-trillion-for-excessive-co2-emissions
  15. Depends on the car, Teslas and the Chinese ones seem more expensive, but our Mini SE and daughters Corsa were basically the same as the equivalent ICE version. In recent group test of a BMW I4, Hyundai Ionic 6, VW ID6, Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal, in the quotes the BM, VW and Hyundai were similar, BYD was about 1.6x with Tesla between. Same magazine, VW ID4 was less than a Honda HRV. All quotes were based an same driver and location.
  16. There was a completely separate article on Japan I saw the other day on how they were wrestling with whether to bring back on line Nuclear Power plants shut down after the Fukusihma meltdown following the tsunami, at the moment they are relying on record fossil fuel imports for power generation, maybe this could explain why Japan is reluctant to embrace EVs.
  17. Re France, this article
  18. Robert, just did a test on my D100 v2 with two different batteries, the first a Radient 2000 mah AA 4 cell, on discharge at 1.0A, voltage dropped to 4.05v and then recovered to around 4.2v and stayed there for a while before dropping off, a 3300 mah subC pack didn't show the same characteristics with no voltage recovery, it dropped as the amps ramped up and then stablised. I only ran the tests for a 5 mins. But my conclusions are that the high load on the radient pack cause a bit of internal warming which improved the reaction giving the battery a bit more umph, the Sub C cells being so much larger didn't see the same effect. My other Pro Peak charger has a max discharge of 0.5A and on the Radient pack the voltage didn't dip as much under load or show any recovery, possibly because there was reduced internal heating. BTW tried 1.0A with a older 4 cell Eneloop pack and it couldn't maintain 4v.
  19. A quarter scale Camel only just squeezes in my BMW 320D touring and had to have the wheels removed to fit in friends Tesla Model Y, hence I suggested checking the MG5, nothing like turning up at the dealers with a tape measure (or even the model 😉).
  20. Flat lining in the rest of the world, France is up 23%, China and Far East are also up. Charging plugs in the UK are pretty much standardised, the earlier cars did use the Chademo standard but now they are all Type 2 (AC) CCS (DC) Will be interesting to see where EV sales are at the end of the year as there are a several price competitively priced small cars being released this year, Dacia Spring, Renault 5, Citroen EC3 etc etc. BTW our Daughter just visited us from Sheffield, some 145 miles away, cost us £2.75p to fill her up for the return journey on Octopus. But yes our anecdotal experience of insurance is that EV's are more expensive, our 2021 Mini SE (186 bhp) just cost £250 whereas our previous 2004 Mitsubishi Colt (65 bhp) had only cost £183 in 2023, a 36% increase (but we did up the mileage by 16%).
  21. Robert, you are correct no current should be going into the battery, but on discharge a cold battery will warm up which can increase it's output which gives a slight voltage increase. But this will only be temporary. It could be on your charger that the software is charging on the discharge setting rather than discharging. If you don't use the cycle function and just do a single discharge what happens?
  22. My D100 V2 is working fine on Nimh batteries, I have noticed in the past that a Nimh battery can show a slight voltage recovery underload as it warms up and then falls from.that, but thats on other chargers too. But it may also be a component in the charger getting warm too. On mine the other day it didn't properly balance a lipo and one cell ended up above 4.2v so I'll have to keep an eye on that.
  23. Suggest you go and look at one, not sure on the current versions, but the earlier one the rear seat folding left a big step in the back. Might be ok to rest the tail on.
  24. Yep, if you are using a different fuel from the previous owner you may need to adjust both the high and low end mixture.
  25. Not a switch, but what some pilots do is make an arming plug, so standard connector installed in the supply line, mounted so it's accessible on the side of the model, mating connector with a cable between the pins. Plug in and it completes the circuit. I'd use an antispark connector on a 6s to reduce the arcing and hence connector damage.
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