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  1. To perform the Rudder/Elevator roll you dive to pick up a little excess speed pull the nose up, hit full rudder and then as she rolls over towards inverted feed inDOWN elevator and take it off as the roll is completed
  2. One of my favourite "Classics" isDick Shumacher's "Little Ship" . 44" span, published in MAN December 1949 so true vintage. tor ro I have built 4 of them plus a 1 1/2 times version called "The Big ship" (available from Sarik) A club member uit this and has been flying it for several years. It is amazing as it is very aerobatic on three channels and does superb aileron/elevator rolls. My latest is a brushless conversion (With our editor now)
  3. I see people bellyaches about a pretty small increase on the BMFA membership fee. This covers a very valuable insurance scheme. I would love to hear their screams of total agony at the increase in their car insurance. Perhaps those who say that they will give up model flying will also give up driving??!!
  4. A little story related to CGs. At one stage In the RAF I was on second line servicing of Vickers Varsities (Also known as "the Pig") and we ha one in the hangar up on jacks. About three of us were standing at the nose when the engine men removed a propeller. All of a sudden the nose started rising up. It is had gone too far it would have come off the main jacks which would have caused a lot of damage. We reacted fast and threw ourselves onto the nose wheel. How we all managed to cling on I don't know but it was enough to stop that aircraft coming off the jacks. Someone had forgotten to put the tail trestle into place!!! You never forget incidents like that!!!
  5. Once the battery fell out of my Moon Dancer. (The hatch was underneath) Amazingly the model flew on and made a perfect landing out of sight several hundred yards away.
  6. You were lucky. A club member put on a pair of gardening gloves a couple of weeks ago. Agonising pain in his finger.A spider had bitten him. he had two puncture marks in his finger. Took a day for the pain to subside/
  7. We could also do with one for those of us who used to have to stand in front of four Rolls Royce Merlins and Griffons and jet engines as there were run up without any ear defenders! Ear defenders? What are they!!??
  8. George does reccomend and 11 X 5. for roughly that size of motor
  9. I have to admit that I am pretty clueless when it comes to motors and props. I simply phone George at 4-Max and say "HEEEEELLLLP" Sorry I can't be of much more help.
  10. I used a Speed 600 and 6 cell Nicads so your set up MUST be lighter. The extra power will take it up like a rocket. Too much power is better than too little
  11. I cant find my original EE article. However I did do a mark 2 in "Sailplane and Electric" in the USA an I suggested 3/8" each way. I see that on my Kite Hawk which is a similar size I suggested 1/4" each way on Rudder and Elevators The Easter Eagle is very maneuverable and can be stood on a wing tip and hauled round in tight circles. I see that on my Kitehawk which is a very similar model I quoted 1/4" each way. I assume you do just mean the original Easter Eagle. The Easter Eagle senior is much bigger of course and I can quote fot that if that is in fact the model that you are building
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