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  1. Very collectible . Have you seen the prices they go for on eBay? There’s less 1.3 s than .75 Irvine Mills. They are all the standard ones Irvine brought out . The deluxe gold head version with the ,75 and 1.3 in the same box is very rare . One sold for a lot on ebay quite recently . I mean the ‘set’ anodised gold or bronze depending on what you see Steve
  2. yes a mills of some sort. Probably Indian . Does the back plate have ‘India’ on it ? or if not CS or Russian usually. It doesn’t come in a Jar , I think that’s your own receptacle. Mills in a Jar ? maybe worth showing at the Tate. It would sure beat the work ‘ brick in a jar’ for me Steve
  3. Hi Ron Not forgotten intentionally Ron, I think Laser are an excellent very British manufacturer and distributor. The only engine I wish I had got is their Diesel Laser as I collect Diesels and that’s an engine that really appeals. Before SWM quite a few guys were into Lasers from around 1980? 1982? A big selling point was the etching of your name as the owner of the engine you purchased . It’s a tradition they kept up I hear. I didn’t really see much of laser after SWM started . I’d see the occasional new model but I think as they were a company that sold direct and not to shops I don’t hold them in my head like all the makes we have sold. But for the record I think they are damn fine engines Steve
  4. The latest in the Millish Series by Alex Phin of Red Fin engines. I truly believe Alex to have followed his dreams and become an engine manufacture / Distributor. Initially Red Fin were made in China . Not always the best quality if ran on correctly they were OK. The CS factory closed and Alex went to Eastern Europe for the manufacture of his new engines and since then we’ve had a new Mk 2 Millish in various Sizes . We’ve had a Kompish , Twin engines with 030 cylinders the 060 Twin and the last Twins the .99 . Super engines that need very carefully ran and operated . Run to rich or over compressed or with the cylinders so far out of whack the engine can suffer mechanical failure . Ran fast and not rich it works fine. The danger is the rear cylinder revving more than the front . Worthy of a mention is the Twin Finn twin axle tether car engine. A bit like an Olly Tiger 2.5 , you can order with Alex , fit to a Car and run it at the BMFA national site . They have. tether car track! The Last Millish 030 RV Rear Induction high performance , high revving , although variant on the Millish series. It’s a different engine. The gold or bronze finish is just total bling! You can’t get them from model shops ( they are only from Alex Direct ) I had 10 and 11 on order months and months ago . The engines went missing. Alex must have nerves of steel as the Box seemed to have entered customs and vanished . Enquiries got no where. So 10 days ago I got an email . ‘ Steve your RV 030s are here , they’ve been found’ . I’ll be honest I didn’t think they’d turn up. So pleased they have. I did buy one months ago - maybe 9 months ago when the Box with my numbers was lost. I’m going to run that little fella at some point .I got. throttle from Alex as the engines respond well to throttling. Ideal for a bat out of hell shark face or ‘fast’ vintage . I think it’s reviewed in Aeromodeller this month or last Months. July or August? Because of its shape / looks it’s getting referred to as the Red Fin 030 Hunter by some. My advice . Get one if only as an investment . These engines go up in value all the time. It’s rare they lose any value . Unless run and treated badly . Direct only from Red Fin . The last Millish variant . Steve
  5. oops I forgot to say the seller I purchased it off also put it in a reproduction box . The Box in the is not original . The throttle ? it’s possible it’s not original . The prop nut could be off another Mills or a reproduction . Perhaps originally this had a original tank and venturi ? originally? Any info received with thanks Steve
  6. An engine we’ve all heard of? The Original English Mills P75 . Except this one is slightly odd and if anyone should have information as to what this engine is and is it a variant or special in anyway? One one lug it has the number 1 and on the other lug EXP ( presuming to be EXP for Experimental ) . It’s very of its time ‘EXP’ . My dad would often make a change to a models design and put on the registration ‘EXP’ . The language is of its time. The casting on the EXP 1 is quite poor in places. Could it have been an experiment in materials? or perhaps the Throttle ? If it’s the throttle then Ii suspect 1962 /63 . Could that have been the reason for the labelling on the lugs? Any ideas , theories or even what variant it is? would be so interesting. I came by it on eBay . The previous owner ran it with a standard Mills Tank and Venturi. Started easy and ran well . He had purchased it seized up in a job lot on eBay . I bid a little higher than normal because of ‘exp’ and ‘3’ on the lugs. The fact a couple of others bid high making it quite an auction made me feel better as I wasn’t the only one speculating the engine could be very special ? Steve
