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  1. Nice to see this unusual subject, it's fairly rarely modelled. My father did a Flivver for an OS .20 / .28 fs at 1/6th scale..... it was a bit twitchy to fly even after careful trimming, very short moment arms and big controls surfaces. Once the control input was mastered it was really quite docile. I doubt that there's another tail dragger with such awesome ground handling, once it was down it was stuck until you told it otherwise.
  2. Posted by MattyB on 27/07/2016 22:11:04: Posted by The Wright Stuff on 27/07/2016 17:56:08: Posted by john stones 1 on 27/07/2016 17:17:37: Dai sums it up spot on for me +1. The YouTube video will remain for all to see, better that there is a thread here condemning it. ...or maybe not - looks like they got wind of this thread and have started removing videos from YouTube. Two posted earlier in this thread have gone already. Edited By MattyB on 27/07/2016 22:34:01 Well, iirc a 'removed vid' is not actually removed, just blocked and only the up-loader can watch it on their channel. I couldnt get permission to use my friends 100mbit connection so didn't manage to rip the first two posted vids..... but I did manage to get some of their others...... There's others that have been removed too, which is a shame So, who's the best bod to contact within the BMFA?
  3. Posted by john stones 1 on 27/07/2016 17:17:37: Posted by Dai Fledermaus on 27/07/2016 17:10:37: Posted by Owdlad on 27/07/2016 16:27:59: I'm sorry but the mods should remove this thread as it ( in my opinion) shines a very poor light on the rest of 'us' responsible modellers As the originator of this thread I feel I have some responsibility for it, but the fact that the antics of these fellers have attracted such universal condemnation, I feel justified in starting it. They are flying in a public area with seemingly no regard to anyone's safety. They have let their enthusiasm for the hobby get in the way of common sense. I doubt they are an organised club and for anyone starting the hobby it's an object lesson in how not to go flying model aircraft. Dai sums it up spot on for me +1 Contacting the BMFA and making them aware is the thing to do, not get a thread deleted, wish the whole deal would go away nor inserting thumbs in orifices varied.
  4. They have a facebook group as well.......
  5. "Caution RC Model Geeks May Contain Nuts! 1K views 1 year ago The RC Model Geeks are a group of aero modellers living on the holiday resort of Hayling Island in the southern United Kingdom. We generally fly whenever the weather and winds are suitable, and sometimes when they are not! Of course we don't always crash, but with the amount of flying we collectively do, there are always the odd mishaps! Which hopefully we capture for all to see. If you want to come and fly with us feel free to send us a message and I'm sure we will be in touch." So, I'm gonna contact them, feed em some bovine droppings and see what happens.....
  6. Posted by Andy48 on 19/07/2016 12:56:56: If you read on that £1349 is just the 50% deposit. £1349 is the kit price, purchaser has to put 50% deposit down to initiate cutting.
  7. I was only reading a thread about this model on FlyingGiants / on the builders website a few days ago, What a shame
  8. I've never done aero-tow but have done flat field, where one sets the hook 28 degrees forward of CG +/- 2 degrees...... if you think of the whole bungee, winch launch and running tow-ee 'flightpath' this makes sense, but to tow from that far back (I think) would put the glider too far above the tow plane for safety From what I've seen / read here: **LINK** an Aero-tow release does not Have to be located the pointiest point.... at a guess some of the models have the aero-tow hitch at 80 degrees in front of CG.
  9. Just had a Bae Hawk make two passes over Porthtowan (Cornwall) going pretty damn quickly.... I guess it's doing bombing runs on RAF Portreath. By the sound of it, he's loitering and maybe about to make another pass.
  10. What a horrid situation for the trio to be in. Too many vino heads, too many motorbikes. Froome riding away from Quintana..... no surprise as he's Nothing without his security blankie named Alberto.
  11. Posted by Geoff Sleath on 14/07/2016 23:39:26: Fantastic aeroplane. I wonder why it has Cornish markings when it's built by the German pilot (scratch built as Mr Bishop tells we 'boys and girls' ) I guess it's modelled on one post-war and used at air shows here in the UK.   Germans Love Cornwall! During the holiday season, Porthtowan (where I live) is a prime destination...... well, the whole of Kernow generally. Not that this is a problem as they are super polite, have a great soh and respect the village to the point where they will tell dog-walkers who dont pick up their dogs effluent Exactly what they think. Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 20/07/2016 17:45:50
  12. Posted by Owdlad on 13/07/2016 04:47:39: Politics & Religion should be bared from this forum.... ...it causes the blood pressure to rise and creates too much I'll feeling towards each other. Excellent weather forcast for today..... can't wait to go flying this morning.... ..then settle in front of the TV this aft for the TdF......then a 10 mile TT this evening I've a feeling today's going to be gone in a blink of an eye Owdlad Edited By Owdlad on 13/07/2016 04:55:41 +1 Hope the conditions are floaty for your ride
  13. Posted by Owdlad on 11/07/2016 21:02:52: Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 11/07/2016 18:56:43: Cycling? Mmmmm. Motor bikes without engines,..... Sorry but I see them a bit like I see gliders, alcohol-free beer and decafinated coffee - i.e something that was fun until someone took the good bit out! BEB (very tongue in cheek!) BEB For the past few years technology has allowed hidden electric motors into the frames of race bikes leading to riders bieng banned. Bikes now have to be tested for such dispicable technology and are also monitored during the race. One reported case of this in cyclo-cross - dirty bunch of what-nots they are!
  14. Some amazing flying from the helicopters, the night gyrations need a health warning though! I copied the link to watch full screen and noticed that they did a toffee bomb - I thought doing that had been 'banned'? Anyway, it looks like those that attended had a great experience.
  15. Posted by Steve Colman on 11/07/2016 16:44:59: That would make a very nice little project Darrell. The 're-looking' into is your fault Steve It would be a nice small / cheap project as you say. Out of interest, what span is your model?
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