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  1. Could it be that someone is diverting server capacity to mine for bitcoins, just asking.
  2. It's happening again. Threads taking minutes to load.
  3. The Align starter is specifically designed for Helis, that's why the button is in such an awkward position for starting a plane engine.
  4. It seems Kindle downloads from Amazon no longer work on the older devices.
  5. There are a lot of clubs advertising for new members so finding one with vacancies shouldn't be a problem.
  6. I gave up using a non-geared starter because when the battery was a bit low, it failed to turn over relative small engines. I use a starter like the JE one, it's cheaper than the Kavan type that's been around for decades, the one from Leeds. A 3s 2200mAh lipo serves for weeks before needing a recharge.
  7. There's a club at Gt Offley. I visited there once, it looks like a friendly place to start.
  8. Well spotted Brian they should be the other way round.
  9. That's just because the servo needed to work that way round for the correct stick control. You could try moving the servo linkage nearer the centre and increase the ATV to get nearer my settings, which may help as yours are only working in a narrow range around centre.
  10. The top two screenshots show the throttle cut off and the bottom show when it's on.
  11. What a fascinating piece of kit, One thing that intrigues me is how does the main slide move as it seems to be clamped to the bed.
  12. I have a new in box ARTF Easy Pigeon kit if you're interested. It comes with a brushed motor but it would be better to replace this with a brushless one. There is a thread on this here... https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/index.php?/topic/54545-newbie-help-easy-pigeon/ £60 + delivery, PM me if you are interested.
  13. Photobucket made a change a while ago that meant if you didn't have an account, you weren't eligible to see the pictures in focus.
  14. I've noticed some respected retailers are showing pictures of OS No8 packaging in which you can clearly see they're fake, It's not always possible to see the marking on the actual plug if it is at the back of the packet but the picture below shows what to look for. Whether this means they are selling fake copies of these glow-plugs or they have just picked up the wrong library picture from the web and used on their site, who knows. These plugs have been shown to last only for one flight, if that.
  15. If you would like to start from scratch, I have a new in box Easy Pigeon kit available.
  16. It's not straightforward on 14FG. One time I got so frustrated trying to set up a throttle cut that I copied an entire model which had it working to the memory I was working on and re-set up the rest of the controls again. There is a trick to this but without going through the torment again I can't really help.
  17. One policy that has killed off teenager attendance at the flying club is the need for child protection. I remember as a 17 year old driving myself to the club for a flying session back in the 70s. Now things have got paranoid about youngsters even though a flying club is possibly the last place grooming is going to happen. Unless a parent has an interest, kids are not going to be able to take up the hobby.
  18. All good as far as the marking goes...
  19. Chrissz, The spring on the nose leg will be much more effective if it's up just underneath the Fuz. Right down there, there will be a tendency for the leg to bend on a heavy landing. If you look closely at the picture on the box you will see what I mean.
  20. The X14 is very new and I am probably the first in the UK to own one. When I bound it to the receiver the power option was not shown on screen.
  21. The claim is not just for the X14 but all the so-called "Twin" Txs, presumably the X18 and X20 as well. I should add that the X20 can be programmed by the user to change the RF power but the X14 can't AFAIK.
  22. My X14 has a CE mark on it, now what that actually means coming from China, who can tell but the importer would be liable if they aren't compliant.
  23. I was recently persuaded to get an FRSky X14 for slope glider use because of the templates available to allow the full flexibility of control under a multitude of conditions, which experienced slopers claim it's very difficult to program conventional radios like my Futaba 14SG. I haven't used it in practice yet but I'm impressed with the bright high-res colour user interface. It transmits a twin signal for ultra security of control, they claim a range up to 10s of km.
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