  7. Worth revisiting this as for years the great debate that ASP were different to SC and separate factories was finally answered when the Chinese Factory closed. But along with it went the majority of other brands as it turned out almost all two strokes came from there and also four strokes . One shock I had was the futuristic Evolution engines by Horizon were manufactured at the ASP /SC factory. ASP were the name given to The Chinese SC factories out put when U.K. distributor Macgregor Industries first introduced ASP to the U.K. Market. Acceleration Speed Performance (ASP) eventually we’re disguarded by wee Mac Gregor and I think Just Engines took them up . The difference being Just Engines imported and sold direct , where as ASP at Macgregor had been sold to stores who then sold it to customers through a net work of 100s of model stores . SC Super Custom were handled by JP right up to the Chinese Closure. I really did not realise the amount of engine makes the SC/ASP factory were involved with. Horizons rep used to claim Evolution not to be made in a cheap Chinese factory. A totally more expensive and well made product. Of course they were made by AsP -SC . A friend in China sent me a picture of loads of evolution engines tipped in a massive box , assembled and loose , not in boxes . I presume the boxing was done in house by Horizon. JEN were made there. Kyosho Fourstrokes ( I have a 52 Kyosho Fourstroke - It’s the SC 52 with Kyosho badge. Sharks, loads and loads of different badge heli and car engines. Sometimes I think the SC factory made the parts , which were then assembled elsewhere . I think OS may have had some Chinese manufacture engines . Super Tigre we’re Italian but the last engines produced were at the SC factory and so on . When SC closed in China it’s like they were calling ‘ time’ on IC engines. Electric Flight is the reason . Less and less engines being used. Some of the rare ones Paul’s listed are from the SC factory . I have Magnum engines that are obviously SC factory . But I have other Magnum more like Thunder Tiger ( Taiwan) . But studying a late Thunder Tiger Fourstroke it looks like it shares some SC parts . When Irvine were manufactured by OS ? is it possible they were made from parts manufactured in China and assembled elsewhere? As years and years of cheap manufacture ‘saw off’ Enya OS , Yamada and so on. When china closed SC /ASP there’s not many manufacturers with a range to take over . We are still Enya s U.K. distributors but we have very few engines . I wish we had SS40 engines ! To have a 40 size engine in store we are buying FORCE engines via JPerkins . It’s a great shame OS could not manufacture the FP range and Enya the SSrange. OS could manufacture the FSR engines and SF engines . The cheap alternatives that caused those lines to cease are no longer available . We have managed to get a few 36 size two strokes from a model reseller in China . Any original manufacture still manufacturing and doing well? YES Saito - more popular than ever. Glow and Petrol /Gas four stroke specialists . Fantastic engines. Steve
  8. Hi Paul , This is a very late AM engine , it was distributed by a company called Premier that also distributed Merco ( last manufacture) and some balsa kits and a range of model accessories . One of our ‘boards’ was 2/3rds Premier Fittings . There was a model agent called Richard Simonds who it a very 80s style named his company after a car he had ‘ Qautro Marketing ‘ after his 4 WD Audi. Richard had a big white van and would call on shops selling off the Van . He was the Agent for the Premier AM you have there. Early AM engines dating back to the 50s had a more domed appearance . The bottle green one was an AM 10 and the Blue an AM 15 . Very confusing as the AM 10 was not a ‘10cu’ it was 1cc an o60. The 15 AM was a 1.5 cc blue head . The AM 25 was a 2.5 cc so that s a 15 cu and the was Black I think. The AM 3.5 was a 3.5 cc and usually a red head . The 3.5 cc is fetching good prices because of a resurgence of interest in Tether Cars . I’m told. The early engines were Allen Mercury - the Partnership of Allen and Mercury. I’m not sure how much Allen was involved with the Premier engines . We had quite a few problems with ones we sold . They didn’t seem to be up-to the standard of the original AMs . If you can get your hands an AM 10 bottle green dome head , give it a go it starts easy and is very powerful for its size and considering it was a mass produced Diesel Engine The old dome headed Blue AM 15 would spin you the same story . The square headed anodised and none anodised were made by Forest Engineering . They