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  1. I do remember that you couldn't buy a Hank Janson novel in a main book store but there was a shop that stocked them all in the Tottenham court road. On the other hand Micky Spillane could be bought any where and I remember that we bought Spillane in the Argentine back in 52 where we were living at the time. And in passing where I had my first successful flight with a model aircraft. An Argentine kit for a Wakefield called"Cardinal" I can still see that entire flight and the field that I flew it in
  2. This reminded me of back in the late 50s. When I was on Station Flight at St Mawgan The office used to get regular calls on a Friday "Any visiting aircraft going to....." as people tried to scrounge a lift home.. Sometimes the person answering the phone would pick it up and say "Hank Janson,City Desk!" Once it was the Station commander, he was NOT amused. For the youngsters. Hank Janson was the hero of semi porno detective stories in those days
  3. As I keep telling people "There is nothing wrong with me that euthanasia wouldn't cure!"
  4. I looked at the Luton Buzzard. Outer Zone do one which could be enlarged a bit. I might think about that as it would save drawing a plan up.
  5. At the moment I am looking at vintage, scale powered gliders, something that I have never done. Luckily I can sit and design the wings on the computer which saves an awful lot of drawing. This is the one that I am considering
  6. My problem is lack of energy and finding something that inspires me.
  7. No! Put it down to this old man being too tired to think properly.. So what else is new ????!!!!
  8. Got some good shots of Graham Davies at last. Weather and other things made previous ones poor.
  9. My first job after leaving the RAF was as a maintenance fitter in a plastic bottle factory.The operators had brass rods to clear jammed bottles. I was horrified to see them grinding the chisel points on a grindstone. No one seemed to see the danger that flakes of brass or other non ferrous metal could fly off the grindstone and embed themselves in flesh. That would have got you on a charge in the RAF.
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