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  1. Definitely lol but it's a beast when running on the ground.
  2. Little update,still flying the Helis but I moved over to tanks to,got my first one recently,so now into this also 🙂
  3. Tonight I managed to fly my Helis for a hour the wind forecast said 1 hour low to no wind between 8 and 9 and true to there word it was perfect,so before that time I walked to my local golf course as fast as my legs would go lol,I flew one like it was a plane and thought about the whole plane situation,I'm still tempted but gona think about it,on calmish days Helis are brilliant,but finding those days is few and far between.
  4. I am still thinking about it and reading your guys comments and advice,I did just watch a vid on YouTube of a guy flying the eachine spitfire warbird in 12 to 15mph winds and it handled it like a champ,it was uk also,very impressive,but yeah I am thinking about it all as it was.
  5. Nice one that sounds really cool,these planes are so cheap but they seem really decent from all the vids I've watched etc.
  6. Yeah the high wing ones seem very good and a decent start for sure.
  7. Only YouTube vids but I am more interested in the warbirds especially the f4u corsair.
  8. I have a big field elsewhere,the vid clip I wouldn't go there,I have a large field for planes if I had one.
  9. This was at the local park but don't really fly there much now but yeah I got this but what's next could be a plane,I will keep looking and researching but on a day with ok winds this is great fun 🙂 VID-20240401-WA0005.mp4
  10. The volantex planes are the ones I'm eyeing up at the moment,from the high wing to lower wing I'm seeing all my options,I do like to really do my research before I do my next move in the future and not do something silly etc.
  11. Yeah I am certainly thinking about all the advice and next month is my birthday hence I want to get something at that time,at first I was thinking a heli as there's so many available but the wind situation is tricky or a plane which I am actively looking at now and sim work,I was even gona get a henglong leopard 2 pro version rc tank but I figure you can only do so much on the ground before getting bored but either way I have been flying for a few months now and I certainly ain't giving up on this flying hobby,I really enjoy being outside and enjoying the flying of whatever I have.
  12. Yeah my two Helis I have are the sub 250g and I admit were a real handful at first for me but now my small v2 I can throw around the sky and do nap of the earth flying ie skimming the grass quite well,don't really struggle any more but yeah I am practicing on the sim at the moment and I am gona do that a few days so to speak till I figure out just what plane I would like but the high wing one above seems a good bet.
  13. All your advice is awesome guys I really appreciate your thoughts and this morning I've found another plane which is really cheap and a trainer with very good reviews and yeah I figure it be very light and not like strong winds but yeah goin out late at night with less wind may be the way to go as I do with my Helis and maybe I'm jumping into it too hard ie wind at 20mph but if I start off slowly ie low winds it could be the way to go,but flying Helis I find easy now in some respects but fixed wing could potentially be a good direction to go,but this plane seems good?
  14. Fair enough,well 15mph or near wind I guess but wind that's just a tad too much for a small heli,something like that.
  15. In regards to learning I am flying on a sim on my tablet cos obviously I gotta learn etc.
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