also manufactured late Merco engines. I remember by the early 90s the AMs were not available any more . Maybe 1992?? I know I sold one to a regular who we still see today and he was back with it several times . I think Richsrd credited it with balsa off his Van. He used to sell that lovely white Australian balsa. I ran a Forest Engineered AM 15 about 6 months back . It was not an easy engine to start , probably as it was new unrun. After several fast lean/rich runs very hands on bedding it in , it ran well but was a poor starter until warm. I think the majority of the Forest Engines were probably manufactured on modern CNC machinery , but not tested or ‘fit’ like they would be in the old days . This resulted in tight engines and if they were run on a large prop and rich and over compressed they soon wore out and wore out the conrod and piston pin. With careful fast running in I do believe they are quite viable . CS suffer very similar characteristics actual having a tapered piston liner more seen with performance competition engines . But CS do it on a Mills copy and it doesn’t lend itself to easy starts as you’d expect from a Mills. Yet take the time to run in fast and rich / lean - up down , up down abd you can hear the revs increasing . Once you finish the manufacturing process you have some more like a Mills. So if you run the AM ( premier) don’t let it labour. Run it in as you would a tapered ABC engine. Not sure what happened to Forest Engineering , I have no idea of Mr Allen’s involvement if any with Forest Engineering and the late AMs - I always presumed he’d be involved . Mr Allen was to reappear distributed by Irvine Engines . The engines were called AE Allen Engineering . This time they did the tiny AE 010 and 02 a .5 cc and a 1 cc , 1.5 cc , 2.5 and very rare - 3.5 Apart from the the new smallest engines the other AE engines followed the same size as the original AMs. I think Allen Mercury ( AM) must have been owned elsewhere as maybe AE s would have been AMs ? But they were AE Allen Engineering . AE differed in construction - the main difference was machined from solid crank cases . No longer cast . Like AMs were. AE s are quite collectible . Even the little 010 runs, but it also runs out quickly if used a lot. their 1.5 cc would go on forever . not so sure about the 010 and 020 they do run, but ‘tired’ examples surface on eBay now and then . Hope you are well and keeping safe Steve
  9. G Mark 30 Twin , Strange glow , quite collectible . Now a days . I once flew quite a large 65 inch span Luton Minor for a Clun member. It had one of these in swinging a 12 x 4 prop. Performance was sedate and the model flew in a very scale manner. Of course it looked right with the twin cylinders like the full-size I guess. steve
  10. Freddy was in the position many have been . He was working 30 to 40 hours before the pandemic and Furloughed at his 12 hours contracted . So as time marched on he applied for 3 jobs was offered 2 and took up one two weeks ago. I think display stands have halted , apart from those he’d done with me. It was something to keep sane with ‘ Steve
  11. An engine not everyone will have heard off. A recent 'win' on eBay. An Engel 1.5cc ( Angel) Hungary is the country where it was made. And ALAG 2.5. I have a refurbished one. The best I have seen. Its called an X3 . Ripmax brought them in back in 1959 to 1961. There were a 1cc,1.5cc and 2.5cc on eBay last week. I bid on all three and won another 2.5 cc and didn't get the 1 or 1.5. The 1cc almost hit £200 which is bonkers. Needless to say I bid like Arkwright and so I didn't win it. I came across and early Frog BB2.49 - Its probably another engine people may not know about. They were a change in direction for Frog. Made by Davies Charlton it was said to be superior than the Rapier and so DC dropped the Rapier while it was in production. There's an excellent part 2 of Davies Charlton the rise and fall in this months RCME. It's a terrific article - part 1 was the month before. I give you the X3 2.5 ALAG and the Engell (Angel) 1.5 The Anodising is fading on the Engell An early Frog 2.49 BB
  12. Hi Brian, So good to hear from you. You often get a mention, gone but not forgotten. The shop has reopened and I just learned 'Dear Prudence' on my 'Vintage' acoustic. I never thought I'd play again, but lots of pain and finger exceeding and I can play guitar again. I think I got a compliment of young Jack, he said I sounded like Johnny Cash. I said I always thought that was change from the...... machine... Stands- Yes home made. I developed loads of different types. Made myself and also Freddy ( my son) has had a go. He's just sold some of Freddy's Frogs to the SWM store, which we put on Cobbewebb eBay. Basically a model engine stand with a brass Frog. Ideal for Frog Engines. He tried some on the family eBay and they sold. But he /we need to standardize on