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  1. You will probably beat me , tested the dolly for the fw190 down at the field this morning with the spit went ok so not really got any more excuses now to try the fw190 except the weather probably
  2. just doing bits here & there when i can ,got to this stage in not much time at all so if you really got stuck into it ,it really would be a quick build , probably come back & bite my ass later in the build now ive said that andy
  3. just started building ,this one will be a slow build as i dont have much building time at the moment andy
  4. Couples hrs this morning old faithful flown today first flights since autumn
  5. hi did the cat ever get finished & flown andy
  6. well just radio gear to sort ,sorry no pilot yer not found one & haven't got the luxury of a 3d printer , looking forward to flying her & hope she flies as well as every one else's andy
  7. looks good far better than my current 2nd effort andy
  8. first or second batch im not fussed which ever is better for you andy
  9. Richard knows what he’s doing & all comments make perfect sense 1st choice. P47 ( either version or both ) 2nd choice ( sorry guys ) B25 solid nose version but would have mossie as a very very close second 3rd choice (too many so not to up set the apple cart I would go with majority) probably seafury all subject to the bank manager releasing funds aka. The wife andy
  10. Not that I need another Thunderbolt but 👍can’t have to many jugs or P51,s . For some reason the Macchi doesn’t really do owt for me not that would stop me buying one if it looked right ( well better than the VQ o version ) I do have regrets on missing the yak 9 you did , one on the lines of the fw190 would do me fine but that’s a story for another day andy
  11. your right in what you say Richard i was just having a playful nudge at Stu as we fly at same club , most of my flying has been electric for last few years , i do have some bigger petrol stuff when i get it finished but keep getting side track with smaller electric its just so clean & handy to transport among other things for me , & your kits have been brilliant over the years andy
  12. It will take some arm twisting to get Stu to convert to electric but he’s slowly getting there andy
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