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  1. After my one very basic design for a Correx model many, many years ago. Your model is totally amazing. I would not have believed Correx could be used to produce such an accurate and realistic model. WELL DONE
  2. Superb Graham!. Longing to see it in flight. Must charge the camera battery. Now, everyone get down on your knees an pray hard for some calm, sunny weather.
  3. In Heaven there are great clubs with wide open grass field and the wind is never too strong and the temperature is perfect all year round and it only rains at night. No one has cause to complain or moan. Stop the world, I want to get off.
  4. I was told this story by someone who was there and I saw the pictures. A helicopter was being run up at RAF Changi after servicing. One test was to hold a a strip of cloth on a frame to check for tracking of the blades. One of the blades started going wild and everyone dived for the monsoon ditches. Then the bloke who had fitted the pin to the blade realised that he had not fitted it properly and he stopped and looked back. Those in the ditches where OK. He didn't survive.
  5. I can imagine that. I had a lift home in a Meteor T-7 and one of the vivid memories was as as we circled over an airfield to land. I felt I was being crushed down and the bone dome was pulling my head down. Then the pilot said "ARE YOU OK. I am taking it easy as you are not used to it." I also will never for get the instructions before we took off and this is word for word. "If we get in to trouble I will slow the aircraft down to 100 knots and jettison the canopy. You climb over the side of the cockpit and slide off the wing. IF you miss the tailplane count to ten and pull the ripchord!!!
  6. THis has been the worst year ever for the garbage on TV. They even showed a lot of films from the 1930s
  7. I am being driven mad. Every page brings a notice I DON'T NEED THIS EVERY PAGE> ONCE IS ENOUGH!!!!!! STOP IT!!! We value your privacy We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience, serve personalized ads or content, and analyze our traffic. By clicking "Accept All", you consent to our use of cookies. Privacy Policy CustomizeReject AllAccept All
  8. How true. Looks like my front garden which I have pumped out for the second time this week...and I live on top of a hill
  9. Do you know I couldn't find it, I didn't realise how long ago it was. A little story about MIss Cassy to prove that someone up there looks after us; Some years ago I was flying Miss Cassy and I went to change the elevator trim on my Spectrum Tx and hit the on-off switch instead. The model crashed some three hundred yards out in a bare field. We retrieved all the wreckage carefully and I took it home. The next day I realise that the Rx satellite receiver was missing. On the Wednesday I went back and started looking for the crash site which we had cleaned up really well so it was almost impossible to say exactly where it was. After spending nearly two hours wandering round in the approximate crash area I gave up and started back to the car. Now when going over fields I always look at the ground for Roman remains etc. (I have a medieval token picked up from a field in front of my house among other things). As I walked along I though "That looks like an interesting stone" and bent to pick it up. RIGHT BESIDE IT WAS MY SATELLITE receiver. No one can ever tell me that I was not guided to find it!!!
  10. Their Early plans are a lot cheaper but I could not Find Miss Cassy there. I am surprised how long ago it was listed.
  11. My Standard CG position is 25 percent of the chord back from the leading edge.
  12. I never mind people modifying my plans as it is the first stage of designing your own. Just don't lame the original design if the mods don't work. Just don't add too much extra weight....Low wing loading makes them fly better. I did a stretched version of the Cassut Called Miss Cassy but can't find the plan listed. If it was a full size plan I may have a copy.
  13. Miss Deeds is a very close to scale Cassut. It should be available from Sarik as it was a free plan in RCM&E August 2019
  14. I worked as a technician in a Craft, design and technology department. Some of the girls did brilliant work while some were dim BUT the same could be said for the boys.
  15. Well the Apaches are around here all the time including taking off and landing up to 11 pm at night. See my other picture of one hovering over our flying field. We do get other low flying military aircraft occasionally. Hopefully that will make this area a "No Fly" zone for Amazon etc drones. As for civil aircraft disobeying the rules...I have no sympathy. One interesting incident from a few years ago. I was just unloading my weeks shopping when a Peitenpol Air Camper flew over. fairly low. As he came over our houses (3 in a country lane) he did a roll which ended up in a 45 degree dive. He then did a barrel roll as he flew on towards a couple more houses. Peitenpol Air Campers are forbidden to do aerobatics. I reported him to the Light Aircraft Association and was told that a letter warning owners of the ban on their doing aerobatics had been sent out.
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