a design. The best ones take too long to make. The one on the Saxby Nipper is a brass stand with a Depron Base. Works well not scratching tables etc but too time consuming to make to sell at a reasonable price. Having said that lots of the various prototypes have been sold on the family account on eBay. Quite a few made by Fred without me. He's had good feedback . He's got design's with a Brass Heart, Cross, Frog and so on. So not really a retail item. Not at this moment in time, but maybe one day. Brian knows Freddy but not everyone else will. I'll try and post a few pics of some of the different ones. The Cross is so stable. Coming up with a name for that one, there has been a few funny ones. Fred tells me he's going to make a load of those. But that was some weeks ago. Now the lock down is over the call of the wild and his new girlfriend seem to have halted production. LOL. I have manged to post some pics. Only the Frogs have made it commercially, he flogged me two sets to sell. LOL... The Cross - our prototype. Its brass with a balsa base. Again, it takes a long time to make by hand. Pictured here on a Webra. incidentally The Red Headed Frog. Someone butchered the mounting holes ( my big hate) and the crankshaft is not standard. Its very long. I wonder how or why this engine happened. The mounting holes are filed out so much you can see the crankcase back plate bolts down the mounting holes. Butchery. Steve
  13. I remember Royal , they must have come out around 1985 as I remember seeing them in Alpha Models at Ellemere Port. Before SWM existed. I was never offered them by any company and we started in 1987 and so they were not around for long. Unless prior to 1985 I had never seen them, but they existed. Its possible.
  14. Alive , but working on the kicking -- LOL, I have been at home with Pandemic and all that, suffering from being Immune suppressed. The store has stayed open and never stopped regard Mail Order and Click and Collect in the last lock down and I'm pleased to say re opened on 12th April. Monday to callers. Its going well, we've had a slight refit improving the down stairs store to allow customers around it this time. The first lock down was severe with the counter across the front , but I think such measures proved correct when the 2nd wave hit. Now there's still perspex on the counter but at least the shop is open. Our upstairs showroom is closed. Most people understand ( not all do) that it has to be that way. Because of social distancing the upstairs can't be used. The mail order office is small and works fine, unless all the staff a need to be 2mtrs apart like now and so upstairs has been taken into office / mail order temporary until the all clear gets rid of social distancing. These measures are not optional and anyway people expect SWM to do the right thing and we do as far as I know. Its all about keeping staff and customers safe, while trying to stay open. One reason I came to post this is I heard from Paul Marsh via my personal face book pages ( Facebook at SWM is taken care off. Its not my realm) . Earlier this thread Paul mentioned he got a Force Engine from China , it was cheaper than the UK and apparently no UK stores had them at the time. BUT Paul said that his was a different colour to the ones we advertised. His was Black / Purple and ours had a silver head. At least you would think it had as our website had a pic of it with a silver head. This prompted me to say to Paul that sometimes there are European/ USA versions and there's Home Market for China. Its easy to understand this happens because when this is done in China we see it as copies the Chinese Government see as capitalism. A company like Tower Pro makes 9g servos. Everyone knows the ones and yet I would gamble that many 9g servos that at Tower Pro are not made by Tower Pro at all, but by many different factories. It can be like that with any product. Often the home market can sell things the European market cant . Like decent solder. LOL Hence when Paul said his was different that ours I presumed it must be that. Turns out our website had the wrong picture. So we could not fulfill Paul's dream of a Silver Headed one as they don't seem to be available. That's not to say that Chinese market version might be different than the UK market version. I don't know. I only found out about the website error and like Paul I believed we had silver headed ones as servoshop had that one in the main pic. How could his happen!! Heads will roll... seriously we had got the picture from the J Perkins website the UK distributor and so there was no reason to think it was wrong. The staff at SWM have been happily selling Force not realizing the ones we had were different than the picture. I should assure Paul the Anodizing wont effect he performance. I think he wanted the silver version as well. That might not exist it would seem. Its possible