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  1. I got mine from Lidl, it looks very similar to the Bosch model, and it does the job just fine.
  2. I'm a fan of Titebond aliphatic although it does take its time to set..
  3. I think you should be talking in Amps not mA ( milliamps) I believe that motor draws about 90A so I'd go for a 100A esc. Ther are more expert modellers on here who can give more precise recommendations. Regards Dave P
  4. Watching this with great interest 👍
  5. Hi DD, Are you a member of the Vjmc ? If not it would be worth while looking into it with the type of bike you are working on. 🙂
  6. I think I've got some in my garage, I'll check later and let you know.
  7. Hi Phil, no it's gen 1. Regards Dave P
  8. Looking good Martyn, one of my favourite aircraft. Very good build, I do like the all moving tailplane and the fact you're sticking to I.c.
  9. Hi Phil, I've got a DX8 that I don't use, with original battery and charger. I'm in Northampton.
  10. I also use an old door with plasterboard on top, works for me..
  11. Looks like a VW Variant, I had the estate version when I surfed 🏄‍♂️, good reliable motor.
  12. I've been watching this thread with interest, and have now also ordered the book ?
  13. Sarik hobbies have a plan for a 54" version £23.00
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