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  1. Some first posts have you wondering, a mod will take care of it if the need arises.
  2. Bush plane eh, my lips are sealed. 😉 Nice model Toto.
  3. A post and reply removed, your mods have had enough of baiting, rudness and threads becoming tedious tit for tat.
  4. Had a fly of that myself, nicely built model and friendly group of people that brought it. Now gone to a good home with Paul. 👍
  5. Free entry/camping. Proof of insurance please, no certs required. Food/drinks. Onsite loo. Club trainer available. Night flying, lecky only. 100cc limit on I.C. Table top sellers welcome. Contact John 07934689317. Mark 07988567019.
  6. Tricky one is parking on footpaths, no doubt it can obstruct people, at times though, not using can block road to traffic and emergency vehicles, close the road when deliveries are made, make it nigh on impossible for work to be done on your property, and many new build estates are a complete nightmare to not upset someone.
  7. Similar effects on petrols, caused by airflow around the carb, different carbs yes, but same symptons.
  8. I think it's a wind up, and you're opening a model shop. 😉
  9. Can't gauge how thick your trailing edge is Toto, it looks to be good enough as is, your build though and you it has to satify. What type of hinges ?
  10. Only that when you run dry, engine usually warns you it's about to happen, no harm done though.
  11. Weather may be changing for the better Toto. 😎
  12. One aid I would like, is mirrors to auto tilt down a little when reversing.
  13. Ah buts aplenty on most models, method is tried n tested, imo not much to gain by altering, just creating work for me.
  14. The standard driving test may prove harder than expected for many, if asked to repeat it, and some who've driven safely for many years will fail. Like the conservation around A,B tests, what you do is what counts more than the paper you hold. Bad drivers passed a test, mosts bad habits don't stem from lack of awarness of regulations, respect, manners, and seeing lifes not all about you/me is main reason most cretins out there exist. Get caught speeding, go on awarness course (avoid fine). Not about trust in the government Don, after 70 years It's crystal clear to me some are a lost cause.
  15. Help or hinderance ? I don't know, my cars year 2000, power steering, aircon, lecky windows/heated, abs, i'm content as is. Sat nats do my head in, the other goodies would likely send me gaga. Put a cd in, engage brain, show some manners, works for me.
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