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  1. I had tried it once before and then found out that the ink was not water resistant. But one coat with a clear akryl varnish (spraybox) solved that quite well.
  2. I had a long time ago ordered some vinyl and waterslide inkjet printable paper. This is the first time I use it. Not difficult to use and to apply and it gives some more detail to the model: Cheers, Lucas ps. 10 cm snow again this morning. Now it has been enough winter!
  3. 10000000_5791320820917430_6003376710479406894_n.mp4
  4. I did not record it, but I will try to get hold of the file so I can upload it here.
  5. I am not sure whether you can see this video, but if you can this is the link: https://www.facebook.com/100002633049738/videos/3039134676396042/
  6. Done: Next is landing gear and tail wires. This one has spats, which is a new challenge for me to make. Cheers, Lucas
  7. Hurra for 3D printing, which makes it a doddle to get the prop disc exactly where you want. A little down and side trust is included too. I have experience that nearly everyone with a 3D printer feels it is not used enough, and are therefore glad to get print jobs. By the way, I found out that the full size has side thrust too. Tonight I am getting the decals, kindly cut for me by a fellow club member. So the next picture will be in "Jarsberg Airshow" mode. Regards, Lucas
  8. That did the trick. Now she tracks straight, both on take off and landing! Thanks.
  9. I did. But I sold her when a moved to the (windier and more open) coast. I have regretted that but the buyer would not let me buy her back so had to built the RANS. Regards, Lucas
  10. Hi Peter, What is/are in your opinion the most relevant difference(s) between Ballerina and Rans? Lucas
  11. Did you mean this video: It is a good commercial for emergency parachutes. Not likely the pilot would have survived without one. Now it seems he walked out before the plane burned. It looks like a wing folded and broke off during a negative g pullout.
  12. No problem Peter, I was just asking. Flying on asfalt does not help with regard to bouncing. And rubber wheels in sub-zero temperatur do not absorb much energy either. In the summer on grass I expect it to be better. Ballerina was more stable in directions but even bouncier when flown with wheels on ice. I prefered skies in the winter for that reason. I will try to bend the gear to a slight toe-in and see if that helps with stability. Did you know that the Rans S-9 has flaps? I downloaded the manual for the full size. Must be a mechanical mixer of some sorts. Regards, Lucas
  13. Very pleased with how the RANS is flying now. However, ground handling (wheels on asfalt) is challenging: The plane is unstable and has tendencies to ground loop. One needs to be very carefull in take-off to keep her straight. Same when landing, as soon as some yaw occurs (think sidewind) the oscilation gets worse. If not landing very carefully (3 point landing) the plane will bounce up. Espicially when it is a little gusty this is not so easy to achieve. Partly this is probable due to the short tail moment, which we cannot do much with. The gear is as drawn, 4 mm steel wire. Currently with slight toe-out. Any ideas if this can be improved, and if so, how? Cheers, Lucas
  14. A 1070kv motor on 3 cells will turn the propeller about as fast as a 800kv motor on 4 cells. The power used is a function of the propeller used.
  15. Since I used less then 2000mAh of the 4000mAh capacity in over 10 minutes flying I changed the motor from a Turnigy 4240 to a Turnigy 3542 that weighs 50 gram less. That made it possible to remove 20 grams of lead from the tail. Testing this with a 4S 3000 mAh (that weight 300 gram) instead of the 5S 4000mAh (that weighs 450 gram) showed that the RANS does not need that much power. I could still do 2 rolls in a vertical upline before running out of steam. Actually the plane felt smoother, with both 200 grams less weight and less power. This will be the "goto" plane for winter flying, also because I can transport it assembled and then one only needs to pop in a battery in the cold.
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