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  1. Just the normal Amber.zip download, note it doesn't go in the SD card Sounds/EN folder but straight in Sounds/ for Ethos. Post #3 here on RCGroups contains all the essential gen.
  2. Andy, the SD contents are the same for all Horus versions, there is only the choice of Horus or Tandem. As for size, 8 or 16GB is more than enough capacity. Not that there's much difference in price these days.
  3. When I had one 10 years(?) or so ago it was powered by an OS61SF with a minipipe. Main retracts were cheap Hobbyking electric units and the noseleg an E-Flite unit. Half the wheel sat proud when retracted but it meant I could get a 12oz DuBro tank in. It was my go-to heavy weather model!
  4. It picked the 2.3.14 version by default when I selected 'write firmware' for either tx Allan, so I don't think it's to do with having multiple profiles. I'll have to dig out my X9D to try that one too.
  5. Odd, I've just updated Companion to 2.3.14 and after installing it asked if I wanted to download the X10S OTX firmware (the profile selected). However, when I switched profiles to X12S it didn't and I had to use 'Help' - 'Check for Updates'. I've not used 'File' - 'Download', I'll have to give it a go!
  6. with the more weighty birds it's too easy to put a finger through the wing sheet when trying to lift on a finger tip!
  7. First check that you have the right radio profile selected, next the on the menu line select 'Help' then 'Check for updates'. Usually the OpenTX file is downloaded automatically if you have selected the right TX profile after updating Companion but you can give it a nudge. If not running as 'Administrator' when downloading and saving the OpenTX update I've had to save it in documents, no doubt something I've messed up in permissions. If you get this, check where you've saved the download and use the 'load' button to point the updater to the correct file.
  8. My only ED was a 349, that was a lovely brute that was always an easy starter but was never a bit of a slogger. I must admit that I have vivid (traumatic?) memories of fuel-filled prop cuts, mainly from a Frog 80 and from winter outings with Fok 15 and 25s which didn't like the cold. "Now where are my non rose tinted specs ?." - and a white stick if you never had chapped, cracked hands or the odd infected prop cut! ?
  9. I'm not sure where you buy your candyfloss Jon, but the MT Laser I had didn't make me think of fairground treats!
  10. When I used to fly glow motors on Laser fuel my clubmates reckoned I was running them on recycled chip fat?
  11. I'm sure Solarfilm stated somewhere that Prymol was only for original Solarfilm and didn't etch polyester films. I used Balsaloc on dodgy surfaces - gf, ply, plastics and the like.
  12. I wouldn't as it will give a dark outline with translucent films. If you doubt the film's grip on balsa you could paint the balsa tips, spar and t/e with Covergrip or similar.
  13. I've not had any problems with the HK films but I do try to have at least 1cm of overlap on the joins. I'd just take it to the spar, wrapping it around won't do any harm, but I'd take the front film back far enough to get that 1cm overlap.
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