the engine JP photographed was a sample? Its possible its a later model? I dont know , the store will call JP on Monday and try and find out. Strangely most other UK stores have the silver pic. I guess they all used the distributors picture like we did. What could go wrong? Well it could be a different colour apparently. I just wanted to clear up one possible why it was different was it could be a different European version and now I'm not sure it is, If I find out I'll post back. Of course I have substance here that removes anodizing. We could always make one silver... LOL. Keeping on track with the subject of the thread. I have acquired and Super Tigre 2000 glow. Its such shame the low prices these go for on eBay. I picked up a hardly used version for £61. I had forgot what a huge lump of metal they were. I was after a 2500 , but the 2000 will do. I posted some of the Diesel Conversions Peter Tarn has done. I have quite a few 40 FP and I have Fox 60 Dieselized. That's my largest. I said to Peter ' could you dieselize and Super Tigre 2000. The answer was yes but it might not work and so we are going to try and see. If this works I want a Super Tiger 3000 next... LOL.. Why dieselize one? To see if it can be done I guess. I think what might let us known is it has a ring and ring engines dont convert as well to Diesel as ABC or plain Iron Piston/ Liners do. The SS 25,30 and 40 all Dieselize great because they have Iron Pistons/ Liners. I have an SS 40 Diesel and SS 25 Diesel. My Latest engines going into the collection are some I had for a while but they've been refurbished my a pal. A ED 2cc - not a Comp Special. The way to tell is the Comp Special has cut outs on the lugs. The 2cc doesnt it has straight Lugs. There's always Comp Specials for sale with Broken Lugs. I do wonder what a scallop out of the lugs did for performance? It seemed to make lug breaking easier. An Alag X5 - 2.5cc (15 cu in) and a Jenna 1cc (060 cu inch). Hopefully you will see the pics. I finally got a Saxby Nipper 030 also! Hopefully you can see the pics. Steve
  15. Sorry I missed this. So funny. The AM - while on lockdown my son was having a go at eBay with much help from Dad. We repaired the lug on the AM10 and it looked in great nick. Now I've had many diesels pass thorough my hands and there's something I got wrong. When we repaired the lug it was perfect but a different colour and so we coated it with the black cylinder paint. Very honestly we ( put it on sale on the family eBay account. Very honestly I wrote up with my son it was a dead engine , an Ex parrot of an engine. It was bidding up and continued to reach £37/ An engine that didnt work, but had a Black Shadow box. I thought £15 anyway. I looked at the photos after the fact and I could see liner in the ports. Yep. I put the liner back wrong. The winner must have noticed. But then so did someone else! Damn. I've done that twice to AM in the last 6 weeks. I know better as well. We dont sell diesels in the SWM store . We had a handful of Red Fins but that was a one off. I would like to see PAW back in the shop but that's another story for another time. I keep meaning to contact Tony. The diesel thing is something of my own hobby. I just love them. I used to have some long chats with the late David Boddington as he was as enthusiastic about diesels as I am, if not more so. I do miss those chats. Some lovely stuff came from them. Such as when he found out my Dad gave away his comp special ( when he went on National Service) and he was after one, but had failed to get one David sent him a ED Comp Special from his own collection. My dad was bowled over. My dad passed away 5 years ago, but on the shelf in his bedroom , two weeks before his passing he asked for the Comp Special to be put on the side so he could see it. More than just an engine to my dad. My dad was in the Glorious Gloster's in Korea. He never ever spoke about what occurred, but they had a rough time of it from what I can figure. My dad always told me he was there slightly later than he was actually there and that my Uncle Sam had it bad, he was there before him. At my dad's Funeral Uncle Sam said your Dad had it bad in Korea. I said he said you did and it fairly obvious he didn't talk about it directly, but I think what he said about Uncle Sam, really was what happened to him. I never knew. It was 1951 - Dad always told me he was there in 1952 and Uncle same was there in 1951 and Uncle Sam said it was the other way about. I think DB knew. National Service comrades , although DB crashed an Vampire and was subject to Court Martial. That's what he always said. Flying low impressing the Camp Commanders daughter he said. I think it could be true.. Lol. So when putting AM's back together. The liner lines up with the 3 pillars, You cant get it wrong , unless your me. LOL Steve
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