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  1. Hanky Planky, first flight earlier this month.
  2. Tony Clark

    Tony Clark

    Full size Aviation
  3. Big Congratulations to John S. for winning this years league and big thanks to John P for keeping us all well informed 👏👏👏 Essex Racing made three team changes over the course of the season ending with, Red Bull, McLaren, Aston Martin, Alonso, Norris and Piastri. End is season stats showed an average of 31 prediction points per race. esdexAston Martin
  4. Well done JohnS and Ade. I was pleasantly surprised with 2nd place considering that I failed to register any predictions…
  5. Sarik Farmhand 60. Maiden cancelled for today due to aileron servo issue.
  6. Unless I can re-sharpen my predictions pencil I'm just waiting for the inevitable to happen...
  7. Thanks Chris, Many races yet till the end of the season and plenty of time for Essex Racings early lead to be lost.
  8. Chris, I hope that everything goes well and look forward to your swift recovery. With team selection I’ve had to make a few uncomfortable choices and no doubt the usual reshuffle will take place following completion of the first Saturday free practice. Looking forward to the start of the season!
  9. Here's mine. Red Bull, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo. Russell, Gasly, Magnussen No changes through the season.
  10. Many thanks John and congratulations to Iqon and Chris.
  11. Good result for Grumpy Gnome and Pete, well done! Chris either of us could slip up, hard to make a call on final placings.
  12. Agree with the decision although it means Essex Racing slipping back into 3rd position.
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