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  1. McGregor and 4Max covering are good. IMO Easycoat is not opaque enough and can remain sticky, I won't use it again.
  2. I use a Laser 150 in 30cc size yak 56 and it performs more than adequately even with broken valve springs, now fixed.
  3. After blowing the MOSFETs in a 40 A ESC at 39.5A, the supplier reluctantly agreed to refund the money against their recommended 60A ESC. Over-rating of the ESC is a must even if you have good ventilation.
  4. Putting the fill/drain line to the back of the tank on a tail dragger where the fuz slopes back means you can empty it without any fuss whilst the model stands there.
  5. To add to the discussion, this is how I assemble a tank, it only requires one clunk and you can direct the overflow right to the top of the tank without risk of puncturing or blocking the flow. The filler/drain always rests at the bottom rear of the tank without a clunk and if you cut a notch into the end of the tube it won't get blocked if it touches the back of the tank. Cutting short the internal brass pipes also allows easier insertion.
  6. Drilling holes in MDF can be made much tidier if you put a piece of sacrificial wood hard up against the back surface. It doesn't tear on exit.
  7. I'm told that you can get a yearly pass to Weston park for £38 which will get you into any event there for the whole year. Furthermore, there are local camp sites that charge a lot less than on the Weston Park site.
  8. Deluxe Materials Eze Dope claims to be fuel proof to 40% nitro. I used it recently to dope tissue over mylar and it works far better than solvent based dope in this application. I think the reason for this is, because solvent based dope tends to reject the water still in the tissue. Eze Dope does, however, leave a rougher finish.
  9. I'm not a jet flyer but I find it odd they will only supply JetA1 in half gallons. This would hardly fill one of those big show-jets fuel tanks.
  10. Many thanks for the heads-up on Southern Model Craft. I had given them up as fuel suppliers some time ago when I had engine problems, probably due to castor when synthetic would have been more appropriate. Their prices are keen so I can see Optifuel having some competition now.
  11. If making a solid balsa sheet one, it's worth putting on some cross-grain tips to prevent warping.
  12. It sounds like cross coupling between servo wires if they are running together over a distance. It's worth trying ferrite rings at various places on the wiring, starting near the receiver.
  13. If that was mine I would build a new one as it's not a complex structure. Alternatively you could drill holes and insert carbon rods and epoxy them in place.
  14. It's likely that the ribbon wiring failed due to fatigue because of the number of conductor strands they have which is normally only 7. Servo cable has a lot more finer strands which are far more robust to the rigours of model flying. As mentioned above this looks like a replacement for an inadequate original installation.
  15. I used M5 Tee nuts and counterbored them into the underside of the base-board. It probably wouldn't matter if you didn't inset them, provided they were all driven home equally.
  16. The MDP vinyl when tested turned out to be fuel-proof to 10% nitro, it also has a guaranteed outside life of 3-5 years (24/7).
  17. For Sale, a selection of goodies from a modeller who no longer flies. Offers Please Offers to include a nominal amount for postage. No reasonable offer refused. Paypal accepted. Mechanical retracts approx85° 4mm 2 turn spring wire legs SC25 Needle valve assembly part no 12860, new unused. May suit larger SC engines Hobbyking 10A brushless ESC, new unused. GWS 30A brushed ESC, new unused Double Red LED rapid flasher Sound effects generator, WW1 aerial machine gun sounds, loud. New unused. Onboard battery 8 LED gauge. Switchable 4.8V/6V, used but tested OK Robotbirds 30A Brushless ESC, used but tested OK Orange programmer for reordering channels on a Futaba compatible DSM2 module to make it compatible with DSM2 receivers, i.e.TAER.
  18. This is what I use... https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/gloss-sign-vinyl It's far cheaper than model specific trim and it comes in widths up to 1220mm The slight disadvantage is that it's thicker and slightly heaver than Protrim etc, and not so glossy.
  19. I've seen just this result from an over rich low end mixture, admittedly not on an OS engine though.
  20. If the engine revs petre-out during Idle, this means the low-end mixture is too rich. The plug is slowly cooling until it can no longer support ignition.
  21. For a tailless model I was told to effectively subtract the rear third of the wing area and treat the remainder front 2/3 as a conventional wing and set the CG at about 30% of that. Does that make sense.
  22. I'd say it was an ESC fault, loosing its set-up. It could be a dry joint on the PCB that's being affected by the vibration from the motor.
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