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  1. I think that there is dihedral on the bottom wing. I expect Paul will confirm that. Come to think of it,a friend has just built one but not flown it yet. I must ask him.
  2. Nice model. I had one with my first, very early (first series) O.S FS60. Now that was a very long time ago.
  3. My loop of lane (the village walk) has been completely resurfaced plus a few sections of local village roads. Many years ago (late 60s) our lane was terrible and no amount of complaints did any good. One night I came off late shift and hammered a sign into the entrance of the lane. Next morning I phoned the local paper with the result of the picture. One week later they resurfaced the road
  4. Amazing!!! Puts my early experiment to shame back in the early 90s. A very boxy model called Blue Movie because it was very crude and very ugly but the performance was amazing!!!
  5. I have a Swedish made Barco adjustable spanner for such moments. A 15" adjustable moves anything! Bought it back in about 1970!!
  6. Clubmate Graham Davies was testing his OD P51 Mustang. I am sure he will be posting more details but I got some good shots of it in flight and I am particularly pleased with this one. Titleled "Low Level Beat Up"
  7. All I can say is that mine flew very well. I would not have any idea what effect increasing the size would have on the need to change incidences.
  8. Just to show my mental state😵 I went to get the plan printed for Matt and took the envelope etc in to my Office Supply shop. When I got there I found I had left my memory stick at home. I got back in my car to go home and get it but luckily my Guardian Angel pointed out that the shop could download the plan saving me another three quarters of an hour and 16 miles of driving.
  9. Well, maybe someone will design that. I seem to have burnt out. My first published plan was in 1974. Duchess, a control line aerobatic biplane. That is 50 years ago. I started designing control line models in the 50s. DONE MY SHARE!!!!!
  10. Glad you are enjoying her. She was a nice model to fly. Mine must have been over 12 years ago!
  11. These days 48" to "52 is my favourite size as they can go in my car in one piece. I just seem to have burnt out but I expect inspiration with strike some time. The constant cry from club members is "Have you found one yet?" which doesn't help.
  12. HI Andy,that looks very smart. It was a nice model and I am tempted to build a larger one now....or maybe a Trivial Pursuit.
  13. Back in those days when British mags didn't go to the USA it was OK to sell to two mags. I did check!! Tequila Sunrise was in RCM and they used the same text. I had a lot of fun writing the stories that went with the "Lesser Known Aircraft From Aeronuttical History"
  14. Hi Matt. Try doing it at 86 1/2!!! Yes.Miss Lizzy was an enlarged version. If I can summon the energy I am toying with a 48" version just for something to do. I think that the radial cowl works well with electric power and there are not too many Thompson Trophy racers with in line engines.
  15. Hi Matt My main problem is old age but when I overdo things it floors me for a while. An afternoon flying and I don't very much at all for the next two days. Leave it with me for a day or two and I will go into Sudbury. Give me your address and I will do the envelope and can then get the print AND post the plan in one trip. I might even get an enlarged copy for myself....I need something to do modelwise Sarik would charge a small fortune. Peter
  16. Hi Matt No problem. It will be fine at that size. The original did not have the rudder connected but with smaller R/C that would be better connected. I would also use two mini servos for the ailerons. There are companies on the internet that will do prints from PDFs by mail. At the moment I am not too well and so would prefer not to have to go in to town if I can avoid it. Definitely get the instructions printed as well as they are fun as well as useful. You can do those on a normal printer of course. Peter
  17. Hi Matt. Where are you? I have a local company who could help you out. As a point of interest You might consider have the plan enlarged a bit while you are at it. Peter
  18. Hi Matt I do not have a copy now but you can down load it from Outer Zone free of charge. You will get a PDF file which you can take to any print shop or office supply shop who will be able to print it out for you for 3 or 4 pounds while you wait. Get a couple done as it is handy to have a spare.
  19. Maybe I should build one for my front garden,sail it round from my armchair
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