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  1. A little progress tonight. Cut and glued the 6mm ply undercarriage plates: The doubler is loosening from the fuselage side in some places. I think I have been applied not enough spray glue. I fix it by wicking in Superphatic, and that seems to do the job. While this is drying I can prepare some ribs
  2. A little further again. Glued in reinforcement to the firewall, the battery plate in in place and the stringers front and back are mounted. More flying then building with the marvelous weather we have now, but it will come. Cheers, Lucas
  3. Norway is a Calvinistic country, where duty has a fairly big impact on behavior. So since everybody ought to contribute most people will, even if they do not like it. People who cannot comes when called excuse themselves extensively and generally do not feel happy about the situation.
  4. It does. Prebending with some ammonia resulted in that F1 could be glued in place without using any clamps at all. Tonight my local club has requested some benches to be oiled. I am not sure whether this is typical Norwegian but any club here har a evening or two where all members are supposed to show up to provide some labour at the field/clubhouse/harbour or whatever the club is using in its activities. It does, besides keeping costs down, also creates a lot of socializing (although everone is always bickering about it...). Regards, Lucas
  5. Tonight mounted the fuselage in the jig and glued the side together at the back and F6, F7 and F8 in place. This is a nice phase; it feels like making a lot of progress quickly! Slightly irritating that when I pulled the sides together there was 2mm difference in height. Given that I used a square when glueing the 2nd fuselage side that should not have been the case. I am prebending the front. When wetting the sides with water and ammonia. The latter makes wood fibres very plyable, so not much force is needed. Let's see tomorrow if F1 will fit. Cheers, Lucas
  6. Finishing the tail feathers while the glue dries on the fuselage. The sanding blocks keep things in place while planing and sanding.
  7. Second fuselage side on. The square should ensure that the siden will meet at the tail end.
  8. Every day (at home) a little further. Sanding blocks taped together help keeping things square:
  9. Some progress. Glued the 2 sides together (with remount glue). Glued one doubler on top, that was already cut to shape. After cutting the balsa sides I glued the other doubler on the bottom of the stack (this garantees a left and right side...) for a final sanding. Thereafter mark the position of all frames on the sided before removing the drawing. Finallly mark the position of all frames on the inside of the fuselage sides/doublers. Now we are ready to put everything together this weekend!
  10. This is a heavily modified Skywriter (lightened construction, change wing profile to your usual NACA3414). I regret having sold it but the buyer would not let me buy it back.
  11. Now! Laminating is fun! At the top of the picture the box with wax that I use to prevent the laminate to glue to the mold or the wedges. Tomorrow the last one!
  12. I have never build a model with a tapered wing. With a constant chord wing I have always made 2 ply templates and made all ribs as a block. When doing the same with a tapered wing all edges will not be square and thereby give bad glueing front and back. What is the best way of creating the ribs? Regards, Lucas
  13. Let us wait with the praise until it comes off the mold…. (Or not)
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