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  1. A little story about a Gemini pilot: I was on Station Flight at St Mawgan in the Late 50s. We dealt with visiting aircraft including the odd civilian ones. Seeing civilian aircraft in and out was always popular as the pilots usually handed the ground crew a ten shilling note which was enough for a couple of seats in the camp cinema and a meal in the NAAFI afterward. One afternoon we were told that Group Captain Bader (Rtd) was landing. I and one other lad were given the job of seeing his aircraft in. He landed his aircraft, a Miles Gemini, and parked it. He then climbed out to be welcomed by a Wing Commander. Bader handed the Wing Commander his briefcase and said "Bader is the name." and they departed. It was standard practice fr the ground crew to give any aircraft a quick once over and while I did so I saw that the undercarriage oleo leg had come down and taken a small semicircular piece out of the brake drum. A sure sign of a heavy landing. When Bader returned I said "Excuse me Sir but this aircraft has had a heavy landing." "I don't do heavy landings!" I said,"Well someone has done one, you can see where the oleo leg has hit the brake drum." "No one flies this aircraft except myself!" And with that he climbed int his aircraft and departed. Of course we didn't get the ten bob note !
  2. PM me your email address and i will sort things out when I gt home from shopping tomorrow.
  3. Hi Ron I will get them done tomorrow and send them to you with a few notes.
  4. Sorry, No! My brain is going a bt and I made such a dogs dinner of the plan and kept realising stupid things at 2am and haaving tyo change the plans that I gave up. The result is that no construction pictures have been taken and . I could have PDFs done of my drawings but these are not annotated. but could be used by exxperienced builders,
  5. Just finished my new design. A modified Taylorcraft call "tumbling T-Cart" If you want to google the full size search for N6685C. The model is 47" span, for electric power. Weight 48 oz. wing loading 17 oz per sq.ft.
  6. Just to eliminate this thread from the constant emails about it
  7. I don't know what everyone is complaining about. In Aden we were working 12 hours a day in temperatures of 44.3C And I can prove that!!
  8. Looks OK to me. But then my mantra is "It looks OK at 50 feet!!!"
  9. There is nothing like a Fun Flyer for sheer fun. This is my 1 1/2times Aerobic
  10. The canopy frame could be made by laminating four narrow strips of 1/32"ply over a former. This worked really well on the huge Ran's Chaos canopy. See Ran's Chaos build blog. The main part of the canopy can then be screwed down to it.
  11. Hi Strutter I think that you will like her. Mine is now flying in a club members hands and he loves it.
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