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  1. Some further explanation required please Bas.
  2. Bear in mind that when setting up the failsafe you will need to follow the FrSky instructions for the module and receiver not the JR instructions.
  3. NO. Unless you use a Battery eliminator circuit (BEC) or High Voltage (HV) rx and servos.
  4. Add some down thrust on the motor?
  5. If you are using open tx or one of its variants I don't imagine it would be hard to take the throttle setting as a master and mix it to the aileron and elevator throw. Not sure how but somebody out there will.
  6. Try flying anything on reeds!
  7. This is the option you want. It will run most mainstream RF protocols including your DSM2/DSMX receivers. The operating system is most likely Open Tx or Edge Tx. Different mind set to the more prescriptive Specky programming. FrSky might be an option but they will be running FrSky RF protocols so will need to replace all your rxs or get a module to run your Specky rxs. This will most likely need to a multi protocol module because later FrSky Txs have the "lite" module bay and there is not, I believe, a dedicated DSM2/X module in that format. The older designs have the full size JR bay but again the Specky module is DSM2. If you want DSMX capabillity I think you will have to go with the Lemon module.
  8. Nylon bolt from modelfixings maybe?
  9. Cg at 30 to 35% of root chord will put you somewhere near.
  10. Somebody must have one lying around somewhere?
  11. Thinsulate fingerless mittens whilst actually flying. Add a big pair of skiing gloves over the top between flights. Most of my winter flying is F3f so fairly short flights of 5 to 10mins each. For more prolonged flying I would use a tx mitt.
  12. Just picked up a rather nice low mileage X9D+SE so I am now looking for another straight neck strap bar. Anyone able to help? A set of standard stick tops would be nice too as the SE ones better suit a thumb rather than a pinch style.
  13. An eminently sensible suggestion but Rid is not designed to stop criminal activity. It is designed to initially extract money from people and ultimately clear the lower airspace for Uncle Jeff and his like to create all these thousands of high tech jobs and fly all their junk about. Just another thought
  14. It has been impossible to create a separation between drones and models so we are in it together. The arguements over this have long since run out of steam. Any effort by anybody (and especially from within the aermodelling world) to divide us as a movement must not be allowed to gain traction. You electric flyers wil be equally affected. We must all stand together, electric park flyers and 1/3 scale carbon glass glider flyers and everybody in between.
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