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  1. No, that's all my own mistake, I followed the instructions and when I separated the hatch, I was a bit rough. The skinning behind the hatch came adrift and I glued and clamped it down hard. However, this introduced a step behind the hatch and the fuselage. I could have fixed it but never did. So, all my own fault.
  2. I maidened my Tempest today and it was a delight to fly. It fitted the FW 190 dolly with just a bit of sanding for the rear support, the Tempest must be a bit wider. Anyway it leapt off the dolly and needed 2 or 3 clicks of aileron to get it flying straight and level. Mine is just under 5lbs without the battery, I'm using 4000 ones but I've not weighed them and set the timer for 5 minutes. The C of G is 90mm back as Richard said his flew on that. It was the same as the 190, smooth and safe to fly, a very pretty plane! It's a bit heavier than the 190 but with a larger wing area so they fly much the same. Here's a (very slightly out of focus) shot as it came past over the strip.
  3. I've just been out to check throws and balance but the rain has started again! I've finished the painting and will seal it all in with a varnish, I've used Tamiya paints throughout, they spray nicely with an airbrush. Here's the underside before the rain stopped play. I hope that it will fit the same dolly that I made for the FW 190.
  4. I’ve managed to catch up, nearly there. I’m adding the weathering but still have the top of the wing to complete.
  5. If they don’t work, I’m sure they will though, I’ve got a couple of9 channel Hitec Optima receivers you could buy. Try the Delta ones first though.
  6. Thanks gents, I think I’ll sand the ply core a tiny bit to give a tiny bit more of the classic leading edge shape, but they’ll be sharper than normal/ other planes I have.
  7. I’ve made a start on the wings and have sanded the leading edges, I think I’ve gone too far. I’ve ended up with sharp leading edges, the ply inner core giving the edge to sand too. I’m not sure if I should add balsa back and re sand or will it be ok like this? The first image shows the second wing root which is still be undergo its final sand. The blue line is what I should aim for but I’ve gone to the red line. The plan shows what I should aim for but the red line in the second image shows more what I’ve ended up with. The leading edge is sharp along the whole length. Will this be a problem?
  8. I registered a complaint with Parcel Force after Sebastian couldn’t find my address/went for around of golf the other day. They replied promptly saying they had looked into the matter but ‘unfortunately there were no details about why the delivery failed’. So, a thorough investigation into the failed delivery, not. I felt like complaining about the poor handling of my complaint but this could go on for a long time. So, like everyone else, I’ll put up with declining standards, poor service and just get on with life. Thanks heavens it wasn’t anything important. Hang on, it’s a Tempest, of course it’s important! 😂
  9. Mine arrived just now, two hours later than the expected delivery time shown on the tracker. But after yesterday's performance, I'm counting that as a win! Looks great as normal, glueing starts tomorrow!
  10. I've been tracking Sebastian from Parcel Force all day as he drove around in his van. At 2.30 pm I looked again to see the delivery window was between 14:35 and 15:35 so it wasn't long to go. Six minutes later it had changed to '14:21 delivery attempted, unable to locate premises'. Needless to say no Parcel Force vehicle has been down my dead end street, I was outside fiddling with my car. If you search my postcode it comes up with my street with 25 houses in it. Sebastian probably fancied an early day, let's hope he tries harder tomorrow!
  11. Parcel Force has been updated, mine was picked up this morning, 8th May. Fingers crossed that it will arrive tomorrow! 😄
  12. I’ve just entered my tracking number into the Parcel Force tracker and it says ‘We have no tracks for your parcel yet, the status will be updated in due course’. How can their system be so bad? One person gets theirs delivered and yet my parcel isn’t even recognised?
  13. I appreciate and understand that there are many ways to glass a model, I don’t use peel ply as the roller ensures that there is never too much in the first place. To me, it’s an extra step that’s not necessary. But, as I said, horses for courses and all that.
  14. It’s epoxy based. I’ve used West Systems in the past but this time I bought from Easy Composites, labelled EL2. They do a fast or slow cured hardener, I’ve used both. I apply the resin by using a cheap foam roller from Toolstation/Screwfix which goes in the bin afterwards. I find that the roller leaves the perfect amount on, neither too little or too much. After the first coat has hardened it gets a quick rub down followed by a second coat. That too is quickly rubbed down before paint. Any minor imperfections are filled with Dolphinglaze putty.
  15. Would it be worth offering the Bf110 again? Now that there is some interest from the FW 190 and Tempest? Maybe tweaking the design if needed? Just a thought.
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